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There's a couple posted in one of the forums I think Tazzy, but I can't remember which one of hand...
I posted two somewhere.... and here's a personality test:

I like this one... said I was Eowyn (which when it comes to relating to female characters in LOTR probably fits...)
Hm, I have also found loads but need one which we can actually *download* and put on PT...

Keep up the hunt :-)
There are quite some at You can find your Orc, Elven, Hobbit, Dwarf name there. Those are really cool. Don't know if you can download them, though. Smile Smilie

I turned out to be Frodo. Huh? Smile Smilie
what's a name generator?
I saw one on another site...I think. I'll see if I can find the URL Smile Smilie

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FOUND ONE. Big Smile Smilie

You can find out your Elven name, your dwaven name, your Hobbit name and your Orc name.
I did my Orc name, its Bagh’k the Bloody-handed. Woo! I'm a scary Orc, cower in fear for I shall chew your elbows off! :P

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What Taz is looking for, is one he can download and incorporate into our main web site, rather than just linking to another site. Cool Smilie
well i did that Who Were You in Middle Earth thing.....and it says i was a Springle-Ring-Dancing-Giant!!!
and as an Orc, i was Grotk’l the Basher!!!
pretty fun!
i'm Denethor...
I'm the dwarves (not /a/ dwarf, mind you, but apparently the entire race... Wink Smilie)

Taz, maybe you could email the people at the barrow-downs or somewhere else they have a name-generator and find out where they got theirs...
Uhuh. You can't download it then, can you? It's a cool thingie, really! :smoke
On the personality test it turns out I'm Frodo

Frodo Baggins, Son of Drogo

With many acquaitenances, Frodo is deeply attached to a few people, like Bilbo, Aragorn, Gandalf, and Sam. His high ethics come out in his treatment of Gollum and Saruman. Frodo has pity on Gollum and believes that change can occur.
You have a strong personal morality. You are committed to relationships and their growth. You tend to be an idealist, believing the best of the world around you. Time alone is important and solitary activities refresh you. You have a tendency to introspection. While providing compassion and being considerate, you may have the tendency of being soft-hearted or even "too emotional" You like keeping your options open. Closure is probably not one of your strong suits.

The Orcs display the evil side of this personality with their lengthy torture methods.

Traits: Empathic, benevolent, looking to the future. On the dark side you could be sadistic

hmmmmm, I quite like that! (even the sadistic part...hehehe!)
Hehehe, On the barrow downs name generator i'm a lonely Maiar! Cool! Elven name Gayafana or Gayafanion (no jokes please...)
Oh my god theres so many posibble names!
Hobbit:Hobson from Waymeet
Dwarve: Tarin Silentguard
Orc: Nazluk the Mean

I may have to change my login name!
Now I have a really good link to a hobbit name generator somewhere, ah here it is! I did my whole family tree for this (sad I know but amusing nonetheless)
i'm alakdhol, ain't it obvious?
I'm Rosie-Posie Hardbottle. Shocked Smilie Where do you think they came up with that? I think I'll just go by Rosie though! Big Smile Smilie

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try this one
Next is a link to a website that contains a program that is both highly effective and compact. The download file is 225K which unzips to 695K and includes, among many other catagories, a Khuzdul (Tolkien Dwarven) Name file.

This program is shareware. It's full name is the "Everchanging Book of Names".

EBoN Name Generator

is that what you are looking for?

There are other generator on the site, so if it is not what you want, maybe you will find something else that you do. Good Luck

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I went to one. I guess i'm like Legolas. It said

"You are most like Legolas, Son of Thranduil. Legolas knows his way around in the world, with a keen understanding of nature. He is often oblivious to the pain and fatigue of his activities."


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I believe what Taz was looking for, was a program that could be incorporated into our Website, rather than a link to another site where you click to run the program on their site. Elf Winking Smilie