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Im not really new to this site I just havent been here in a long time. My old username used to be Wooffy_Elendil but I cant remember my password and I got a new E mail so I had to make a new one. Id like to say hi to everybody here that I know and everyone new.
Howdy! Welcome back to Planet Tolkien,Wooffy..Smile Smilie I thought I had seen your name in the forums before.
Welcome back, Wooffy. Waving Hello Smilie
can someone help me
hey woffy Waving Hello Smilie
I wouldnt be sure about displaying that kind of information, Woofy. And, pray tell, what made you change your mind, Woofy? Elf Smilie
hey can you help me azadhel
What's the problem Aron, or have you managed to figure it out?
well i need to know how to get a photo on your thing isint that much rivendell in this thing. thanks for the welcom.if your are there than please type somthing and you can tell me where you will be going.i might just follow you and talk with you evey whare and no i havent maneged to.

thanks again,

If you are having problems uploading an Avatar, click the Help icon on the top menu bar. The very top piece in that section is advice on how to upload an Avatar.

Basically you first have to convert your picture into a 70x70 pixel Gif. file. You save this image somewhere on your Pc. When you come to upload it here, the prompt will ask you to browse for the file you wish to use. Just click on your saved file and upload it.

If you are having difficulties converting your image into a 70x70 gif file, Amarie and Rednell have both offered their services.