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Hi folks! I made myself a sword (well not really, only in photoshop) but it doesn't have a name! Can you guys and gals help me? The best suggestion will win authentic second-hand Pseudo-Silmarils won in the Trivia: Barad-dur thread. Wohoo!!!

Klick here to see it: Amaries sword!
Whoa!!! very nice indeed, sexy naked bald lady/succubi on hilt always a bonus!!!

Hmmmm suggestions...What about

Wrathskard Daemonbane

Celebdin (Silent Silver)

Carak-Dae (Fang of Shadow)

dunno if their any good ... but if you like em maybe you could help me with a groovy avatar... that'd be sweet, preferably one that looks like a Black Numenorean or Black knight? Cool Smilie

She asked for suggestions not orders!! Big Laugh Smilie

The sword looks great Amarie, very well done. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Sorry I don't have any names
i did ask her if could maybe help? and she has helped out in the past... well *shrugs* i'm avatar-less and therefore feel immasculated Wink Smilie
Thank you Stoney!
Trying to blackmail me Aelric? Tsk tsk tsk... But I liked the names, one in particular, so I'll let you live.. for now. Moahahahahaaa! Thou hast lots to learn, costum made avatars make you my slave for eternity! I'll send over a Black Numenorean if one should suddenly appear. Can't promise anything unfortunatly..

More names?
Jumping Flame Smilie
Hmmm...not good with these name-thingys, but I'll give it a try.

How about ’alat’ leng? Means glittering sword.
Or R’ma Dor? - Silent wings
R’ma lach? - Wings of Flame
oh well...
*squeeeeeezing Celeb* Good to see you at PT again hun!!
R’ma Dor.. sounds nice. Smile Smilie

*worships Celebs Lenore avatar*
WOW!! Cool Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Pixie Smilie Pary Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Super Wow Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Shocked Elf Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie Genius Smilie Wiggle Smilie .... and one for the hell of it: Super Wow Smilie

That's all I have to say on the matter!

I'll not even attempt to suggest a name.... Nothing I could suggest would match it's lovliness!!

Others are good though!!

Hey what is my thread doing so far down the list?

Name me!
That's beautiful Amarie.

How about a name something like:

Faerie's Fang
Butterfly Tooth
Silver Thread
Night's Shadow
Light's Shadow

(I think I like the last one best, but what do I know.)
Thank you Grondy! I like the last one best too, and you know lots of things! I'm your conscience, i should know. Wink Smilie

Favorites so far:
Celebdin (Silent Silver)
Silent wings- R’ma Dor
Light's Shadow

Smile Smilie
costum made avatars make you my slave for eternity!

Wait a minute! Noone has told me about that before!

About the name, i don't know the translation but how about "The Cursed Nymph" ?
Represents the crucifixion of the creature, which looks like a winged Nymph or a succubus, on ther hilt of the sword.
Or maybe it's a stupid name... Paranoid Smilie

Also this one may sound familiar but I think "The Fallen Angel" would be a good name too...
Wait a minute! Noone has told me about that before!

*adds The Fallen Angel to list of favorites* Smile Smilie
I'm still waiting for a response to a proposed avatar for my eternal soul deal Amarie?

Very Evil Smilie
So eager to be a slave are you? Good! Very Big Grin Smilie
I have made a scetch of a guy, but I need more information on how you want it. hair colour, long hair, short hair, eyes, beard, young, old, thick, thin... etc.

I will also need your e-mail so just mail me the info to
My ideas are:
Elydagnir: (Sindarin for Dreams-slayer; Dream-slayer would be ’ldagnir) ☺
’lholthadir: (Sindarin for Star-screener)
Ag’nunit’r: (Ad’naic for Death-kindler) ♥
I've a name, how about George?! Hello George!
Nah, it's a girl sword. I call it/her Petra since I know of a sword named Peder. Ha Ha Ha Smilie But that is only till her/its name is revieled here. Wink Smilie
Hey Amarie...

Another for you., "Raukrist" (Demon-Cleaver)

Bad! Smilie
Hey Amarie,
I love the sword, it is beautiful!
How about: luin 'hel - blue ice
What about "sharp, pointy thingie"? Very Big Grin Smilie

Or Vania vilverin? Beautiful butterfly or beauty flying through air.

Celeb found some in indian(no, not L_a86-indian, the other indian):
Bald faith: U'dawagun'ta we-ya-ti
Bald grace: U'dawagun'ta ga-wah-see
"Heavohe m’hta's’oma", meaning Devil Soul or Devil Shadow

For pronounciation and etymyology, Celeb is your target. So don't point that thing at me!!
Another for you., "Raukrist"

That would be a nice name if it didn't mean "Butt-Christ" in Norwegian.
Big Laugh Smilie

luin 'hel - blue ice
Hmmm.. not bad... Thank you Nell Smile Smilie

The native amercian (look how politically correct I am!) was a bit difficult for poor little me... But Vania vilverin was nice!
Sowwy but my Norwegian is a tad rusty, must remember to say a few hail mary's and our father's now for my blatant and obscene blasphemy...Eeek! (*tongue firmly in cheek*)

Jumping Flame Smilie

Butt-Christ, whoa, didnt think even the vikings would have a word like that, must be something from your glorious pagan days (Odin,Thor, Freya, Loki and wotnot)

Smoke Smilie
But Vania vilverin was nice!
Big Smile Smilie

Thanks! It's Sea-elvish.. Thought it fitted. *imagining Amari’ standing om a cliff overlooking the sea, swooshing the sword through the air*
Nobody likes George. Oh well. How about calling it ...umm... Gousaph? That's a silly name, but....
Lol! Doesn't it sound great? Well, since no one likes George, I don't think Eddie will do very well either... Very Big Grin Smilie

Just kidding. It looks very elvish, very nice, I think it needs some sort of Elvish name. And I don't know any Elvish so I'll leave it to the rest of you.

How about "Kaledhwae" or "Taimu^rin"?Or maybe "Butter-knife"?
i like the work you put in too it Amarie!!
I would say don't give it a name and when you kill lots of orcs with it, the other orcs will name it somethin cool!
Let my enemies taste it and give it a name... That is not a bad idea!
Now where are those nasty orcsesss hiding, and where can I find a orcish-norwegain pocket dictionary. Wink Smilie

Butter knife? Hehehe!
Amarie pulls out a huge razor-sharp sword at the table in th eschool canteene. Everybody runs away screaming.
"What? Come back! This is just my Butter-Knife! Wait till you see my spoon!"
that is a very nice sword amarie. sorry i cant think of any names. Sad Smilie
Cool sword! I think it needs a proper Elvish name as well, so far I think I like Celebdin (Silent Silver) the best. Look Around Smilie
Celebdin. I like that. Well, I have a really weird rickety sword from an antiques show. Anyone got names for that?