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i know alot of people have asked about how to learn elvish. but i specifically want to learn quenya. so if any1 could recomend a web-site or link i would be sooooo happy!!!!!!
Read Smilie

ill keep looking for some web sites though and maybe ill find something!
Sorry, can't help but if anyone knows a source for the black speech please post it here as well.
The only page you need. It has a great Quenya course which is even translated to quite a few languages! It has loads and loads of links, dicitonaries... A must-see!!
Hi i want to learn to speak it as well..... my name is Seremela... does anyone know how to say it in elvish? if so let me know.... Cool Elf Smilie
if you want to get your name translated try
and black speech is very hard to find because there are only about 5 sentances that are translated so you cant really "learn" it

NOT ardalambion

~and you dont know how much that hurts...
if you want to get your name translated try

No don't do that. Not if you want to find your real name.
Try This Link and see if you find your name there.
If not then Behindthename has got the meaning of loooots of names, which can be translated.

Ardalambion may not be the best on black speach, but it is great on Quenya!
i am currently learning Elvish (Quenya) i have a few things that might help you if you want them
I am also teaching myself elvish from an awesome book called The Languages of Tolkien's Middle Earth by Ruth S.Noel. It is INCREDIBLY helpful... if you are good at teaching yourself things from books. You can find the book at Barnes & Noble in the sci-fi section under "Tolkien". Quenya is in there, but it is not quite as impressive as Sindarin, I think. Plus, it is harder to learn and there's not too much from the langauge as it is not used as much as Sindarin. The book also has some Black Speech, but VERY little. Besides, it sounds like your'e choking every time you speak it...not pleasant.
You could look in the appendix of one of the editions of TLOR.
ELVISH!!!!!!!!!! want to know how to decod Tengwar! go to
Thats a great site! It has all the elvish modes and even English! I can write my own name!
I have the answer to all your problems. If you want to learn Elvish, click here: ardalambion and click on Course. There are 20 lessons.
the ardalambion course is AWESOME! For those of you who do not wish to choke down quite so much tecnical stuff, skip the intro, and read all the chapter summarys. Also, make flashcards of your vocab words and run over them now and again to keep them fresh. Otherwise, ferget it! Happy Elf Smilie