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Thread: Hey i'm Seremela an elf

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Hi i am a 15 year old elf from Lothlorien. It's a pretty6 cool place.... hey i just wanted to know if there are any teens in here???? if so talk to me some times.. ok .... well bye Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie lol bye
Hello Seremela! Waving Hello Smilie Welcome to Planet Tolkien! Big Smile Smilie

Yes, loooots ot teens! Big Smile Smilie And a few x-teens. Smile Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien,Se'remela_2007 Smile Smilie ... I hope Nilly doesnt mind you using her avatar. *misses Nill* Sad Smilie
Waving Hello Smilie Cool Elf Smilie
I'm new 2
Hihi Seremela and Vilyon! Welcome to www.planet-tolkien.com

Hoping that I get the chance to talk to you on the chat! Smile Smilie

What did I tell you, Seremela? Lots of teens....

And remember to say something when you first enter the chat channel.
hi seremela im new too but i'm not a teen hope you dont mind, the marshwiggle
Welcome to PT Seremela!
Hope you will enjoy your stay!
Hi there! Plenty of teens around, I myself ceased to be one a couple of months ago. Tongue Smilie Have fun around here!
Welcome to PT, Vilyon. Smile Smilie Nice to have you with us! Love your avatar,by the way.
Three big hellos Waving Hello Smilie Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Seremela, Vilyon and Marshwiggle. I hope you all have fun here.
Welcome Seremela, Vilyon and Marshwiggle hope you have a great time.
thank you for the welcomes friends it feels nice hey i got all these mithril pieces and no one to write to what do i dopls.............. de marshwiggle
Don't worry marshwiggle, in time you'll get to know people and after a while, you won't even have enough mithrils
Seremela, im 15 also, ur not the only teen here, dont wrry. every1 here is really nice, so dont worry about age (thats what i learned here).

Elf Smilie

Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome Seremela, Vilyon and Marshwiggle! Enjoy PT!
Hey! Im Allison (wooffy) and I am a woman of Rohan. I am 13 and in 8th grade