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Thread: Harmless Wibble!

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This Thread is inspired by my friend Lady Vee, The Artful Wibbler.

Cool Smilie

It's here for any who feel they need to vent incoherently or else just have a harmless rant at the world - As its a Crazy Place out there!

Moderator Smilie

If you require a definition of "wibble" refer your queries to the Mistress of Wib herself, and all will be revealed.

Very Mad Smilie

I am wibbleless......... you, you, you...... person you.

*wants to know what wibble is*
*open mouth to ask Vee*
*looks at Vee's avatar*
*shout mouth and backs slowly away*
The red version is very Mororish, donchyathink?

Anyway, wibble is, well wibble. The urge to talk too much, wandering off topic, tangents... falling asleep to the sound of your own keyboard. Have you noticed how keyboards each have their own distinct sound? I recently changed my keyboard and it sounds totally different. A sort of muted tap tap - more a tup tup....

Get the general idea?

The general idea is gotten. Gratefulness is the feeling in my head. *hugs keyboard*
See i told ya, the Mistress of Wibble!

One day i hope to become master-jedi in the art of Wibble, but i must hone my tangent making skills first.
Then all will wilt before my feckless drivvle, ear-bleeding at the sound of "WELSH-WIBBLE"!

Very Evil Smilie
I am in LOOOOVVVVVEEEE!! Shhh! Dont tell! YES! He is hott! very hott! I want to go out with him1 He is only a year older than me so not much of an age diffrence there. Im in 8th hes a freshmen. AAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIii!!!!!!!!!!
Calm down. Calm down. AAAAAAAARGH!!!!!! I must say it! I must! I must!


It must be getting drunk out there.... Twards the end, my friend Loni here was starting to sound like Elmer Fudd with all the Wabit nonsence.Wabbit wabbit wabbit.Be vewy vewy quiet.... Have you heard the Elmer Fudd song? I like the Looney Toons. They are cool. Do you know what else is cool............ Cheese. I like cheese. Cheese is good. Viva La cheese! Canned cheese is not made from milk.Do cows make milk? I think they do. Cows go quack... or was that supposed to be cats? I do not like cats. I am a dog person. I have a dog, I think. He is a Random dog. Random Dee-Ohh-Gee. He is a horse. He smells funnie. Smells like a wet dog on a Saturday afternoon in Tahoe. He needs a shower with a good conditioner, and some Herbal Essence shampoo with anti-flee juice. My horse has fleas. I'm going to bathe my horse. He's starting to look doggish. It must be getting drunk out there....

Woops! I wibbled!
The elephant is a bonny bird
It flits from bough to bough
It builds its nest in a rhubarb tree
And whistles like a cow

No idea who wrote that but I thought about it today. It was something in an English Language book years ago. There was another poem about two dead men fighting but I shan't bore you with that...yet.
May I rant and rave? This is what this thread is for?? Time to release tension and get everyone's sympathy (or fists, as the case may be. Big Smile Smilie ). I'm not your usual ranter though - yeah, I'll get riled eventually but for now, I just want to rant in a whiny, complaining way. That cool??

I don't understand why I have to get the heat. My "best friend" just gave me the cold shoulder and I DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! The injustice. Why do I want to cry one minute, the next tell her to forget it since she forgot me, and the next scream and yell at her till I'm blue in the face? Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if she had only done it to me but she did it to another good friend of mine too!!!!!!!! I could strangle her for that!!! Me, I'll heal, I'll be fine eventually....but touch my friend and she's dead. Am I totally off?? Should I cool it? No!!! She's hurt me but it's just another wound. I've got so many now it doesn't really matter....geez, I'm starting to sound like my character in Quest for the Straight Road.

Okay, so there's my ranting and raving and I'm sure it's very incoherent...next one will probably be better - I'll probably be swooning over some cute guy I just saw five minutes ago and will never see again.... Angel Smilie

Ah, and I know what you mean, Vee...this keyboard is bizarre - it makes weird tappy noises...
I swear my keyboard taps away at night when there is no one here. I can hear it through the floorboards... secret messages to other keyboards in far away countries. What do they talk about? The quality of finger prints and how heavy handed some people can be? It's scary. They are taking over the world and soon we will all have to wear big grey hats with huge letters on top so we can be seen from above by the sentinel keyboards.... OMG! Nooooo!

I pulled the keys off my keyboard the other night - you should have heard it scream! It was a mercy mission, the red wine would have killed it. Some keyboards are allergic to red wine. Others are allergic to bread crumbs.

Some people spray their keyboards silver. Some people not a million miles away from here....
Hey Nilly, I know how you feel. Sound's like your friend just needs some time, she could be going through a really rough time and not be telling you about it the correct way, which does not involve screaming or harsh words. Or, she isn't a good person to be around, which I doubt because she is your "best friend". Hehe, or those "natural problems" we all go through. Whatever it may be, just be her friend even if it means getting a bit hurt now and than. Cause like the saying goes,"Your real friend is the one who walks in when everyone is walking out", or something like that. Wiggle Smilie