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Thread: Australia mate?

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Hey all,

In the next two months I plan to head off to Sydney Australia for a year with the Work and Travel Company, basically you pay them a fee and they arrange your visa, work and temp accommodation until you're on your feet.

I was wondering has anyone done the same? Do we have any members currently living in Syndey who could offer advice or maybe who would like to meet up etc?
Hey, why don't you just wait until 2006? I'm going to Australia on Rally Arura then! My auntie lives in Sydney!

Oh. i thought not.
Sounds very exciting Tarrant! Super Wow Smilie
Can I come Taz! Wink Smilie Sorry "mate", I dont know anyone in Sydney Austailia Smile Smilie Have fun on your trip though and keep safe! Smile Smilie
Hi I live in Melboune, which is south of Sydney. I flew to Canberra for a lotr convention in November, and i just wanted to say that if you happen to find your self in the Australian Capitol you should go to Paddy o'malley's pub. It is one of the friendliest places I have been to. However, in sydney and Canberra they don't have pints, like here in Melbourne. They have something called a middy, which is the same as a pint. Bugger it just come to Melbourne insted, better bars, and more beer.
I know the dentist from Finding nemo lives there!
welcome 2 pt fox (can i say that without being on the council?)AUSTRALIA RULES!(im from the U.S. and still think Australia rules!)
Thanx. Yeah Australia is great. Though at the moment it is very cold. And yay to Finding Nemo.
Yay! Big Smile Smilie
I know this thread's gone a little cold, but I just cant let it go can I?

For those of you who do not know, I am from Melbourne. I can't tell you what it's like, because I don't really have anything to compare it to. I have never been to Sydney, and am unable to leave the state of Victoria, so I'm sorry I can't meet up with any of you Sydney-ites or Canberra-ites.

Hi Fox. I think you are the first Melbourne-ite I have met at PT. Can you PM me and let me know which suburb? We could be neighbours!

Oh, and Go NEMO!
We love you because your Victorian! Yay, some one else from Melbourne who isn't my sister. Oh the fun. And don't worry your not missing much by not going to Sydney. (no offence to any Sydneysiders).
Have fun Taz. I wish I could go to australia. would love to visit. how did you hear about this Work and Travel company anyway? working abroad is always something i wanted to do.
I have never been to Sydney, and am unable to leave the state of Victoria

Unable to leave Victoria??? That sounds rather definite/drastic, Ally. Why not? You're not one of our original convicts are you, still tied to the chain gang? Wink Smilie
Hey Allyssa, I tried to message you but I dont think it worked, so I'll give you a hint as I don't want to post my address for all to see. I live in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. And don't worry about not leaving Melbourne, I mean really why would you want to, it is a beautiful place to live. Oh and Tarrant, since you posted this in April and it's almost June does that mean you will be in Australia soon? And are you going to the lotr convention in Canberra?