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Thread: give me a name quivk!

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THis is my writing assignment
it's fantasy
creative writing
read through it and give me suggestions onf the name of officer Tanis in bold and give other name for him.

There in the middle of mountains and nothing, stood two lampposts, until the end of time. They were there when the maker made earth and heaven. These two were, are, and will radiating the Will. They shall be there when the maker destroys all he made.
Chapter 1
’’When you finish with that section, move on, don’’t loiter!’’ shouted Captain Dund at the officers under his command.
The progress on the walls had been well paced and ’’The Council’’ was pleased with Captain Dund’’s directing. Captain Dund wanted to keep it that way. The reason for building these walls was that some scouts had spotted movement along the edge of Gante. ’’The Council’’ members were afraid that Count Vahun, the ruler of Gante, would strike to gain Mando’’s fertile land. The growing rock machines were also at risk. Even if the people of Mando escaped Vahun’’s grasp, they needed the precious plant rock that powered all things the people of Mando used. Captain Dund was a tall, well built, in his late twenties, and not tolerable of humiliation, especially if he was being humiliated.
’’Hey! Sitting is loitering, and I told you not to loiter!’’ shouted Captain Dund again at the people working.
’’How many times do I have to tell you?’’ asked Lirda, one of ’’The Council’’ members, ’’The workers have enough pressure, they work all day and they are doing a terrific job.’’
’’Alright, missy have it your way but when the skeletons come marching up to our walls and there are no walls to march up to, we’’ll be waving farewell to the rock-planters,’’ said Captain Dund playfully.
’’It’’s alright,’’ reassured Lirda, ’’even if we don’’t have the walls up, we already have the trench dug and thirty squadrons of Willers.’’
’’That’’s a big jump from only the captains and council members with control of the Will to thirty squadrons of Willers,’’ said a worried Captain Dund, ’’It does take two to three years to finish fast and complete training, and they’’ve only been training for what, four months, they might not last the hours they’’re going to go through in the war.’’
’’For the last time, it’’s okay, anyway Forsato is teaching each one personally,’’ said Lirda, ’’You know how strong Forsato is in the Will, I mean look it the size of those tornadoes and earthquakes he stopped at the same time. That would probably take twenty of me, and I passed the Willers exam with top marks.’’
’’They also have to beat Doffian in a self-generated-Will-sabers, and you’’ve mock battled Doffian before.’’ added Lirda.
’’Okay, whatever you say oh great council member, but don’’t blame me when your four-monthers fall to the strong-Willed-skeletons and need my help. Oh, and I’’ll test the ten squadrons sent to me,’’ announced Dund. But, he knew if Forsato was training them personally, they were good to go. Dund himself wasn’’t even good enough to be trained by Forsato. Also, beating Doffian in a mind duel was even harder than getting good enough to be trained by Forsato. The Will was only limited to those born of it, you could learn it but you would never get far. The Will was basically telepathy but you could mind-duel with it and if you learn Dark Will you could control people. Count Vahun had learned Dark Will, therefore able to control his massive army of skeletons. The Will also enabled the Willers the ability to fight with Willsabers, mind-generated swords that sliced through the enemy.
’’Officer Tanis!’’ shouted Dund over the din of the workers on the wall. ’’Report to my tent during lunch break, bring you lunch too, it’’ll take a while.’’