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Thread: Hi all

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I was a member under the name of Wilwarin 20 and I have come back -- very much like Gandalf the White -- as Lalaith21. The website has changed so much since I was last on. Is there a tutorial or something new members can go through to be able to find their way around the website?
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome back, Lalaith2! Waving Hello Smilie
Just click on Help and FAQ's or on the message board under Website Help in the thread: Information for Newbies.
Hi there Lalaith21, welcome back! Hope you like the new PT! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome !!!! Have fun...again Cool Elf Smilie
Welcome back, Lalaith21. As Rednell suggested, you'll find most things in the help section or in the Website Help part of the forum. Just don't ask how you go about getting an Avatar. I think I'll scream if anyone else asks that one. Exploding Head Smilie
welcome back lalaith! The place sure has changed but dont you like it better? I know i do.
I am back too! And so are you!
Ainīt it nice to find friends
arround where the corner bends?
I am glad you are here,
And glad you are reading.
You can share a smile and a tear
Here, where you are always welcomed
even after disappearing.
Welcome back Lalaith21!
Im somewhat of a newbie, and I, too came back after the revisions....WOW! It's really changed! (I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to find my account again....) Anyway, I also wanted to comment on your name.. I personally think its one of the coolest Tolkien made up! You can almost hear laughter when you say it! Anyway, enough of my obsessions with languages... welcome back though!