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Thread: Ireland

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THATS RIGHT! this is actually a serious post not just nonsense so you cant have good enough reason to delete it.

Why does there seem to be no Irish on this site while there are people from almost everywhere else in the world?It doesnt make sense seeing Irelands proximity to Great Britain and This is a British website.
Both Darous and Lass live in Ireland. Smile Smilie
And unless I'm mixing, Our Great Leader is also from The Emerald Isle?
*suddenly wants a Guinness(sp?) or Kilkenny very much* Alcoholic Smilie
Thank You! Good to know there are people on the island though they are being deprived of my presence.if you read this darous or lass tell me what part of Ireland your from.(this probably makes me sound very stupid or at least ignorant but who do you mean by our great leader.. Tarrant?)I LOVE IRELAND!
Aye ye got my attention mate. Im from Coleraine originally in Northern Ireland damn good place. If yer ever there go to the Porterhouse and mention ye know Darren ta Davie it'll get ye a free pint.

Northern Ireland as in the north of The Island or The Part thats in Great Britain?
(ill remember about the free pint)Fraid i cant remember the exact location of Coleraine but it sounds familiar.Im an American of Irish/Scottish decent always wanted to go to both places,plan to in a few years or so.might move to ireland if i dont like the president(but so far im not that unhappy with any politicians)
No he means Northern Ireland as in the country Northern Ireland. Otherwise he would have said that's in the north of Ireland.
And unless I'm mixing, Our Great Leader is also from The Emerald Isle?

Nah, he's from near Brighton.
Tarrant Posted Thursday 1st January 1970 (01:00am)

I am English, well actually Irish but English will do.

In Non-English, anyone?, Forsaken Inn. Smile Smilie
I am indeed Irish.
Okay, couldn't for some reason read half that, but I'm here, me Irish, and what's more, I know where Coolraine is - they have a Cool university..

but seriously, don't most Irish miss this site a) because Tolkien was in some ways the unbelieveably best of British?--- and b) you can admire their works, and still burn everything except the coal...and c) well, it's hard to post?

I mean come on lads, could the scenarios have been half as good without Celtic mythology, and the films.. they couldn't have been made without reference to Celtic culture?

Tolkien had Irish genes if not ancestry... I really believe that!

oh u Irish folks still have sufficient numbers on PT. i dont eally understand the rivalry between ireland and britain. is it sumthin like the love hate relationship between india and pakistan ? now i am the only true indian on this forum (after La86 left). feels lonely sometimes when ppl talk about their own country on this forum. i hope there were some more indians in here (i kno many have read tolkien's works) Sad Smilie
anywayz i luv celtic music with the Uillean (sp??) pipes and all
I am indeed Irish.

Val learns something new everyday. I didn't realise that, Taz. Now I've got to imagine you with an Irish accent.
No accent I'm afraid. I was born there but didn't stay long Smile Smilie
I doubt if he has red hair though. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Eeeeeek! I ruined parts of Grondys post! Sorry!! To many windows open, clicked save where I shouldn't. *hides in shame* -Ama-
It most likely was Irish genes in Tolkien because of the fact that he was catholic, but don't forget all of the british isles were celtic. My surname Diggle is an English celtic word, there was also france, belgium, luxemburg, switzland, navarre, northern italy, parts of germany who were celtic.
I doubt if he has red hair though. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

His avatar does... Taz the Fluffy Fraggle has red hair. Smile Smilie
Oh! Thank you! Now it makes more sense. I saw Grond quoting a quote that wasn't anywhere to be found, and wondered if I needed new glasses! Big Smile Smilie
I was wondering if I needed new glasses too since I couldn't find my post. Tongue Smilie Pretty bird of light avatar. Me like. Smile Smilie
I am a quarter Irish, but I live in the States, so I guess I don't count. *sobs*
Hello Ar-edain37!

Sorry - not been keeping up with the threads, of late - hence my late-coming!

I am also living in Northern Ireland... Born in London though... Mother's side all here... Father's still in London & areas around it....

*Lass waves to Darous & Elanor*

Northern Ireland is indeed a part of the UK which Milambar has great fun in reminding me! GrrRRRrrr!! Wink Smilie

Ireland is a wonderful place - including the North - even with all the troubles it is still one of the nicest places you could be.

I also didn't know Taz was born in Ireland!

*Lass waves to Taz, also*

Glad to know you have a liking for the old place, Ar-edain37...

See you around.

Take care

Well the place i am from and am sitting at right now is an oversized North Georgia town that i cant wait to get out of and go to a more rural enviroment.And Ireland is one of the few places as green or greener as Georgia and if im not mistaken its a few degrees colder in Ireland andthe U.K. so the weather might filter out my only problem with the Southern U.S.(dont get me wrong i love Georgia and the surrounding states)but the poison ivy is everywhere and you cant kill it! without using chemicals, are there many mosquitoes in the britsh isles?
Not in the homeland but Irish nonetheless! Hello to all!