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Hello! My name is VintageStar and this is my first visit here. I hope to make many new friends and I'm not very forward, so if you could all introduce yourselves I think I would have a much easier time at this! Big Smile Smilie Thank you so much!

Hello! how are ya? just saw your post and thought to stop by and say hi! Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to Planet-Tolkien, Vintagestar. I hope you enjoy your visits with us. You will see there are all kinds of Tolkien and Non-Tolkien threads in the forum to chose from. We also have a chatroom so drop by sometime and say hello.
Hi VintageStar. Smile Smilie Don't feel too shy, and if you have any questions feel free to ask, I don't bite..Cat Smiling Smilie
Hi Vintagestar, welcome to PT! Hope you enjoy your time spent here! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome! (even though I'm pretty new here)
Well have fun and I'm known as..(you don't want the whole list! do u??) Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome, welcome!! I hope youll have a great time here in PT!
Welcome to the site VintageStar. I'm sure you will soon make friends here.
Welcome, Vintagestar, I hope you have a good time here!
Hi VintageStar! I like your name. Wink Smilie Don't worry about not being very forward, I am not either, and I have found everyone on PT to be so nice that it is no problem making friends. I hope you enjoy it here and I look forward to seeing you around!
Hey! I'm new too, but I'm an elf.
Hello Green_leaf_girl!! Welcome to Planet Tolkien!!
Hey there! Yet another newbie here. Looking forward to getting to know you.
Hi! Green_leaf_girl and Aisteru, welcome to
Welcome to PT VintageStar & Green_Leaf_Girl !!

See you around & take care.

Lass x
I'm new too, and I have no idea how u get more mithril!!!!! Exploding Head Smilie Very Mad Smilie Got The Blues Smilie
Hey Lenwe!
I'm Acheron and I'm new too but I've known about Planet-Tolkien for awhile cuz of my twin. Smile Smilie I think to get more mithril you need to reply to more threads. After all Planet-Tolkien is all about saying your opinion on everyone's favorite topic! Just kidding. I'm pretty sure that's it but just to be sure you might want to wait for some other answers.....hehe. Sorry. Elf Confused Smilie
To everyone else I'm kinda new too so hello! Waving Hello Smilie
Welcome to PT Vintage Star, Green_Leaf_Girl, Aisteru, Lenwe and Acheron. I hope you enjoy your time with us.
At the moment you can only earn mithril once a day when you log onto PT. You will be surprised at how fast it builds up. You can spend it by sending private messages to other members or changing your race and/or location.
The people who had their posts selected as the Post of the Week (which hasn't been very weekly) will receive 100 mithrils.
As time goes on there will be more ways to earn and spend mithril.
Drop into our chatroom and introduce yourselves sometime.
In Fellowship,
Hi Lenwe and Acheron, welcome to half the fun here is making new friendships; the other half is sharing stories 'Tolkien'.
Hi, I've recently joined PT. After watching LOTR movies I just had to buy & read those books. I loved them so much, have reread them and plan to more. Also read The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. It all seemed a strange obsession but realize now, I'm not alone. It's great finding a site to share this obsession/quest/hobby/thing.
Yes as Grondie once said, we're just a bunch of wierdos that the outside people think wierd and have come under the protection of Taz and have bunchedd together for our so called weirdness.

I don't think its wierd to be obssed with Tolkien, but then again I'm a wierdo too.

Also, I think it ws you who said that, Grondie. Right?
Welcome to everyone who I didn't say welcome to yet (sorry but I'm just too lazy to write down all the names)
Have fun! Happy Elf Smilie
Welcome Glowien, glad to have you in our fellowship. Happy Elf Smilie

And yes Randalllin, I probably said we were a bunch of weirdos, but maybe the weirdos are actually those who having started one of Tolkien's books, gave up on it saying it was too boring.