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Ok, those of you who talk to me in the chat room will know I study martial arts..

Its become a little bit of a running joke, that I always come back from class with some form of inury.
Last week, I hurt my elbow.. In the past, Ive broken ribs and dislocated joints...

So, when V said that she's taking bets as to what injury I collect at tonights lesson, I thought why not make it official.

Everyone post what injury you think I will collect at tonights lesson Smile Smilie
I say: broken nose.
Knee injury.
Heheheheeee. I'm no good at guessing ... but ok, bruised upper arm seems like an ok bet. Have fun! Smile Smilie
Some ankle/foot injury. Wink Smilie
A separated sternum? A shattered pelvis? A dislocated elbow?

Hopefully, no injuries this time, just to prove us all wrong...
What are the chances of that happening? (she said in a Harry Hill voice...)
No real injuries, just bruised knuckles from a koubaton..

So the winner is....

There is always next week.......
My guess for next week will be a strained little pinkie caused when you pause to pick your nose and your opponent fails to recognize this most subtle call for a timeout. Luckily your nose will remain damage free, as you already will have removed the offending matter from your left nostril. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I'll go for a bruised cheek but I'm not saying which one!
Fractured..... something

Does that count? Wink Smilie
hehehe I am with V Smile Smilie Wink Smilie
How about bruised everything, broken everything, fractured everything, and injured in some way EVERYTHIGN!!! (That way I'll be right either way)
Come on folks, were talking about Milambar, one of our members here, do we really want to wish that much ill luck on one person. I think not! I hope what we are really doing is synonymous to saying 'Break a leg' to an actor just before the curtain rises. And we have been saying it in an over-the-top way in order to be funny. Heal soon Milambar.
do we really want to wish that much ill luck on one person.

We don't have to - he does it all by himself!
Awww... we don't really wish him any harm (can't speak for Vee though), he gets hurt all the time (or so it seems), and he's gonna tell us anyway. Keeping this bet in the chat room is just not good enough. Now he gets to have more people guessing, he gets attention AND he gets to prove us wrong! In public!
I predict it will be a jammed finger from blocking a punch. (hope not though!)
How's abouts a severely bruised stomach?
Wary Smilie I was about to say, "Watch Out! for that rake handle," Shocked Smilie but I guess it's too late. Very Big Grin Smilie
Both front teeth will be knocked out by a stright right to the mouth.
Poor Mil.

It will most likely be a pulled groin muscle! (Please don't hit me!) Big Laugh Smilie

I'm sorry-I know, Karma will get me!
So, how did it go?
Well, Mil has one thing in his favor. We've supplied so many ideas he won't ever be suprised by a new injury.
This week it will be a black eye!
I hope not, but we'll see. Time for class.

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to ouch we go...
Lass (Legolasslas) thinks it will be a wrist injury but is too lazy to post herself so she asked me to. Pah!
A painful toe. Have fun, hun!
A fly in your eye.
I predict...a pulled arm muscle.
Pulled muscle in my back, actually.
Took it a mite easier in class eh? Wink Smilie No broken ribs or dislocated fingers? Rather a boring day, wasn't it? Cool Smilie
And for tonight I predict a cut or bruise above an eyebrow with another bruise on his upper left arm.
I believe that a black eye will be the order of the day, the left one to be exact.
Black eye it is. Right one though.

Half a brownie point for stonie.
It's a fix! I demand photographic evidence!
For your next injury, I'm going to predict a broken thumb, right thumb to be specific, mainly because that is what i have broken the most in the martial arts.
Hmmm... I think he'll tear some kind of lingament in his leg(s)
Got it 50% right did I? The first predicted injury!
Well, my sensei has a broken toe, but his assistant sensei is leading the class. No days off for me.

Now taking bets for tonights injury (if any).
I think tonight will be the dreadful and painful jarring of the tailbone. Wary Smilie
I'm being nice for once and hoping a certain tooth will be sent flying across the dojo........
Oh gods, me too. Perhaps I should ask Mike if he can kick me in the mouth in the hope...

Or will he think me kinky?
As I said to Milambar in the chat:

So if I need ideas for how my character (as in my stories) might get hurt in battle, I check that thread first for ideas Wink Smilie

Sooo my bet... hhmmm sprained wrist.
Naw, a little pinkie strained so badly that Milambar won't be able to drink tea for a fortnight. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I predict broken finger on the right hand.
Such a cheery thread!

Well, how about a nice pulled glutious maximus? No? Okay, a busted honker. Yeah, that's it.

(Poor old Mil)
Tonight is the night, Mil is going to Kempo again. Now last week he broke a toe, so what will it be this evening? Please your bets ladies and gentlemen!

I think.... he will sprain his foot.
Bruised nose and cheek and pride.
Geez, Laurlindhe said it...what a cheerful thread! In any case, I'll place my bets on a strained groin muscle. (Kickboxing does that for me!)
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