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Suilad fellow Ardans, I am Celebedhel Wilwarin of Lorien. I would like to introduce myself to you all. I have just joined this community and look forward to getting to know everyone. Speak soon!

OOC: I'm an aussie from australian, 17yrs old. I've followed Tolkiens work since I read The Hobbit when I was a kid. My interests include literature, ancient history, pop culture, Tolkien of course, and heaps more. I could talk about Tolkien all day long, and have spent much of my time immersed in Middle Earth through the many books he wrote.

I'm a budding historian of the Tolkien World, and my favourite books are The Silmarillion and the Lost Tales 1 and 2.

WHEE! Thanks all Smile Smilie
Yo! and welcome!

You'll find quite a few lovers of the Silmarillion here, myself included. Enjoy the site!
Well met Celebedhel,

we briefly met in the chat already and feel welcome here!
Hello and welcome Celebedhel! Hope you enjoy your time at PT! Happy Elf Smilie
Howdy Celebedhel, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie I look forward to reading your posts.
'Lo there Celebedhel, welcome to Planet-Tolkien!

Hope you stay around!

Welcome to the site, Celebedhel. I'm pleased you managed to make it. I'll look forward to seeing you around here.
Welcome to PT Celebedhel!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Im from Sydney!! Acctualy, now i live in Croatia, but im a aussie too! Its nice to meet you.
A warm welcome to you, Celebedhel! I am most glad that you have joined us in fellowship here at PT.