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Thread: Greetings all

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Just to say hi to all im new to this site but i,ve been reading tolkien for years .
Hmm details details
Ok im a avid roleplayer of both table top and larp varieties ,i write and draw occasionally ,I play computer games as often as i can manage ,Have a overactive imagination and read around 3 books a week .
Thats about everything so hi all and if you want to drop me a message go ahead!
Hey Gargamel! Welcome to Planet Tolkien. You'll find lots of wonderful people walking through these corridors. Feel free to stop one every now and then and chat. I'm sort of a newbie myself, and I've learned more about Tolkien than I realized was possible. Plus you get the added bonus of meeting fantastic people from all corners of our little blue globe we call home. Three books a day...my you're abitious. What genre of literature do you favor? Or perhaps your an equal opportunity reader and enjoy just about anything. Read Smilie

Again, welcome to PT. Bring your imagination along and enjoy the visits.

By the way, giving your name of Gargamel, are we to ascertain that you are a Smurfs fan? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Welcome to PT Gargamel. I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you're into RPG's, we have some great ones and a new face would be great, we're starting to have the same people in all of them. Another avid reader, what great fun...I fit into that category rather strongly myself! I hope to see ya around, and feel free to drop by and chat.
Welcome to PT Gargamel! Happy Elf Smilie
Hi Gargamel, welcome to our happy family. "Share and enjoy."
Yayyyyyy...Welcome! It's great to have you here,hope to see you in the threads!
Thanks everyone its good to have such a warm welcome .
Oh i read fantasy ,thriller ,historical and a lot of non fiction when the mood hits.