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Waving Hello Smilie

Well, did you miss me?

Hehehe... of course we did. I'm waiting for an detailed account of all that happened.
*makes big bowl of popcorn and sits down in comfy chair to await the Tales of Tommie* Birthday Smile Smilie
How was Minsk? And how did the Ukranian election look from there?
Welcome back Tommie! Happy Elf Smilie
Most certainly Tommie. Happy Elf Smilie Like we need another batch of Wooly Gems, for I'm running out of Dust Bunnies from my under-the-bed stockpile. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hi again! Lol.

Mmm. A detailed account would take me about a year a think. Anyways, I'm terribly busy with all sorts of work for school and stuff, and I really haven't got much time to spend around here, much though I'd want to. *sigh*

The Ukranian election went by fairly unnoticed to us, but people in Minsk were pretty excited about it (if that's the word). No big revolution or anything though, just excitement.

I'll drop by from time to time though.

Big hugs

Good to hear from you!
We will settle with a small journal. For now. *hehe*
And one day I will draw that sheep avatar for you. I did draw one sheep, but it didn't look good enough.
Hey, glad your back and doing well Tommie!