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Thread: HHGTTG - film discussion

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Vee this is the reason i don't get so involved!

Not a good enough reason! We are used to haing the fear of a god put into us by taz so I doubt anything you say would do any long term damage.

I have all the radio plays on CD and loved them. I saw the TV series and loved it! I read the books and loved them! I didn't notice too many differences between any of them but I'm sure there were.

Most people have read the books and to them the books are canon. It cannot be helped. That is what HHGTTG is for many - the books. In the same way that many people found fault with LotR films because they were different from the books, people will find fault with HHGTTG film because it is different from the book. What they know and love has been changed and no matter how much you might say it is closer to what DA intended, it isn't close enough to what people already love.

It's always good to have opposing views - makes for good discussions. Everyone should be able to post their opinion as long as they accept that someone is bound to disagree.

I saw a trailer and I didn't like it. My perception is clouded by love of the books, radio and tv series and you can disagree with me all you like but I can't change what it is I love about them; it is too ingrained into my psyche. However, I may be pleasantly surprised.

Maybe DA rewrote too much and should have accepted that the versions that reached the public are the versions that were the best.

I'm quite looking forward to the discussions that will come from the film.

(p.s. don't worry, Grep, the CMs are on hand to edit anything unsuitable for the forums. Hee hee!)

Anyway talk on - but no sandbagging the director of the actors until you've seen the damm film!

Hey, we can sandbag the director and actors based on the trailer...I'm still going to see the movie though and then I'll form a new opinion. (Kind of like Star Wars in a way.)
I just think it seems churlish to sandbag a bunch of people who've been working on a project for four years based on a two minute trailer which doesn't give much of an indication of the storyline, perfomances or anything at all infact.
Of course it is, but we can be quite the churlish bunch Smile Smilie; that's part of the fun of a forum that thrives on discussion...we like to get people riled up for no darn good reason! And if all we have to base a opinion on (even momentarily) is a two-minute trailer, by golly, we will use that as evidence to support a discussion either way. *Please note that all opinions are subject to change once the entire movie has been watched.* You know...I haven't even seen the trailer yet! Big Laugh Smilie
I have a signed photo of DA which he or his publisitist sent to me after I remarked on the many plot similarities he had borrowed from himself in the untelevised video Shada, his televised Dr. Who story concerning the seven original Mona Lisas, and his book Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

I have read, heard, or have seen all his books, tapes, and videos, including all the Dr. Who shows in which he was involved. The only exception is the trailer. I'll give the principles of the movie a pass until after I have actually seen the whole movie, so as not top discourage them or others from undertakings of this kind. I don't want to stifle anyones creativity.

Hmm! Bad news..
Movie prewiev rewiev.
Movie prewiev rewiev.

What? People have started to review the preview to the movies also? My God! What can bring them to such lengths?

And yeah, what exactly is this HHGTTG? I know its like someone asking "Who is Frodo?" after reading the whole of LOTR, but I am just that naive.
HHGTTG stands for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. And it took me a little while to figure out, too. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
HHGTTG is also written HēGTēG.
It ain't looking good.

Thanks for all the supposed info. But I still don't know what in the galaxy is the HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy! I know now its a book by someone but what kind of a book, why is it sooo famous and other such good stuff.
Because its funny: HHGTTG is to SciFi as Diskworld is to Fantasy.

The book in the book by the same title, is an electronic encyclopedia of galactic facts. It even has an entry for Earth, which reads: 'Mostly harmless'. Well the galaxy is an awfully big place and the Guide has limited room. Orc Grinning Smilie
Hmm.. Do you people think it is a coincidence that 42 has reappeared? Paranoid Smilie
Can I just point out that the hitchhikers guide was NEVER a book, the first hitchhikers guide was a radio play, then a record THEN a book. Douglas re-wrote the whole thing wholesale for each new medium - including the film which is entirely based on a script that douglas spent the better part of 20 years getting right.

Of course you're absolutely right, Grep. I suppose I just was a little disappointed when seeing the trailers. But I'm definitely going to see it. And give it a chance. It's just that after I read LOTR, I couldn't wait to see the movies. And though they were very good, they somehow blurred my imagination. Whenever I read about Gandalf now, I see Sir Ian McKellen. I seem to have lost my initial view of Gandalf. And I suppose I'm a bit afraid that will happen with Arthur, Ford and Zaphod too.
My first impressions of the characters were from the TV mini-series and when I now reread the books those are the characters and voices my mind sees and hears: especially the voice of Marvin and the Peter Jone's voice of the book.
Does anyone know when the film will come out on this side of the pond? (West Europe, I mean)
So has anyone seen it yet? I may try to see it late next week.
I saw a reveiw by a lady and a gentleman on the telly, the lady said it was by far the worst movie she'd ever seen, the guy on the other hand rather enjoyed it. Aparently it has a very 80's feel to it and the lady felt the fx, specially the creature features, where terribly done considering the films budget, the gentleman then argued it was done like that on purpose to help give it the 80's air to it. Who know's, not to disrespect out american members, but would have perfered seeing it done by the british, but that's just me and I tend to be a tad flakey..
I would rather have British accents in the movie rather than our American polyglot, but that is just me and the fact that the story is supposed to start out in England. The scenes of the TV trailers go by so fast that I haven't any idea what I'm seeing, let alone what I'm hearing. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
A friend of mine saw it on Friday and said it wasn't much like the book or radio series but there were a couple of nice touches. Other than that she sighed and tutted all the way through. I think I shall wait for the dvd.
I saw the movie this afternoon and rather enjoyed it, though they strayed quite far from the book, but it was good, clean, entertaining fun, and they managed to keep most of the jokes in.

The new Marvin didn't grate on my nerves quite like the old one did, which could be a drawback, but that may be because his left side is shorter in this movie and as such there wasn't as much room for as many painful diodes. If you watch closely, I think you will see two cameo appearances by the original Marvin from the TV mini-series. He is the one with the yellow eyes, if I remember correctly.

Also I rather liked the way they handled Zaphod's second head, much better than the limp noodle of the TV mini-series.

Anyway, the only thing I didn't like about the movie is it ended too soon. Still, they did leave room for a sequel to be entitled of all things, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. And in conclusion, I may buy the DVD just to keep my collection up to date.

One parting comment: Stay for the credits if you want to see the joke about what the dog ate. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
This all sounds very very very good, so I'm definitely going to see it when it does eventually come out here. Probably not until end of August here in Belgium. Very Sad Smilie

Meanwhile, the BBC is re-broadcasting the TV-series. Big Smile Smilie
And of course I failed to see any episode of the TV-series. Never mind, the movie is out here now, going to see it tonight. I will probably edit this post tomorrow or just start a new one and tell y'all what I think. Should be good though, from what I've heard.
Right, been there, done that. I will start with a small warning:

! WARNING - CONTAINS (a few, I tried to keep them to a minimum to let you enjoy the movie to the fullest but I think there are a few tiny little) SPOILERS !

That said, I would like to start by saying the story isn't quite the same as the books (or for that part the radio and TV-series. I hope you will forgive for comparing the movie to the book, and only to the book, since it is the only other version of the story I am familiar with). Then again, it was to be expected, and it fits in nicely with the tradition. In my view, no harm was done.

Now, a short overview of the characters:

Arthur - Lived up to my expectations. He is stupid, annoying, mad and sometimes even funny.

Ford - My biggest disappointment. Not in the least alien or even close to weird. Actually the most normal person in the movie if you ask me.

Zaphod - Ah well, what's to say? Is himself, and therefore raving mad. Perfectly enjoyable.

Tricia/Trillian - Not much to say, apart from: she was there. I personally could have done without the romance, but then again I had seen it coming (it is after all a movie), and it does not spoil the story.

Marvin - Oh joy, Marvin! They got everything right with this little fellow. He is of course terribly depressed throughout the whole film (great voice), just the way he should be, and has all the great lines. My favourite.

The Vogons - Ugly, fat and bureaucratic. Very good. The bulldozers didn't do it for me though.

Eddie - Ah, another joy. Eddie, the ship's computer. Only the ticker tape is missing.

Deep Thought - Hmmm. The voice was a great surprise, and I was slighty set back by the shape of the computer, but ah well, things aren't always what you would like them to be. And why children?

Slartibartfast - Thumbs Up Smilie

The Guide - They overdid it with the introduction I think, but overall they managed to pick the best parts from the book.

Humma Kavula - Certainly one of the most alien beings. Well done, I say. And the joke with the gun is quite nice too.

Now I believe some of the funniest things in the movie are the running gags (Belgium, the satisfied hum of the doors, the towels), which are hard to understand when you haven't met any of the other lifeforms of the Guide series as the movie rushes on at a terrible speed. The Belgium joke got me in stitches (it is quite funny when you are in Belgium and you are the only one in the theatre who got the joke, while everyone else is wondering why their country is mentioned in an American blockbuster, without any apparent logic). Logic is what is missing from the whole storyline, and it's the kind of humour you have to like. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it.

Some of my favourite parts:

- All of Marvin's oneliners
- The humming doors
- Vogon Poetry
- Magrathea's factory floor
- The Earth Mark 2
- Arthur and the mice
- The Vogons' "one-hour lunch break"
- Marvin and the gun
- The completion of the life cyclus
- The joke about what the dog ate (thanks for the tip Grondy! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )

Go see it when you have the chance, I say. It's worth it.
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