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Thread: The end of the world as we know it.

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To get it all together, I moved the text of my post from the Party Tree to the one above and moved the text from the two posts that followed mine to here.

PlasticSquirrel posted on 8/5/2002 at 09:04
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Halo with all the rights and priveliges of adult life scares the beJesus out of me! Animated Wink Smilie
But she should still have a hearty hangover at the moment. Smile Smilie
42 posted on 9/5/2002 at 00:05
How are you Halo? Hope all went well.
Birthday Smilie

I think we should wish our local member in charge of all that is chaotic, Ms. Halo_Black a Happy 18th Birthday. Birthday Smilie

Happy Birthday Halo!!! Pary Smilie So Angry Smilie Angel Smilie Pary Smilie So Angry Smilie Angel Smilie Pary SmilieSo Angry Smilie Angel Smilie

[Edited on 9/5/2002 by Grondmaster]
Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Halo_Black!
3 kisses from me.
Happy Birthday Halo! So you can drink legally and vote and everything now? God help us one and all Animated Wink Smilie

Have a good one, enjoy! Smile Smilie
*joins in the spontaneous happy dance*
Congrats Halo! 18 finally! I know how it must feel... Animated Wink Smilie

Pary Smilie
Dunce Smilie
:cheers: Wink Smilie:
Happy Birthday Halo! Enjoy your youth and follow your dreams! Birthday Smile Smilie

Birthday Smilie Pary Smilie

*stretches memory back into misty past

I can remember turning 18...just. My only regret is not following my dreams sooner! Elf Smilie
Happy Birthday Halo! Make it a good one, you and the cat both!
Birthday Smile Smilie
I know this is slightly late, but Happy Birthday! Also, after May 13th, ya'll might want to stay off the roads, I'll be getting my lisence then! I'll be able to drive!!!!!
Oh my! another female NASCAR driver in the making. Wary Smilie

A word of advice: Instead of making jackrabbit starts and stops, apply the gas and brake pedals gently, as though you were trying to step on an egg without breaking its shell. This will get you a lot better gas mileage. What's the metric term: petrol kilometrage? Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! I don't know that I'll make it to NASCAR, but I can certainly try!
I did it! I got my license! I can drive!!! Birthday Smile Smilie I got it on the first try!
So Fangorn, what happened, did you pass? Or did you run over the teacher? Tongue Smilie
Well done, Fangorn. Congratulations!
I won't make any jokes about female drivers because I spammed into the back of a row of parked cars last week and wrote my motor off. Try to drive more carefully than me.
Well done Fangorn!
Pary Smilie
Well done indeed Fangorn!! Smile Smilie Don't tell anyone, but it took me two times to get my license way back in 1956. I had learned to drive in an old Jeep pick-up truck with a stick on the floor and then had to take the test in my folk's new '56 Pontiac with its hydromatic transmission and power steering; thus, I started out with two strikes against me. The next time I only had one mistake and that was I parallel parked too far away from the curb. But seeing as how there was a mound of snow left by the plow between me and the curb, the examiner didn't hold it against me.
Well done, I admire anyone who can drive, I failed 4 tests before I realised that I can't. And I even did one of them sober! Of course then they brought in the written test, and I figured I'd quit while I was behind.
Thanks ya'll! I'll try and drive more carefully than you guys!Wink Smilie Guess what! I got two advance tickets to see Star Wars Thursday night with my dad. I also got two Star Wars coloring books and a box of crayons!
I'M BAAAACK! Disturbed Smilie
Thanx to all for wishing me a happy birthday! *runs around hugging everyone* Big Smile Smilie I had a great time. But I think I must be ill or something, I haven't spent all of my birthday money yet! Shocked Smilie Shock! Horror! *Faint's from the shock and horror of not spending all of that money!*Dead Smilie

Oh, and I got a Lord of the Rings chess set as well as a Gandalf Doll and a replica of the ring...not sure about the ring though, I mean I haven't been attacked by any Ringwraiths, Orcs or Balrogs, and Gollum isn't even in site. Big Smile Smilie I'm quite dissapointed about that really. Very Sad Smilie
Personaly I think they might be avoiding me, wonder why... Disturbed Smilie Dunce Smilie

Pary Smilie And many congratulations to you Fangorn! Pary Smilie Last time I got behind the wheel of a car I nearly ran over a seagull. Poor seagull Sad Smilie
Happy 'BDay Halo

Late as usual....

[Edited on 14/5/2002 by Taz]
Awwww, thanx Taz *hugs Taz* Big Smile Smilie
Congrats Fangorn! Just hope I will pass it the same way you did... Dunce Smilie
Yo, I've just hit another thirty something!!!
The guys at work are convinced I've just hit the big four-0.
They won't believe I haven't.
I haven't by the way.
Happy Birthday!!
And either way you are coming close to also being 42! Which is a good thing!
Pary Smilie
Yes, its the answer to 'Life, the Universe, and Everything' or so the late Douglas Adams (may he RIP) said. Cool Smilie

And Happy Birthday Valedhelgwath, no matter how many you've had. Big Smile Smilie
Happy Birthday Val, from a twenty something. Wink Smilie
Pary Smilie Congrats Val! Your real age doesn't matter, as long as you're happy. It's easy for me to say of course... Pary Smilie
Dunce Smilie
Yeah, happy Birthday Val! Have a good one mate.
From someone who is planning on starting to lie about his age next month.