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Thread: sleep the dreamer

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I am an artist and I do some elven pictures of my character sleep who's an elf. I also paint city scapes and do some erotica.

say does anyone no how to spend mithril?

I am listed as sleep if you would like to send me a message.
Hello Sleep, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie

Are any of your paintings worthy of appearing in our Art Gallery? If so, and you would like to, send them in .jpg format to council@planet-tolkien.com where they will be reviewed for suitability towards inclusion.
Welcome sleep. aand enjoy PT.

Ditto to what Grondy said, but no erotica please.

Moderator Smilie
I have several pictures in jpg. How do I send them to the council?

John Greystoke (sleep)
I just sent the jpg of sleep on his horse forestar to the council.

John Greystoke (sleep)