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Thread: I Can't Believe....

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bet no-one remembers me

I can't believe you said that , I remember youSmile Smilieand it's nice to see you around again
I can't believe I couldn't raise Planet-Tolkien yesterday Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie between two and five my time; I finally gave up and played the original Neverwinter Nights instead.
I can't believe that i think this is my first posted topic that is one of those red letters on fire! I might have one or 2 more at the most, but i never expected this one to go on fire.

I also can't believe that grondy plays NeverWinter Nights. I have that game but quite after getting out of the starting city because the game is so huge and detailed that it confused me and i unfortunately can't dedicate the time to play it. I also cheated by downloading one of those 'trainers' that give your character 99 in every skill.
I can't believe Túrin Turambar hasn't been able to finish Neverwinter Nights. I've beaten it and it's two expansion add-ons at least three times, but then I usually replay most of the games that I find are excellent.

If one beefs up their character up on steroids by downloading and applying cheats, they take all the fun and excitement out of the game; where is the challenge in that? Of course I always play off-line and save often so I can reload and try again after getting killed. I also save before opening a trapped chest in case I get killed or the treasure is merely a mundane item, as each treasure is often random. So a purist might consider this is cheating too. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie And if I use the stone of recall, I usually run back to where I used it rather than spending the money to port back there.
I can't believe I havn't even heard of Neverwinter Nights...

(Is it an MMORPG or a normal PC game?)
I can't believe I don't know what a "MMORPG" is. Neverwinter Nights is a 2003 PC D&D Role Playing Game by Atari that you can also play online. Its two official expansions are Shadows of the Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark; and there are a few other shorter scenerios you can order online.
I can't believe I actually am able to post.For over a week or perhaps more as soon as I log in the computer freezers. Only on this site usually. I don't get it. It is so frustrating.
i can't believe what happened yesturday at jokela school Sad Smilie
i can't believe how reliefed i am that two of my friends escaped unhurt...
I can't believe we have so few active members now, I still refuse to take it personal....horsees and water and all that. Orc Sad Smilie
I can't believe it either Grondy Smile Smilie
Its getting to be a busy time of year, maybe people just don't have time and will be back later. that's how it is for me often. and if I can log on i'm too tired to type.

I can't believe its November already! Christmas is around the corner!
I can't believe that people get so excited about a holiday as inconvenient and ambiguous in meaning as Christmas, which has failed to excite or amuse me ever since I found out that there was no Santa Claus.

I'm busy this time of year. I just choose to take advantage of not having responbility for anyone other than myself by slacking off and coming here. If i did otherwise, then my productivity would increase dramatically, and then I just wouldn't be myself, in all of my nerdy glory. By the by, "nerd" and any of its adjective variants should probably be made taboo here. Time to get back around to my procrastinatables...

As far as the Santa Claus comment goes, I have to admit that I was never without sympathy for The Grinch. Fairytale of New York!
I can't believe I was more partial the Grinch's 'raindeer'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Rude Alf the red, knows rain, dear!
I love that punch-line; does anyone remember the rest of the joke?
sorry no Grondy dear.

I can't believe that what you are saying is true, how many active members are we down to I wonder?
Grond, I remember the joke as being about a man telling his wife not to argue with a communist but can't quote it. I think I heard it in the 60s when my dad brought it home from the office.

Leelee, I'm glad to see you back online!
I cannot believe that I'm finally leaving for Scotland tomorrowSmile Smilie
I can't believe I don't know what a "MMORPG" is.

Defined, MMORPG is a 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game', a constant RPG World like World of Warcraft and Metin 2, Everquest etc... I've never been a great fan...

I can't believe that my internet has been playing up recently, sorry for not being here... Grondy, you can rest your horsees and water now Orc Smiling Smilie

*Shouts to Mell...* I've been to Scotland many times, a wonderful place, calming and beautiful... Say hello to Ben Nevis/Beinn Nibheis for me...
I can't believe I've actually booked my first holiday - going to Egypt Oct 2008 - it's something I've always wanted to do - to see the pyramids.

Mel - hope you have a great time - my hubby and mum are Scottish, dad was Irish so have a lot of Gaelic blood in me..l..o..l....hope you still manage to get onto PT - I'm sure most of Scotland have electricity now Big Laugh Smilie Where abouts are you going???
I can't believe it has been 30 years since I've been to Scotland; I visited Glasgow, Edinbrough, Stirling and Holy Loch; the latter on business. I couldn't tour Edinbrough Castle because they were preparing it for the Queen's twenty-fifth celebration later that week.
i can't believe that RNG on the top right of my screen...(Random Number Generator)
Big Smile Smilie
I can't believe the top three vote getters in the VOTE FOR PT thread each only received one vote in the last 24 hours. If you go to the VOTE FOR PT thread and look in the first post you can still find one of the remaining links to make your vote count.
I can't believe that I'm back here already Smile Smilie
(I went to Glasgow and later on INVERNESS Smile Smilie I fell deeply in love with the wonderful little city Smile Smilie )
i can't believe that i cannot cook Smile Smilie
I can't not believe that you loved Scotland, I really don't blame you, a beautiful place...
I can't believe my new Kindle™ finally arrived today. DHL dumped it at the Post Office in Port Orchard, 7 miles from me Saturday afternoon, and the Mail truck had to take it 30 miles south to the Postal Service Distribution Center in Tacoma and then truck it 45 miles back up to Bremerton so my Mail Lady could bring it to my home. This was after the DHL truck was stuck in Chehalis for five days due to Interstate Five being ten foot under water and there being no other way north. Stupid storm. Amazon should have sent it UPS or just mailed it; I'd have had it sooner.

Anyway I have it and have read the first chapter of the on screen manual. I'm going to like it as it is light, the size of a trade paperback book, has selectable text size, very legible screen, and can hold 200 books in its memory with built-in wireless connection to Amazon for almost instant download of most new and many older books, periodicals, blogs, and also Wikipedia.

It did cost an arm and a leg, but that's my Christmas present. Waving Santa Smilie
I can't believe it is almost Christmas! Weee Standing Up Santa Smilie
I can't believe I haven't posted for so long, that someone else now uses my avatar. Guess I should have kept a better eye on it. Big Smile Smilie

Welcome back TJ, we have missed you. Happy Elf Smilie

I can't believe I can even surf the web (in black, greys, and white) on my new Kindle. I haven't tried to login here on it, but I have browsed the forum with it. the six inch diagonal screeen picks up the right side of each page before it gets into the threads proper, but hen you see the whole posts.
I can't belive that I found this sight (months ago) Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I stumbled upon it while doing a report over Tolkien..... See my I'm new post
I can't believe you didn't come back sooner... *Readies water balloon full of bright green paint*
I cant believe I still havnt got my Christmas decorating done. Snowman Smilie Christmas Smilie Merry Christmas Smilie Waving Santa Smilie
I can't believe I havn't seen The Golden Compass yet... I think I'll see it friday... Hey there AL Waving Hello Smilie
I can't believe that i haven't seen Stardust AND i can't believe that in X-Factor *not that i actually watch it* Leon, who can't sing, won over Rhydian!! What is this world coming to!! Very Mad Smilie
I can't believe that you would actually lie about watching the X-Factor... Ha Ha Ha SmilieHa Ha Ha SmilieHa Ha Ha Smilie
I can't believe I don't know what X-Factor is. Though the name sounds familiar.....
I can't belive I'm writing this post from my bed at 3:40 am via my new Kindle that I bought from Amazon.com last week. And I finished reading my first electronic book via it this morning too.
I can't believe it took me so long to return to this planet of ours!!
I can't believe that you are back Raf-Man, long time no read again Orc Smiling Smilie

How have you been?
I can't believe Christmas is in 2 days!!!!! Christmas Tree Smilie Waving Santa Smilie Christmas Tree Smilie
I can't believe that it's 2008 Smile Smilie
I can't believe that PT has been shut down for a week ..I haven't been able to get on PT
I can't believe my daughter accused me of having withdrawl symptoms due to lack of P-T.
I'm all better now. Elk Grinning Smilie
I can't belive.................I can't belive...................I can't believe..............oh OK I do believe.........l.o.l.. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I can't believe it might snow in Texas! Big Smile Smilie
I can't believe how much time I wasted waiting for my internet to get back up...
I can't believe that I failed an English Test! Very Big Grin Smilie
I can't believe we are voted down from our top!!!!!!!!
I can't believe it either, I come back after a week and a bit and the world has gone upside down...
I can't believe I haven't been on this site in ages!
Oooo...I have another one...I can't believe Heath Ledger is dead! Isn't that crazy?
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