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Thread: Oh Gimli....!!! (Beware!!! Attempted humorous post inside)

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Super Scared Smilie

A Silmaril wet and sticky? Super Scared Smilie
nobody knows, but its wet and sticky and I just rubbed against something hard Super Scared Smilie Very Sad Smilie
Moderator Smilie Is this guy/girl bothering you Gimil? Moderator Smilie
It's a guy.. and yes he is, would you mind terribly if you and your fellow Council Member's disposed of him.....

Thanx Allyssa

Angel Smilie
stop picking on the silly man. its not him we have to worry about, its all those silly freinds of his Moderator Smilie

Big Laugh Smilie Tigger Smilie
Tis true.. Tis true indeed
I have just emailed Silmarill about the above post. I will delete this thread after 24 hours, unless you would like it left Gimli?
uh... wait wait.. now im not sure who's joking and who isn't... Sil is a friend of mine, it's all in good fun!! Big Laugh Smilie

That will teach us wont it Sil.... Sorry bout that Allyssa.. Thank you for looking out for me though!!!! It appears that sarcasm and humor dont always work on here if you dont know the history of people! Sil and I have known each other from another website for about a year or so. Star and Mithril Blade know him as well, we are all friends!

[Edited on 21/9/2002 by gimli_axe_wielder]
Sad Smilie

Our buddy sil was only joking Very Sad Smilie

He meant no harm, he is a really nice person, moderates over at tlotr....Very Sad Smilie

You are joking right!!!!

Tigger Smilie
Okies, you guys. No Probs, as long as it is all in fun, but bear in mind that some others might not realise, and begin to worry that P-T allows this sort of thing to go on.

Perhaps you might like to post a: (just kidding!) or something, so that it is clear to all that it is all in fun. Big Smile Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
will do Allyssa.. sorry for the miscommunication..

but, Thank you for looking out for me... It made me glad to see the council members keepin things in check..
I'll edit my first post!!!! Shaking Head Smilie

Oh...and I'm still gonna stalk the Dwarf!!!! Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Stalk all you like... but watch yourself.. the dwarf fights back... Big Laugh Smilie
Doesn't your beard get in the way???

Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie

na.. I use the braids to choke people out.. :P

of course its usually around their waist...
disturbing mental images happening here Super Scared Smilie

[Edited on 23/9/2002 by Star-of-Hope]
oh.. wait.. maybe that didn't turn out right... Very Sad Smilie

And yes Ally, it's nice to know that you keep your bow and quiver ready in case any REAL trolls wander our way! Thumbs Up Smilie
*puts bow and arrow away for now.

Hmmmmm.....An inanimate jewel against a dwarf?

*puts money on the dwarf to win. Wink Smilie

Just mind what you do with those braids of yours....ROFLMAO!!!! Ha Ha Ha Smilie
(best laugh I have had all day - thanks! - I really needed that)
By trolls I meant "trollers": Those who make inflamatory posts in order to get a rise out of people.
Allyssa, LOL!!!! I may be an inanimate jewel but you know how dwarves are controlled by their lust for precious stones!!!!! I have control!!! Big Laugh Smilie Big Smile Smilie

Thanks for watching out for everyone Allyssa.
*gimli takes the shiny jewel and puts in in his pocket...*

that oughta solve it... Big Laugh Smilie
and ummm just what is the shiny jewel doing in your pocket, gimli?
/me comes out of the shadows and leaves the thread

P.S. Nice to meet you Silmarill... Especially under friendly circumstances.
ackkkkkkkkkkk There was a spy in here!!!!!!!!!!
Paranoid Smilie
Where, where?
Very Big Grin Smilie
Great thread this!
LOL!!! A lurking spy!!! Big Laugh Smilie

Gimli, what have you been puting in your pockets?? They stink!!!

Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie

um... oh.. little o this, little o that.... Big Laugh Smilie
Star looks at the jewel...hmmm isn't that the one that belongs in the sky Wink Smilie shining hope and encouragement?...takes the jewel and sails the heavens in the vingilot.
Ok, now let me get this straight. Gimli has Silmarill in his pocket, and we still have not figured out what Silmarill is doing there, and now Star is digging around in Gimli's pocket too. hmmm this it turning into an interesting conversation.
LOL!!! I'm in Gimli's pocket because the dwarf has an insatiable lust for precious stones!!!!! Big Laugh Smilie
Ok what the hell happend? Wary Smilie
Star tries to extricate her hand from Gimlis pocket before he notices, just in case he thinks she is a pick pocket. But its stuck, and the silmarilly jewelly thing is stuck in the bottom corner with some old chewing gum....ick Wink Smilie
That's not gum. Wink Smilie
OMG!!! Then what could it be!!!?? Pixie Smilie

I suppose only a dwarf could know!!! Big Laugh Smilie
not gum Wary Smilie Tigger Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie Super Scared Smilie

now I am frightened. tries harder to extricate her hand, but its stuck and the dwarves pocketsesses are TOO tight. Very Sad Smilie

hey Ax Wink Smilie ...not too many people need to know where we are hiding out..ok Wink Smilie
"What has it got in its pocketses?" Animated Wink Smilie

I feel much better now, that you ahve explained what the HARD thing was...but whats stuck to it ????

Tigger Smilie
LOL!!! This thread is getting wierd!!! Big Smile Smilie

I like it!!! Tongue Smilie
nobody knows, but its wet and sticky and I just rubbed against something hard
*/me coughs hoping someone gets the slight hint* Wink Smilie
Ohhhh... you must be referring to the soft-drink (soda) that I spilled all over Silmarill earlier. Sorry Sil!

*takes Simarill and gives him a thorough wash in dish-washing detergent.

There, is that better? You are really sparkly now. Wink Smilie
Star breathes again.....

you life savers you Big Smile Smilie
LOL!!!! I don't think I've ever been this clean!!! Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
What the hell are you guys doing in my pocket!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

and its not gum... its gummy bear. Big Laugh Smilie

and yes ax.. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no telll anyone of this place! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
Ok, my next question is how would Axordil know that it was not gum in Gimli's pocket? Shocked Smilie Is Ax digging around there too? You mean, that silly dwarf has 4 people digging in his pockets? Wary Smilie You must really be one special dwarf Gimli. At least we now know that the dwarf likes gummy bears, and that Allyssa spilled a soda on Silmarill, and that Sil, got to go for a ride in the dishwasher. lol. I guess we are cleaning this up a bit. Ha Ha Ha Smilie I will try to be nice and not ask anymore suggestive questions, so that Taz won't get mad at me. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You're all so wierd!! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Disturbed Smilie

I like it!!! Big Laugh Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie

What was the purpose of this thread again!! Oh yes, to stalk the Dwarf!!! Pumpkin Smilie Very Evil Smilie
Uh, yeah, stalking the dwarf. Wink Smilie

And there's just no one I can think of with whom I care to share the existence of this board. Smile Smilie Even myself, beyond a point--that's why I don't come here too often. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
oh shut up ax! Orc Grinning Smilie
So there's a convention in his pocket...
Would anyone care to xplain to me why are you stalking and ennoying the dwarf?(except the dwarf,whose position in this matter I somehow think I know Very Big Grin Smilie )Thanks.
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