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Thread: ahem!!!!!!

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Recover qucikly Gimli! All the best
Get better soon you silly Dwarf. I'm lost without you around here!! Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
A speedy recovery, Gimli! Big Smile Smilie
Waaa! Get well soon Gimli!

[Edited on 12/10/2002 by Grondmaster]
ok.. Gimli feeling better! will return soon.. thank you all for your concern!

ok.. why am i speaking about myself in the third person????

Because Gimli in the first person is hanging his head over the sink, Exploding Head Smilie while Gimli in the second person can be found sitting on the throne, Dead Smilie which only leaves Gimli in the third person to communicate with us. Got The Blues Smilie

(Were I a grammarian, I would have written that properly with each part of the triad in the correct person. I haven't had an English lesson for forty some years and don't remember how to do it. Anyone else want to undertake this cheap joke?)

Get well soon Gimli! Smoke Smilie

Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very funny Grondy!
Very Big Grin Smilie Indeed it is.

Get better again soon Gimli! Not feeling that brilliant myself either, but I can't be dragged away from this screen before I've been through the forum. *sneeze* Wink Smilie
Gimli the third person is feeling much better, gimli the second person is wondering which throne you were refering too, and gimli the first person is well, first.... Orc Grinning Smilie
Hmmm, I think I prefer Gimli in the third person!!! Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie

Gimli, I hope you feel better soon. We will miss you. I understnad not feeling well, I have been a bit under the weather myself.

Grondy, cute joke.
gimli the second person is wondering which throne you were referring too
The one with the chain what makes gurgling noises when pulled. (Assuming two of the Gimlis were occupied with double-barreled flu. Angel Smilie And that can be a real pain, speaking from the experience of one who uses a wheelchair.) Big Smile Smilie

I hope Gimli, Tommie, and Mellie are feeling much better now. Smile Smilie
* wishes she were three people

Then I could send one to school, leave one to babysit and one to surf the net. Big Smile Smilie
Oh I need at least twenty persons to copy with my life!
Cold's better now, headache isn't. Good Morning Smilie *sneeze*

I'd need to be at least three: one to go to school and follow all my courses, another to go out and have fun at the same time, and one to reply to all your posts here! (man you've been busy!!) Tongue Smilie
I only need 1 of me. If there were more then...well, that would be chaotic.
I think it would be rather cool to have 3 of me. one to surf the net. one to teach robbie, and one to clean house and do laundry.
better make that 4. i need one just for laundry. yuck.

Yes, Grondy, I am feeling much better now. thank you.
Ever seen "Multiplicity" the Michael Keaton Movie? There's a lesson to be learned there people.