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Thread: Calling all friends & Tolkien fans!

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mumble mumble, already got a address. mutter mutter, might help then. mumble mumble oh go on then.
I will help too, but I don't particullarly need a adres, but if you really really want to it's allright
I'll help out...I don't know much about stuff outside of LotR, though...
I will help. My specialty is Perehil and their choices. I am also conversant with TLoTRs and The Silmarillion, Artwork, and some of the history of Middle Earth and characters associated therewith.
I'll be glad to be of any assistance. Would love to do the Old Forest, with the Willow, the Barrow-Downs, the ponies, Tom and Goldberry, stuff like that... Big Smile Smilie
I already have a, so I don't need that other address, but if you want to give it to me, I won't refuse it! Smile Smilie
I will be more than glad to help but I am not good with computers at all...
So if there is anything you think I can handle be sure to let me know!