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My knee can pop out of socket due to a bike accident!
I have broke my nose eighteen times, Broke my arm twice in the same place exactly a year to the day from when I fisrt broke it(go figure), had my appedix explode on me(the doctor thought I was dead at one point as I sleep with my eyes half open) and had an opperation on on e of the most embarissing area you can immadgine(due to the grumbling appendix). I have also cracked my head open on a rust old lorry.

The best one of all though has to be Ridding up a 30 degree hill in the rain I managed to crash into a parked car and go head first through the back windscreen breaking one tooth in half(now has a really cool white filling over it) and getting glass embeded in my chin!
I had a mate at college many years ago who crashed his motorbike into the back of a parked car. He flew over the car and landed on the road in front of it, but because it had been left without its handbrake on, the impact of the crash caused the car to roll forward and run over his arm.

He was in a plaster cast for what seemed like ages, but when he went to have the cast taken off, the nurse accidently broke his thumb. Not long after recovering, he fell off the pavement and broke his arm again. I was in his class for a year, and for most of that time he had his arm in cast.
I'm normally not accident prone; however, tonight I have a pink thumb.

I had just brewed a pot of tea and proceeded to pour it into a tall tumbler which I was holding in my left hand. I decided I could add a tad bit more to the glass, and in the process of doing so, slopped a couple small drops onto my thumb. That should have been bearable, as the tea had been sitting for six minutes after I had removed the water from the microwave; however, for some reason it hurt enough to make my hand wobble in the process of lowering the glass six inches to the table and I sloshed about a quarter-cup onto the back of my thumb, which remains quite painful fifteen minutes later. Super Wow Smilie
Last night when brushing my teeth I managed to give my self a fat lip!
Poor Grondy! I know exactly how you feel, I`ve done that a couple of times Smile Smilie sorry, but I nearly LMAO!!! People in the room are looking at me in a strange way, but I just couldn`t hold the laughter in anymore! Big Laugh Smilie I keep picturing you with the cup....I`m sorry! Don`t mean to laugh at your pain!
The worst thing that I ever did to myself was when I was about 11. I was cutting out some materials for a hanging basket on the floor and was using my Mum's extra sharp Stay-Sharp scissors. As I was crawling along the floor, I was a little careless about where I put my left knee. The end of the handle of the scissors pushed into the carpet and the blades pointed upwards.

Two stictches in my knee and a tetnus shot. Screamed my head off - the doctor forgot to give me the local aneasthesia and I was just a kid. Still have the scar. Big Laugh Smilie

That same year I fell off my cousin's horse and injured my hip. Doctor - yes, the same one - insisted that I had not broken anything, but I could hardly walk for a month. My hip still plays up when the weather changes. Oh well, at least it is handy as a barometer. Smile Smilie

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I have scars on my arm from where the muttant rabit sprout has bitten me. I am very good with animals and they all seem to like, apart from when I have to bath them, then they turn into nasty snapping hunks of fur and muscle. I t doesn't help when she scratches you and you're illergic to your own nails let alone a huge evil rabbit.
The story of Grondy reminded me something... When I was still a biology student, I had to make some chemical synthesis which took me almost a month to complete. At its last stage I had to make pass the whole product by a large glass funnel filled with boiling water. The product was passing through very slowly, drop by drop, and suddenly I remarked with dismay that the funnel is not fixed to its support and that it starts to wobble! Iif I won't do something quickly, my precious product will be spilled out and I will have to start all from the very beginning! So I did the only thing I could still do: I grasped the wobbly funnel with my right hand. And then drops of boiling water started to drop, one by one, on my right forearm! I could of course yell and let it go, but that would mean that I will destroy the resut of a month's work! So i clenched my teeth and I continued to support the funnel with my hand.. and all that time drops of boiling water were falling one by one on my forearm! After VERY long five minutes all my precious product finally passed through and I could let go the *** funnel. But my victory was dearly bought: I had a burn which took over a month to be healed! Happily, I have no ugly scar, only a nice whiitish one, almost invisible. And I am rather proud of it - after all, I WAS rather steadfast!
Another accxident I had during that time happened when I jumped out of a tram and my right foot slipped and I broke one of its bones. I had to have a plaster cast during three weeks, but after that time the bones were still not healed and the doctor said I must have cast for still some weeks. And I was to be a leader of a holiday student group going to Greece! I was never in Greece before and I always dreamed to see it. So I decided I will go, and I simply bound my foot very tightly with many layers of cloth and put on my good old hiking shoes, ankle-high, made of very rigid leather. Nevertheless, my foot still hurt a lot, but I was able to walk, and I was glad I can see Greece! And then on the third day we came to the Mount Olympus... and, in spite of pain, I climbed up Olympus almost to its very summit! It was wonderful! And, best of all, from that day on my foot stopped to hurt and never ever gave me any pain again! So my foolhardiness must have pleased ancient Greek Gods, and they rewarded it!

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I'm afraid I spend most of my time tripping over cracks in the pavement, small children and fellow studants... or falling off chairs...I'm really quite good at it. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Especialy if I'm not wearing my glasses.
Everything goes fuzzy without the amaising specs of speccyness... Orc Going Huh Smilie
I'm going deaf and losing my sense of balance as a result of this, prety rubbish when you're only ninteen!
There's not enough space on the server for all my many accidents. But I went deaf (in one side anyway) and lost my sense of balance at 19 Ross.
I've needed stitches four times- once in my forehead (aluminum can when I was four); Once in my lip (fell face first of my bicycle when I was six or seven); once in the palm of my left hand, right along my lifeline (climbing an iron fence when I was ten); and once in my right index finger (cut to the bone by a piece if glass at work about a year and a half ago). I had to get a tetnus shot and it hurt worse than my finger! My shoulder throbbed like a toothache for a week!

I fell off of a low roof when I was eleven or twelve- just bruises and a hairline fractured ulna- didn't even require a cast.

I came very close to completely crushing my hand in machine at work. A robotic arm transfers vials from the printer chain to the lehr conveyor. The "fingers" on the arm frequently drop vials and you have to clear them off so the don't pile up and knock vials off the chain. I reached in to pick out some bottles just as the arm swung back and caught my hand. Fortunately, I was pulling my hand out and it caught my by the webbing between my thumb and index finger. Had my hand been a little further in it would certainly have crushed bone. As it was, I got away with nothing more than one hell of a bruise.

I tripped and fell onto a partially full pallet of glass vial cases. Some how my elbow got stuck between the wood slats of the pallet, They had to break the slats to get my arm out. Fortunately, the only thing injured was my pride... and a number of cardboard boxes.

I'm not sure if it qualifies as an accident, but when I was fifteen, a mix up with an antibiotic prescription (for an ear infection) eventually led to me contracting bacterial spinal meningitis and nearly dying.

Not to mention numerous bumps, bruises, cuts and abrasions.

I really wish Ungoliant was here to tell you about her ashtray/figernail polish incident Big Laugh Smilie

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I really wish Ungoliant was here to tell you about her ashtray/figernail polish incident

Here you go Prog:

Under Characters/Gandalf posted 1/1/2002 15:31

I am very accident prone. I am constantly spraining my ankles whenever I fall down. I fell on my face about a month ago and broke my glasses. I fell out of a tree and twisted my shoulder and that has caused me many minor but very annoying back problems. But I am not as bad as you Prog Wink Smilie ...

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I know i shouldn't laugh at that Val but it reads as if it was a script from Monty Python, I just couldn't help chuckling until I got to the antibiotics, but then you mentioned the twig a gain and I nearly wet myself!
I tend not to be too bad for accidents myself (except putting my arm through a washing mashine mangle when I was four), but they seem to happen to people around me Paranoid Smilie

When I was younger I was quite a keen cyclist and used to do a lot of racing and touring. One Sunday morning we went out for our weekly ride and headed for our local hills. Anyway, while racing each other down a slope, one of the guys skidded off the road while doing about 45mph. I was right behind him, and saw him go head first through a bush before piling head first into the opposite side of a ditch.

By the time I'd turned round and got back to him, he had dragged himself to the side of the road, but he was screaming his head off. It's the classic joke that you never really see in reality, but he had got a twig right through his nose. About four inches long, it had gone in one side and come out the other.

Worryingly though, it quickly became apparent that he hadn't seemed to have noticed the twig. I quickly looked him over to see where else he must be hurting and saw his leg was bent really wierd and obviously broken. It was then that he started complaining about his back, and I realised he was in so much pain there, he had not noticed a twig through his nose or a broken leg.

While someone cycled to a phone box for an ambulance and someone else kept his back straight, the rest of us salvaged his bike. Sadly, it was a wreck. He'd not only bent the front wheel and forks, but he'd also snapped the frame at the handlebar pillar and bent it beyond repair. This was the first time he had been out on that bike after spending several months building it from top quality parts.

Anyway, a few days later we found out that as well as breaking his leg and crushing several vertebrae in his spine, he'd also broken some ribs. The broken ribs caused an infection in his lungs which is quite common apparently, and easily cured with antibiotics. Unfortunately, he was allergic to the antibiotics that the hospital gave him and for a while he almost died.

We also found out that he had gone out that morning on his brand new bike to cheer himself up because that week he had lost his job along with company car and house, his wife had lost her job, and his father had died. A case of it never rains less it pours.
Thanks for the link, Red. I don't know why that struck me so funny. It's really like one of those things you see in Mel Brooks movie or something. Big Laugh Smilie

Jeez Val, I thought I had bad luck. Talk about your bad weeks! I guess your friend made it through all right?
Talk about your bad weeks! I guess your friend made it through all right?
He was someone I only ever saw through the cycling club, but after his accident it was almost a year before I saw him again. Even after that time, however, he was unable to walk straight and could not ride a racing bike. That was twenty one years ago, and I have not seen him since. He was about forty back then, so if he's still around, he'll be about Grondy's age now.

I still remember that twig through his nose as though it was yesterday though.
I know what you mean Ross. It was a bad accident, and in a way he was lucky the twig went through his nose instead of one of his eyes, but the fact that it was his nose, and the way all his problems seemed to compound one after the other, did give it that feeling of being out of a comedy script.

I remember that for a split second my reaction had been to laugh (nose injuries are comical for some reason if you are not the one suffering from one), but it did not take many seconds to realise we had a serious situation on our hands. Obviously it was in the olden days before mobile telephones, and we were in the middle of nowhere. It took almost an hour for an ambulance to find us, with this poor guy in a great deal of pain all the while.
Well I have just been puched in the face by my brother in law for sticking up for my sister as he hurled abuse at her. They are going through a divorce at the moment on the count of him being a psychopath on medication for his anger problems. He has cut the inside of his lip and knocked one of my teeth free, luckily it is the dead tooth from the afore mentioned bicycle accident. I have had him leaving postBodys on my answering machine because he's worried that I will press charges, now thew psycological torture begins with him as I make him threat that I will press charges. Nobody upset's my family and gets away with it, my sister was crying for ages. I'm just glad that my nephew didn't see it.
I am a klutz. It's terrible. I seem to remember discussing this with someone here a while ago...haha...

This morning, one of my suitemates and her boyfriend were sleeping on our couch. I had to leave somewhat early this morning, so I was trying to be quiet and not wake them up. I got out of bed very carefully, stood up, took one step and tripped over my roommate's shoe, fell into the bureau, and knocked my mirror to the ground. A few minutes later, I was walking out of the bedroom and tripped over my own dumb feet, crashed my hip into a chair and richoceted into the TV, which I just barely managed to keep from falling over by grabbing onto the handle of the emergency door and setting off the (incredibly loud) fire alarm. Which woke the whole floor up. And continued to go off for more than an hour, because security takes FOREVER to do anything. My suitemates made me promise to never try to be quiet ever again.
You're right chikakat, you are a Klutz, welcome to the club!

Then there are other little things like running into a glass patio door headfirst because my mom had just washed it and it was so clean I thought the door was already open. Tongue Smilie

Done that twice, once with a High Street shop, and once with a hotel. My poor old Dad, had to keep paying for windows his son broke...
I mashed my drawing's teacher stereo last week,I have a true glass-breaking record,I once dropped my outdoor aquarium when changing the water and it all went into the street-100l! and the Water Service guys popped up asking where's the pipe that broke down....Should I go on?
Yes, each others misfortunes make us all feel better about our own!
Whoa! Plastic, you must have one hard head then to break the windows!!!
Grondy thinks the SKWRL's fedora isn't really a soft felt chapeau, but rather a hard hat aka the bowlers of Odd Job* and John Steed.**

* Large Chinese gentleman, I believe he flung his hat at 007 in "Goldfinger".

**The male partner of Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman), Mrs. Peel (Diana Rigg), and Tara King (Linda Thorson) each in her own time as one of "The Avengers". (I have tried to forget about the recent movie.)
Diana Rigg, Phwoar should really add her to the hot women thread!
I fell out of bed today...we have bunk beds, and unfortunately I have the top one. Luckily, I've been lazy about laundry lately, and I had a pile next to the bed that broke my fall. I didn't get hurt...definitely scared my roommate half to death though. Tongue Smilie
Oh. when I was younger me and my brother had bunk beds that had springs for the bases. I had the bottom bunk and every morning I used to sit up in bed and rip part of my hair out of my head, Youch.
Me too! Did you used to kick your brother all night through his springs? Though admittedly the spring above my head were liberally hung with jingling penguins and the like, I was a LOT younger then...
I used to have a cabin bed that I was very good at falling out off...though if anyone had started kicking my springs I'd have been kinda worried, cause the whole of the bottom part of the bed was basicly a big cuboard and a desk...
Ok, I am not even sure where to start. I am worse than chikakat, I think she and I could be sisters. hhhhmmmm our birthday's are only 2 days apart. Wonder if that has anything to do with it. lol

When I was in the 3rd grade, I won a mini-bike (basically a small motorcycle) Well, while I was trying to learn how to ride it, I ended up hitting every gas meter in our neighborhood at one point or another. I lost so many fingernails because of it. They would turn purple and black and fall off. Finally I got some sort of balance, and was trying to show off to my cousins that came over to visit. I took them on some trails that I had found the day before. It had rained that night and when we got there the next day there was a ditch, where there had not been one while I was there. I sat on this stupid little mini bike trying to decide what to do. I had never jumped anything before, but I really wanted to show off to Micki and Mindi. I just sat there frozen until my hand got sweaty and started to slip, well in doing so, I grabbed on to the handle bar a little tighter, unforutately it was the gas, and I went from a dead stop to flying across this ditch in about 10 seconds. I jumped it ok, it was the landing that I had a problem with. Mindi carried me back to my house, and Micki drove the mini-bike home. My mom saw up coming up the street, me screaming and crying my head off, with blood gushing down my leg leaving a trail behind us all the way to the house. The more I moved the more it bled. Mindi, was crying and trying to calm me down, and Micki rolling along on the mini-bike, trying to direct traffic so we could cross the street with out getting hit.

My mom was so up set that she could not take care of me, and my aunt had to clean up my wounds. I just scraped my leg from the top of my knee to the top of my thigh. It was not very deep, but not real pretty either. As I have gotten old, the scar has faded and most people don't notice it anymore.

When I was in 1st grade, I broke my arm twice. The first time the doctors said it was not broken, but I should be careful with it for about a week. So, as soon as that week was up I got right on the monkey bars again and fell in the exact same place that I did the first time and this time the doctors said, yep it is broken. And it must have been broken the first time as well, because it was alreading mending its-self, and incorrectely. That is why my arm was still so week.

I have walked in to the glass door like in the above mentioned post, I have also pulled my hair getting out of bed on a bottom bunk, broken my toes and fingers so many times that I can't count that high. I walk in to walls, always have bruises on my knees where I have hit them on things. I have accidents on bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, ice skates (which I actually enjoy ice skating, skateboards, etc. I have also given my self a fat lip while brushing my teeth. If I can break it or bruise it or anything else, I will do it. My hubby will no longer allow me to use any knives in our kitchen, because of the numerous times, I have sliced my hands open doing it.

Well, that is about all for now. I could keep going all day long on this thread. My best friend has said that anyone ever accused Matthew of abusing me, she would stand up for Matthew in court because she has seen me in action.

Oh, a funny thing that happend was instead of going to church one morning I decided to work outside in the yard. Of, course I was barefoot and just picking up leaves. Well, I stepped on a stick and imbedded it into my foot, Matthew was at work and my neighbor had to call an ambulance to get the stupid stick out of my foot. I could barely walk for a week.
Once upon a time there lived a granmama with five grandcildren and five glass doors in her flat. Now she has five normal doors and considers herself very lucky because nobody has a cut throat...
First was mine - I just pushed them too hard and it resulted in a cloud of glass shreds and two cuts on my hand and cheek.
Then my cousin flew trough second. She was lucky to have only her arm cut not stomach.
My other cousin banged into third door with his head. No injuries.
Fourth door was just slamed bit too hard and the fifth was removed to ensure safety. So unfortunately my sister has no door to break.

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Did you used to kick your brother all night through his springs?

Yep. I could almost lift him right out of the bed and onto the floor. And my brother would holler and my dad would come in hollering for us to get to sleep.
Eventually I got my own room. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!
Ah, I miss the good old days. Big Laugh Smilie
I had the top bunk also, my brother seemed to like kicking my too Big Smile Smilie

Anything with glass is always nasty orange.
Did you used to kick your brother all night through his springs?

Of course, we wouldn't be brothers if we didn't inflict pain on each other.
Lets see...

When I was four I was standing by the front door when the wind blew it open - it went over my big toe and ripped the nail off.

When I was five I was on a really old round-a-bout, the wood was rotting in places and as my sister and I were spinning gleefully in circles my foot fell through a hole in the wood and was dragged along the ground till my dad managed to stop the round-a-bout.

When I was six I was pushing my mom's shopping trolly (one of those metal ones) really fast back to the shop when it hit a bump in the pavement, flipped over and caught me on the knee.

When I was ten I was jumping over the hurdles, bashed my knee open on one of them and fell flat on my face.

When I was twelve I was with some other kids trying to open a really heavy man-hole cover to retrieve a cat that had gone into the drain before it started to rain - needless to say the other kids decided it was too heavy and dropped the man-hole cover without warning - jamming my finger between the cover and the side of the hole. I had to run all the way back up the hill to my house with blood pouring out my finger.

when I was 13 I was picking up a netball ball at the end of break that we'd been playing with - at the exact moment that a guy in my class decided to kick it. He kicked my little finger instead, it was a really cold day - the kind where you fingers and toes burn and go numb. I then proceeded to write my Geography exam with a broken finger and only found out that it was broken the next day.

The following year I was rollerblading down my street on a steep hill, I was nearing a turn at the bottom and slipped on some loose gravel on the road and went skidding on my side to the other end of the road.

The next year I was riding my bicycle down my street when my hair blew in front of my eyes. I used my one hand to tuck my hair behind my ear, but I'd picked up considerable speed and used my other hand on the brakes - unfortunately that hand only operated the brakes for the front wheel... the back wheel however kept going, throwing me over the handlebars with my bicycle landing on top of me.

And my most recent accident was this year: I was getting out of the car when my one foot got caught in the strap of my college bag, I landed on my hands and my other foot - twisting my ankle and getting bits of gravel stuck in the palms of my hands. I pulled the ligaments in my ankle and had to be on crutches for 3 weeks. Whilst on my crutches I tipped going up some stairs cos I was trying to go faster than I should cos there were people behind me -anyway I made a big fool of myself. Big Laugh Smilie
Chikakat had better watch out 'cause Arwen*Evenstar* may have caught up with her for Planet-Tolkien's Klutziest Member Award. Elk Grinning Smilie

Cool Elf Smilie I'm glad you are laughing with me here, because it isn't fun if the butt of the story doesn't think it funny.
I was accident-free for like three whole days, guys! Do I get an award for that? Tongue Smilie

My non-clumsy streak ended this morning, though. I was wandering around the house in my wonderful fuzzy socks, getting my breakfast, when I realized I didn't have any jelly for my toast and I needed to go to the cellar to get more. So I went across the kitchen sort of quickly and grabbed the door and started to pull it open, probably with way more energy than was really necessary. Unfortunately, my stocking feet didn't have quite enough traction against the tile floor of the kitchen, and instead of me pulling the door open, I slid forward and smashed into the door. Luckily I had turned to say something to my sis as I was reaching for the door, so I didn't smash my nose, but my poor left cheek is definitely tender now...
Oh! poor Chika! Are you ok? Got The Blues Smilie .... Big Laugh Smilie ROFLMAO!!!! Very Big Grin Smilie ... Got The Blues Smilie
When I was four I was standing by the front door when the wind blew it open - it went over my big toe and ripped the nail off

Oh I did that as well I was three walked into the toilet, but my dad was in there so he pushed the door closed. Ripped my big toe-nail clen off, the root was there just spurting blood over the floor. It being my dad I dont know if it was an accident or just because he's evil.

He's draged me allong the floor giving me carpet burns on my back.
Thrown me down the stairs.
Thrown me in pampass grass cutting me to shreds.
Left me for four hours in the middle of a scottish lock.

The best one though was when I was seventeen, him and my mum were having an arguement so I left the room and walked into the kitchen. My mum followed me in trying to get me on her side, I told her I wasn't getting involved. He walked in saying to me what did you say, I told him I said I wasn't getting involved, then he punched me in the arm. I said does that make you feel big, go on do it again. He shuffled off and I went to work. I got home to find that he had broken his wrist and hand. he had to have it pinned, it was so cool.
I got home to find that he had broken his wrist and hand.
A similar thing happened the only time my Dad ever hit me. He kicked me up the backside for not going home one night and broke his toe.

Luckily I have been remarkably unaccident prone and have almost reached forty without anything bad happening which hasn't been the result of stupidity (I set fire to my head once while messing about with lighter gas, and once fell off a car roof at forty mph.)

The only accident I had was when I was four years old. My Mum had one of those old washing machines with an electric mangle on the top that squeezed the water out of the washing. When her back was turned one day, the rollers on the mangle managed to grab my fingers (I won't say why my fingers were there in the first place) and proceeded to pull my arm through the mangle.

Fortunately I was a really skinny kid, but even so it did manage to break my arm in several places and roll some of the skin off. The most frightening thing for me though was what happened when Mum found me. The rollers were designed so that they could only be opened after they had been pressed shut. Obviously with my arm hanging out the back, and held pretty securely within, she couldn't press the rollers shut with my arm still in there.

I didn't realise this until later though. All I knew was I had done something naughty, and now Mum was coming at me in hysterics with an axe. Fortunately she missed my arm altogether and smashed the top off the mangle to free me. Way to go, Mum.

I was in plaster cast for ages, and didn't really understand why. Months later, after my arm had shrunk a bit, we were on holiday and I managed to get some sand down the cast. That night it was itching like mad, and I managed to pull my arm out of the cast to scratch it. I thought I'd managed to do something wonderful, but my folks weren't too happy as they had to take me back to hospital to have another one put on.
All I knew was I had done something naughty, and now Mum was coming at me in hysterics with an axe. Fortunately she missed my arm altogether and smashed the top off the mangle to free me.

OMG, Val, sorry, but that is hilarious. Big Laugh Smilie You are quite the story teller! Give your mum a hug for me.
Mum was coming at me in hysterics with an axe

So is it just Val and me with psychotic parent(s) then?

My Dad never hit me again after he broke his wrist and he has atheritis to boot, serve him right the big scanky old bully!
So is it just Val and me with psychotic parent(s) then?

My mom doesn't so much hit as just scream like a know when you're in for it: you can hear her coming a mile away. My dad doesn't scream or hit...just designs ridiculous punishments. (Ex...I slammed a door one time and for punishment, I had to close it nicely 1000 times. He stood there and counted until it was done.)
Your dad is cool. I wish my dad was a complete Hippy! Instead I'm lumbered with a grumbling sadistic old fart!
I am definitely a KLUTZ. Oddly enough, I have never had stitches or broken bones. But that doesn't mean much in my case.

I have sprained both ankles many times, at least a dozen times each ankle, and once I fell down a flight of stairs and sprained them both at the SAME time. I also bonked my head and bruised my butt. For lack of a good foot to limp on, I tippie-toed around holding the back of a folding chair like an old lady's walker for the next WEEK! HAHAHA.

When I was little, I was in swimming lessons and we learned what they call a FLAT DIVE, for quick entry into shallow water. I practiced it several times during my lesson and did well. I thought I had mastered the skill so I tried it later that week at the public pool. Um...when my face whacked the bottom of the CONCRETE pool, I broke my front tooth, which went through my bottom lip, and I also gave myself two black eyes, and bruised my nose.

I have also managed to get stuck (being short) in a chest freezer with my legs dangling out...and I have bonked my face on a very clean plate glass window at a fast food restaurant.

HEY? why you laughin? IM STILL COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
I have also managed to get stuck (being short) in a chest freezer with my legs dangling out...and I have bonked my face on a very clean plate glass window at a fast food restaurant.

haha...I've done both those same things, musicimprovedme...was a sliding glass door in my case, but, really same difference Tongue Smilie
Ok, here is my latest klumsy accident. Monday, i had an important appointment to go to, so I got dressed up in a beautiful red dress with black trim, and wore a pair of black suede pumps. Matthew and I got there parked the car, and I opened the door, and started to get out. The wind blew the door shut on my calf. It hurt pretty badly and I have a slight bruise. I finally am able to get out of the car, and we are walking (still in the parking lot) and there all sorts of gravel and holes and just a really bad lot to be walking in shoes that are not perfectly flat. And of course my shoes are 3 " tall. I am walking along and twist my ankle and knee. After that I limped along behind Matthew. You have to remember he is 6' 2" and has these really long legs. I have to jog just to keep up with him on a normal day. Well, Monday he was in a hurry, and and here i am limping behind this giant in front of me, still holding his hand. (you have seen those parents that drag their children behind them after they have mis-behaved in public and are mad? Well that is what I felt like.)

I have to spend all day long trying to look pretty and intelligent and not bored and trying not to limp. I finally decide to go out to the car for a break, and thought I'd give my nails another coat of polish. I am walking out side and start digging for my keys and the nail polish falls out of my purse and shatters in front of all of these cops and sherrifs. I was so embarrassed. I walk in to tell someone so that no one falls and gets cut on the glass. Well the security people won't listen to what I have to say, they just wanted me to put my bags on their conveyer belt xray machine. I lean on the maching still holding my bags and they are going through the conveyer belt and I hit my head on the top of it.

Well, so much for my day in court, huh???

By the time I got home at 7pm, i was so exhausted and bruised and sore, I felt like i had been hit by a truck. I was in bed and asleep by 8:30 or so. Which is unheard of for me, as I am such a night owl. I never go to bed before 2am. Guess there is a first time for everything, huh?

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