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I am suprised that the name 'Smeagol' hasn't been taken already!
Hmm. I guess no one wants to be a freakish little skitso-possessed hobbit. Oh well. Their loss.

Moderator Smilie Can you keep your signature to a maximum of three lines of text (with no smilies, bold, underlined text etc) please Smeagol

[Edited on 30/12/2002 by Valedhelgwath]
Oh. Sorry. When was that rule made?
When was that rule made?
Quite a long time ago I believe, Smeagol. There's a thread about it somewhere on Website News. Like many things, unless it actually applies to you, it can be easily overlooked. Because they are repeated so often, long signatures, or ones containing smilies etc swallow up our bandwidth.
Hey Valedhelgwath is it posible for an Stranger like me to chage my Avatar (the little picture beside my nick). I don't really like the ones I get to choose, can I change it? And how?
Namo, you have to wait until you have reached the status of friend (50 posts) and then mail a 70x70 .gif file of the piccy you want to Taz ( and then you're done, only 29 more posts to go my friend.
Thaks PlasticSquirrel I think I'll get fast to my post number 50, because I spend all of my free time on this page Big Smile Smilie
Why did you choose the name smegol from every other name Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
Why did you choose frodotheringbearer from every other names
I'm not quite sure, maybe it's just me, but where it sais how many posts you made (dunno-not sure-the proper verb that would fit better) beside Namo's it sais 69, why did u say he wasn't a friend yet,,, or only 29 left?

Anyways, might be just me, so i'm off now,,, Cyclops Smilie Wiggle Smilie
beside Namo's it sais 69, why did u say he wasn't a friend yet,,, or only 29 left?

Because at the time of writing the reply, he only had 21 posts. He's made a lot more since then. Quite logical when you think about it really. Wink Smilie

Ah, thanx, i didn't really think about that ,,,

I didn't mainly notice that it changes the number on the already writen posts.
Thank-you again, for making that clear in my head(maybe in others also ?!)
Big Smile Smilie
Yeah it has made it clear in my head as well. Thankyou! Wink Smilie

Littleirena has got the same pic as me, she`s a stranger and I`m a friend! What`s happened there?

[Edited on 26/1/2003 by Sheryl]
Your avatar doesn't change with your posting level...the pic you both have (and me, too, actually) is the default. If you want to change it, go into your profile and you can pick from the list.
like MY new avater? Big Smile Smilie
it's very fetching lots of bright colours. it just brightens the place up a bit. Nice choice Lady
Hello, Smeagol! Welcome back to Planet-Tolkien!
like MY new avater? Big Smile Smilie

dont make me jealous, little girlie! lol, j/k My avatar is......uh, who IS on my avatar?
I'm not sure, but my guess would be Khamul.