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Thread: isn't it supposed to be "praNcing pony?'

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yeah coz errr... its the new model even faster than the Nimbus 2001 and it can rival with the firbolt!! and (i think, wow... a wonder after 3 hrs of sleep and to much to drink) you should read it as P-racing Pony like the P-racing team..
Big Smile Smilie
Hey good one, Sauron!
*taz !!!!
Oh Tazzy! You better fix this soon! Wink Smilie

[Edited on 21/12/2001 by TomBombadillo]
No, I like it, it's much better Wink Smilie
Ya sorry, fixed now *taz
Shame, BTW, this status thing at the side of the forum is a lie! It keeps saying I'm offline, and I'm pretty sure I'm not!
mine says I'm online! maybe only when you're signed in on the site?
But I am!
Perhaps only in your mind? Maybe you're physically elsewhere? *ungoliant
Yeah, actually, apparently I'm offline too. Hmm. At the bottom, in the "who's online" bit, it acknowledges that I'm online, though, so...who knows.
Oh! It's some kind of Zen thing then?
ok now that u've changed the name to Prancing pony, this whole thread seems like crap! hehe
anyway, the offline/online thing is ...well.....u know ur online when u r, so why dyu need something to tell u "hey ur online"
i dont know meself
Just like to comment that I have never experienced any confusion with being on or off line.

Sauron - is that name in poor taste considering where we are? I would much rather hear from someone called Gandalf or Aragorn or even Gimli for that matter.
You need to get the bad guy into the boozer and chill him out!
If you know someone is online, there is a chance you can link up to them in the chat room by leaving them a postBody in one of the forum topics. Also it gives you a clue to check back through the topics you have already covered to see if any thing new has been added behind you. I think, just not very often. Big Smile Smilie
Good thinking batman, um, Grondy! *Plastic
didn't quite get you, Allyssa
what name is in bad taste?
I think it might be the idea of having Sauron in the Prancing Pony! Not as much fun as you might want!! Smile Smilie
YES! (to plastic squirels comment)

Can you imagine poor Butterbur's reaction to his inn being patronised by The Dark Lord himself? He nearly had a heart attack at the thought of the Black Riders who were only his servants.

It would be a little disruptive to the plot of the book too. I mean it would kind of all be over if Frodo visits the inn and discovers the very person he is trying to avoid is waiting for him in the next bed room.

Possibly spectacular though.
Ungoliant - your status is online. Are you really here or not? I'm just curious.
I think she is, but then aren't we all (lordy I'm getting bored in that empty chatroom)
Going to chat room for a while.
We ought to set up a time sometime soon for everybody (or lots of people, at least) to be on at once...nobody's ever on at the same time as me...
How was I supposed to know that you had a chat line opened? At least I rushed over once I found out...
Yeah, and then I went to the pub! Big Smile Smilie *drink We should have another meeting soon I think. Dunno when though......
How about tomorrow at 7 PM GMT; which is 11 AM for me and I think 11PM for Ungoliant. Sunday I will probably be busy getting my apartment presentable for visitors. If you pick a good day and time, post it as a new topic under information at the top of the forum and enail Taz to get a bulletin on the main site.

Ooops, I meant Saturday at 7 PM GMT. :o

Hey *Plastic , I now have on my PC, an emulator for the old Intellivision Game Console that got replaced by my Commodore 64. "Space Spartans" was an awsome game what with its computer generated voice module. When I get done here, I'm going to try it out.

[Edited on 27/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
so...Friday...7PM GMT is 2PM EST, right? oh man...I don't think I'll be home...darn.
How about Saturday at 7 PM GMT? For some reason I thought this was Friday already. I meant Saturday.

[Edited on 27/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
Saturday could work for me, I think.
Saterday.... will I be there...? errr...
Saturday night!?!?!?!?!? *drink *drink *drink surely?
Maybe, I mean it's my only night I can go out and get hammered without having to go to work the next day...... But I have got a stinking cold at the moment, and I do need to be sorted by Monday night for some really serious drinking......
Isn't it about 12 hours earlier? Ooh nasty, 7am!!!
Definitely not promissing to come to your little gathering.

Will try. I'm not usually consious at that hour.
What time is that in Melbourne?
OOPS! Checked back here too late! But I don't think I could have come anyway... Sad Smilie
No you didn't, we're talking about tomorrow!
Noticed you're here now Alyssa, so if you are here in (counts badly on fingers) 22 hours (Yuk ran out of fingers, had to take my socks off!) time then we'll be just starting. Well, to be more accurate I'll be hanging around waiting to see if anyone shows, then in about 24 hours time people will start to actually show up, just as I head off to the pub! *drink
Speaking of which.....
Plastic Squirrel

Cant make it tomorrow. Kids home and computer use is impossible.

Catch up with you again some other time!

By the way, Melbourne is ahead of you in time, not behind. Naturally.
Finally, we have found somebody who is ahead of the Brits! :P lol

[Edited on 29/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
have no idea ...
what are u ppl saying.....each time suggested has to be converted to India time and stuff for irritating!
Oh yeah! I remember the whole Millennium thing on TV, we saw it from Australia first then as well.... can you not just figure out the time difference Sauron (the times posted on the Forum are GMT, so you should be able to work it out from there.)
Did anyone go the other night?
I totally forgot... can i be forgiven? Big Smile Smilie

and *Grondy how was the movie?

as for finally someone ahead of the brits... we all are (I think, except some ppl at the otherside of the pond)

[Edited on 30/12/2001 by Boring]
Yeah, Grondy, how was the movie? *curious!!!*
Found out too late you were talking about this saturday, so of course again: I didn't make it!! Sorry... Sad Smilie
LOL@Boring! Big Smile Smilie
Okay, no more brit bashing, or I'll set my dog on all of you. And me, grondy, chika and some total loony turned up last night, it was quite fun actually. And Ungoliant turned up after we'd all left Smile Smilie Shame to have missed all you others.
I know...
Sad Smilie
Chikakat: 8 PM GMT is 3 PM EST and 4 PM EDT

Tommy: I posted a chat room hint to you nearer the top of the board today.
Yeah, that's the story of my life. Do you guys have regular Saturday meeting nowadays or what?

Good one boring...I mean Boring...what with your new improved self-esteem an' all Wink Smilie
hey that's an idea...we ought to have a regular meeting type time...that way, maybe eventually everybody'll remember and show up...
Yup. Good idea. But let me know in time, so I can make it. Big Smile Smilie
Hey I just work here, if you want a regular scheduled time we can do it, probably with or without Elrond the bot.

I had suggested 7 PM GMT because I thought Ungoliant had said our privious formal meets held at 8 GMT were a little late for her, and anything earlier are too early for me. 7 PM GMT is 11 AM for me and I'm usually up till 2 or 3 AM so still not alive at 9 or 10 but could become flexible if need be--my wit(?) will be non-functional at that time. And I think 7 PM GMT is 11 PM for Ungoliant.

As to what day, Sunday may be best for many, except that Ungoliant may feel rotten at work later on, due to lack of sleep, epecially if we hang together for two or three hours. Saturdays are The Skwerl's Pub Nite--only reason he made it this last time was a flowing proboscis.
*Grondy hands box of tissue to *Plastic*

Any refutations or suggestions?
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