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Thread: A most nonheinous thread about an excellent movie!

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woahh ross.. bogus! your stuck with the evil dead dude...

er. wait a minute.. that means you are stuck with the princesses too! EXCELLENT!!!!!!
Instead of doing this in 2 threads why don't we keep it at the thread in The Prancing Pony?
Whoa the Princesses, but that also means the royal ugly dude's! Tongue Smilie
Good luck Ross! I hope you get on alright. Big Smile Smilie
er.. what thread at the prancing pony????
It`s nice to get rid of Ross once in a while, we get some piece then! Big Laugh Smilie Well, I have to admit he`s not the only one that`s loud and funny.
I am sure he will find some way to come back!
OH NO!! Well I do miss he`s funny jokes.
Hey I'm back, I'm totally going to melvyn you all!
Bill and Ted you have to love it. it's just so fricking funny plus it has a most excellent soundtrack.
It was a film especially Bogus journey which showed me that music is important to the world. It is the universal language.Wherever you our in the world music plays a important part. I have seen first hand how people change when they do not listen to music. Without music you lose the chance to become lost in a song. You lose a part of yourself..you become less happy. Music makes you happy,it can also make you sad. A song can remind you of your first dance...your first kiss. When you walk past someone in the street and you catch a whiff of the perfume or aftershave there wearing it reminds you of something or someone.
Thats is what music is like. It is a chance to become one with the song...to remember better times.
And to think it was realised when two dudes had a most excellent adventure. Party on Dudes.
So Ross, how was the past?
That was most heinous dude!
*gimli is happy he has on his iron underwear...*

Darous. Very true! even for a dumb comedy movie it makes a good point doesn't it... If only Wayne's World hadn't cheapened it!
Well, we`ll see about that! *Sheryl hides behind Gimli, a bit small for him though!* Big Laugh Smilie
*hides behind Sheryl*
So Ross, how was the past?

Cool but I had to eat way to much gum to get back!

Ross Melvyn's Stony in revenge, he just has to wedgie sheeryl as you can't kick whats not there! Tongue Smilie
Oh no you don`t I`ll get you first before you get me!! *Sheryl grabs Ross`s what look like knickers Big Laugh Smilie and pulls them over his head, I`m afraid he can`t see now!*

Sorry, I just had to destroy that phone booth, it was interesting finding out how you would get back.

(Ross, where you been these last couple of days? I haven`t seen you and I`ve missed you. Glad you`re back though, well not for the wedgie part but because you`re funny.) Wink Smilie
It's ok I pre cut the crotch of my gruds so that no one can wedgie me! I've been officially on holiday although I was in work on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (workaholic) Tongue Smilie
On holiday. Why didn`t you tell us? I really missed you.

[Edited on 15/4/2003 by Sheryl]
Moderator Smilie Eh-hem. Please keep this thread nice and clean people. Thanks! Moderator Smilie
Sorry, I suppose we just got a little carried away there didn``t we Ross? (Come on Ross, back me up here.) Wink Smilie
I`mm really sorryAllysa.
I wouldn't kiss your toes Gimli, you'll have docker boot foot!
I regret Nothing Wink Smilie
Ross!! *Sheryl turns around and acts as though Ross and Sheryl didn`t have that conversation. Allysa is in front of her.*

We`re really sorry Allysa. Really sorry and I REALLY mean it. Smile Smilie
hey. what are you people trying to do here.. sabotage my thread?

MOST HEINOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Thanx Allyssa.. You have my permission to send them to the Iron Maiden if you like Tongue Smilie
No! Send Ross! I apologised! Wink Smilie Well, I shall beg on my knees until you forgive me and I shant leave you alone! Wink Smilie
Something is afoot at the planet-tolkien...

Big Smile Smilie:

oh fine.. you are forgiven.. now stop kissing my toes, it tickles!
Excellently heinous dudes!! hahaha....Gimli lets rock this joint!!!
Hmmm this is off topic but after be on PT for 1/2 an hour my 2 day headache is gone!

Never kiss Gimli's toes. Not good. Can be deadly.
Sorry Gimli, they`re embarresing you aren`t they? We love ya really! Wink Smilie
Sorry Gimli, they`re embarresing you aren`t they? We love ya really!

To be sure we do!! (We just won't kiss your toes!) Big Laugh Smilie
Hey I just saw Bill and Teds Excellent Adventures again! And I enjoyed it even more now!!
Oh really? And which princesses would they be? Big Laugh Smilie
Sheryl: a gentlemen never tells. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Well a gentlemen should express he`s feelings! Big Smile Smilie I would like a man with open feelings, the feelings that showed though would be the ones that have nothing to do with saying something horrible! I think a quite a few men on here are quite open, if you don`t mind me saying. I` sure that`s bc they know they can trust us all. But then if you would like to keep your personal feelings to yourself, then I`m sure no one will force you.

But no, I like a bit of gossip, but there again, I don`t go round telling everyone. You can ask a few people on here yourself. Big Smile Smilie

Everyone can confide in me! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Well, Gimli, I`m glad you`re back and I do hope they don`t make you do toooooo much work!
Gossip bad, grandfather say; rumours don't go away!
Gossip bad, grandfather say; rumours don't go away!

Shame, shame,shame! Big Smile Smilie
Rumors??? what rumors????

I knew I shouldnt have tried on that wig...
It's ok, I've been trying on Aire and Ringy cat suits. Tongue Smilie
Do not fear the grim reaper!! AIRGUITAR SOLO!!!
You may be a King or a lowly road sweeper,
but sooner or later you mess with the reaper!
Hahahaha.....Excellent dude! hey Ross can you quote what the Grimreaper sings in the end of the movie?
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