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Lol Ainamenelwen, very funny! Thank's for sharing Smile Smilie
Glad to be of service *lol*

I somehow seem to have a knack to cheer others up - especially when I'm having a lousy day (which was not the case today).
Hahahahaaa!! That is just brilliant! And so well made! I can see the music video in my head! Thank you for posting it Ainamenelwen! *very, very amused*
Saruman: i see the little silhuetto of a man
strider who? strider who? will you tell me who he is?
big black capes and hobbits very very frightening
Big Laugh Smilie
Brilliant. Big Laugh Smilie
Pippin: easy come, easy go... will you let us go?
Uruk-hai: you hobbits, no! we will not let you go!
Merry: let him go!
Uruk-hai: we will not let you go!
Merry: let him go!
Uruk-hai: you hobbits, no! we will not let you go!
Merry and Pippin: let us go!
Uruk-hai: we will not let you go!
Pippin: oh uruk-hai uruk-hai let me go... this saruman has a uruk in his stack for me... for me... for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Haha, that works so well.
Lol, omg! Breathe Andrea breathe! That was sooooo funny, yet so brilliant! Did your friend write that Ainamenelwen? That's really good!
I could just picture the Legolas guitar solo and Gimli headbanging! Lol! Big Laugh Smilie
Cool Smilie

In a way I kinda gave her the idea - while chatting on aim she said she wanted to do something a little silly and asked me how I was occupying my time - I was listening to my Queen cd waiting for my Dad to drop on over (to watch the girls) so I could go see the Fellowship (she saw it on the first day). The next thing I knew she disappears then a couple hours later I get this email - it was the rhapsody.

I'm glad that everybody loves it