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Thread: Rock on! (Strictly no Pop)

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I play bass in a band
playin good old school metal: Iron maiden, pantera, sabbath, BLS
Just have to tell you all that tonight 01.00 Norwegian time, I for once is going to see and listen to Chuck Berry's London Sex-session Concert. That classic concert from my youth is shown in our National Broadcast tonight! Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
just got rammsteins album "rosenrot". abolutly rox Big Smile Smilie xx
We spent the weekend in Bergen, Norway. Gary and the Pacemakers are still rocking! Gary was ruling Bergen that night!
Anybody ever heard of a group Called Disco Ensemble? Their music is fantastic and has even featured in EA sports games.

Is alternative allowed here?I can bear almost anything other than death metal.

At the moment I'm really into Poets Of The Fall.They have some amazing vocals and great lyrics.

I'm old and eccentric, I guess, I still love the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band... Quirky stuff, even after all these years.

There is a trend here to return to the seventies, eighties and study the awesome voices and complexities of the rock bands. I love Moody Blues, Led Zepplin, Bachman Turner Overdrive,   Blood, Sweat and Tears,  Eric Burden and the Animals, though that maybe is from the sixties. awesome.

(OOC: ARRGGG... I had written this post and was editing it when I hit backspace and lost it... :'( )

Well... while I could, no doubt, write an entire essay on the entirety of rock music I listen to, I should imagine the majority would actually fall into the category of metal or heavy metal... so I shall instead stick to simply listing the bands I see to be "Rock" rather than metal etc. Smile Smilie

Definite Rock:

Black Sabbath
Alice Cooper
Chris Rea
Deep Purple
Fleetwood Mac
Guns N Roses
Iron Maiden
Led Zeppelin
Ozzie Osbourne
Pink Floyd
Thin Lizzy
Twisted Sister
Jimi Hendrix
The Turtles
Iron Butterfly

Borderline Metal
Judas Priest
Blind Guardian

Oh- also, for anyone interest in both borderline metal, and middle-earth... Blind Guardians "A Nightfall on Middle Earth" is actually entirely on Middle Earth and Tolkeins works Smile Smilie

I could list another fifty or so bands if I included the heavier and lighter stuff... but they're the main ones that I see to be "Rock" Smile Smilie

First of all, welcome to Planet Tolkien, Dorian De-Lacey.

As for this thread, well, I am not sure should I even participate, since I do not listen to rock music almost at all, but for the sake of some of the bands that you mentioned, I shall write something.

Some of those bands work out for me, but what really caught my interest in your post, was the fact that you mentioned Blind Guardian and since I'm a long-time fan of the band, I'd like to say a little about it.

'Borderline metal' - It's not a genre, and sounds a bit strange, in my opinion. And even if you meant that those bands are at the edge of metal - rock, only Judas Priest would stand up for that idea. And as for BG, if I would name a genre for BG, it would be either: Epic Fantasy Power Metal or Symphonic Power Metal. As for their album: 'A Nightfall in Middle-Earth' - It's one of their albums that are fully inspired by Tolkien's works, but many of their newer albums share different kind of themes and sources of inspiration, fine example being their latest: 'At the Edge of Time'.

I hope you don't get a wrong image about my post, I just wanted to throw in some extra information.

Even as a metalhead, I respect rock n' roll, and thus the spirit of this thread. I shall add Mötley Crue and W.A.S.P as my favorite rock bands. Hails.

Thank you for the welcome- it is greatly appreciated Smile Smilie Although, I must say, I am actually a returning member from a rather long time ago Smile Smilie

*cough and chuckles* Well... if you're anything like me, then you will most likely love the irony of this situation... In all honesty, I am actually more of a metal-head that a rocker for music tastes haha... I love them both, but I tend to listen to more Metal. I could list dozens and dozens of Metal bands I like, ranging from Metal, Power Metal, Thrash, Heavy Metal, even Death Metal and Black Metal, but... I thought I should probably stick to rock here Smile Smilie

I meant the "borderline metal" as a kind of... *thinks how to put it in words* I suppose as a way of including bands which could fit either way depending on your view of them. After listening to Blind Guardian again though, I think you're right in saying its closer power metal Smile Smilie As for Pantera, however... I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with you there... Their very early stuff was, in fact *prepares to avoid rocks, bottles and other projectiles that may soon be hurtling towards him from New-Pantera-Fans* Glam Rock. As odd as it seems to view Pantera as Glam Rock, they didn'tt become a Thrash Metal band until "Cowboy's from *", I believe)

I'm glad you're a Blind Guardian fan- you are the first person I've spoken to who is a fan of them (excluding people I've introduced their music to). I actually only have "A Nightfall in Middle Earth" and actually ended up buying that after hearing "Mirror Mirror" on the radio, but I absolutely lover the entire album. Well... if I'm listening to it in order I do. If I have the album on shuffle, the seven or eight, forty second long "clipit" track's can get a little odd *chuckles*


*I'm not sure if that's a banned word on PT or not?

My all time favourite band would be Queen! However I also like the likes of Bon Jovi, Nickelback and Rammstein! Speaking of german bands anyone around here loves Oomph?


I frequently watch and re watch Freddy's performance at Live Aid 1985. It quite simply inspirational! If you've never seen it I highly recommend you do! There are plenty of videos about it on youtube!

Oh Ramstein! Smile Smilie Good ole industrial metal Big Smile Smilie
I'm afraid I haven't heard much of any of the other bands, and unfortunately haven't even heard of the last Sad Smilie Are they good ? Smile Smilie

If you're free at the moment, go on youtube and search "Augen Auf." Its a great debut song to introduce you to the band Smile Smilie

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