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Thread: Baseball Anyone?

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Well Elfstone, your Halos lost to Boston last night.......but at least it wasn't as bad as the Yankee's loss!! 22-0, worst in New York's history. The Yankees had better watch it, Boston is creeping up on them fast.
Yep, that was a tough loss for us last night for sure, but I'm hoping we can bounce back tonight, I think we will! Getting down to crunch time now, only about 28 games left, and September is here!

The Yanks kind of look like they might be in serious trouble. I'm not going to mind at all if they go into the tank, and Boston ends up winning the A.L East which would leave that wild card door open for us still possibly. However, I'm still holding out hope that my Angels can still win the A.L. West. As long as we don't fall more than about 3 games back to the A's we still have a shot because we play the A's 6 more times before the end of the season.
Elf Smilie
That Yankees' loss couldn't happen to a nicer ball club. My Mariners, who are only 27 games behind in the AL West, are on a roll: having their season leading 5 wins in a row. Of course that last one was from another celler-dweller who is even farther behind in their division. I won't embarrass Nell with their name; though they do have a better win/loss average than my Mariners. Aaaarrrrgggghhh!

Go! Halos and Boston.
Well the Cards have taken two from the Padres, I am looking for the sweep tonight.

I keep checking off teams that might be threats in the playoffs. Just the Dodgers left now.
I think this might be the Cards year Stony, you have alot to be excited about! What the Cards have done this year, and continue to do has been absolutley amazing! I would definitely agree with you that the Dodgers seem like the only threat at this point.

Heh Grondy, on the bright side, at least you have Ichiro! First player ever in the entire history of MLB to record at least 200 hits in each of his first 4 seasons, that is simply awesome! Plus, he has a serious shot at the all time hits record for a season!

Well Boston is taking it to my Angels so far (this is the thanks we get for sweeping the Yanks for them?, lol), our starting pitching has really let us down in the first 2 games. Hopefully Bart has his best stuff tonight, and we can at least get the rubber match. We definitely can't afford to get swept. Go Halo's!!! I'll be wearing my red shoes tonight (Halo's are 11-3 when I wear those shoes). Halo power!!!!!!
Angel Smilie
Threat? Paranoid Smilie Dodgers? I don't see any threat, the Cards ate LA for supper. Orc Smiling Smilie

Boston's doing quite well, wouldn't be suprised of they pass the Yankees in a few days. Sorry about those losses your Halos took Elfstone, you're still only 3.5 games back though.
Sorry about those losses your Halos took Elfstone, you're still only 3.5 games back though.

Well only 2 games back now (btw, thanks for returning the favor by sweeping the Aís earlier this week Boston), what a difference a few days can make! However, my Angels really blew a golden opportunity to gain more ground on Oakland by losing to the lowly Blue Jays the last two games.

Seems like every time we take a couple of steps forward, we end up taking a couple of steps back again, and we canít keep doing that, weíre running out of time! Hopefully we can put together another little streak, and keep the pressure on the Aís!

Big series for your Cards against the Dodgers this weekend Stony! Two of my best friends will be at tomorrow nightís game (theyíre both Dodger fans).

And meanwhile, up in Seattle, Ichiro is closing in on that 257! I think heís going to get it, heís on pace for 266 hits this season!
Super Wow Smilie
Well my Mariners broke our seven game losing streak last night by stomping on Boston; but I don't expect that to happen again, because we threw an unknown pitcher against them, which really slows down opposing batters. Because the rest of our games are with contenders, I think we will lose over 100 games this year, and possibly even compliment our 116 wins of two years ago with 116 losses this year. Now thats some ugly ballplaying, almost enough to drive one to drink. Alcoholic Smilie At least we get to watch Ichiro make his run. Cool Elf Smilie
Well, your friends won their game last night, Elfstone. Scott Rolen strained his knee in the fourth inning, that is not good. Hopefully he will recover quickly.

The Astros are on a roll, will be interesting to see if it lasts.
Well this afternoon, we got a split with the BoSox: Gill Meche tossed a nine inning shutout and we won 2 to 0 today; Ichiro got 2 more hits and needs 27 in the remaining 20 games to beat the ancient record of 257 in one season.

Anahiem, Elfy's Halos, comes to town next and are lucky they will miss Meche, who will next pitch against Oakland in the following series. This next series is critical for the Halos if the expect to gain ground on Oakland and Boston. And while the Mariners helped the Halos by getting from Boston their only two wins this month, as opposed to nine losses, we are playing the part of spoilers, and won't give up easilyónow watch as we get blown out for four straight games. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, the Halos were lucky to get out of Seattle with a split. Had Boone not commited three bungled plays, they wouldn't have won the final game. That one where he had the runner dead at the plate and instead of hitting the catchers mitt, hit the bat lying on the ground in front of the plate, causing the ball to bounce over the catcher's head, that was bad enough. I finally turned it off after he later let the ball dribble between his wickets allowing even more runs score. I don't have to subject myself to that kind of abuse. I guess I'm a fair weather baseball fan. Oh well, there is always next year!!!
Phillies all the way. Now that there's like no way for them to go to the world series they start winning.
Just join me in supporting the Cardinals, Grondy. They clinched their division today!

And the Red Sox were clobbered by the Yankees again. I imagine that the Sox are going to have last year replayed for them again in '04.....get ahead slightly and then have a Yankee mitt crush them like bugs.
Oh Dear! Oh Dear! Oh Dear! The wings fell off the Angels' pitching tonight and they lost on their home field to my Mariners 16-6 for the second loss in a row. Now they just about have to sweep the "A"s and hope the Mariners sweep Texas and somebody else sweeps Boston to make it into the playoffs, while my Mariners still have a chance to lose 100 games.

Raul Ibanjez got six hits tonight a Mariner team record, and Ichiro got 4 hits and is well on the way to tie or beat Sissler's ancient record of 257 hits in one season.
Yup, Ichiro is well on his way. And good for him too, it is a neat thing to break a record that has been standing for eighty some odd years.
Well this is it for my team, down to the home stretch! After taking two out of three from the Aís this weekend, weíre now only one game behind them for first place in the A.L. West!

Itís going to be rough for us because our last seven games are all on the road. We play four vs. Texas starting today, and then our final three are vs. the Aís in Oakland. The Aís have it much easier because their final seven games are all at home, starting with a four game series tonight against Grondyís Mís.

I just hope your Mariners can keep playing as well as they have been recently Grondy, and hopefully they can get the split against Oakland, obviously that would help us out tremendously. Regardless though, we have our destiny in our own hands, we just have to get it done! Iím going to be a nervous wreck all week, every game from here on out is basically a must win for us, with each game getting bigger and bigger! LETíS GO ANGELS, LETíS GO ANGELS!!!
Angel Smilie
It's really down to the wire for your Halo's, Elfstone. But they took the first game from the Rangers, maybe they can repeat tonight.

The AL West and the NL Wild Card are about all that is left to be deceided. I hope the Cubs hold on, the Cards have always had problems beating the Giants......and I certainly don't want the Astros playing us!
Well, we took care of Oakland last night so now the Halos are tied with them in the AL West, but I don't know if we can take both of our next two games with them. So the Angels had better do their own winning just to stay even. Happy Elf Smilie
It is with great sadness that Canadians had to bid farewell to the Montreal Expos last night. Very Sad Smilie
It was almost a blessing that they lost their last game ever to be played in the Olympic Stadium, for there could be no rejoicing.
I have great fear that my precious Blue Jays may meet the same fate. Shaking Head Smilie
Ahh, are you a baseball fan also Nell? Who are you rooting for in the playoffs?

It's going to come down to the series in Oakland for the Halos, there are doing very well though, I think that they just might pull through. They need to win this game tonight, that might well be the deciding factor.
It is with great sadness that Canadians had to bid farewell to the Montreal Expos last night. It was almost a blessing that they lost their last game ever to be played in the Olympic Stadium, for there could be no rejoicing. I have great fear that my precious Blue Jays may meet the same fate.

Yeah thatís a shame Nell, but I think in the Expoís case the move makes a lot of sense, although I think the way the situation was handled by MLB this season was sort of shoddy. Anyway though, I wouldnít worry about the Blue Jays being relocated. If that ever happens, it wonít be anytime soon.

Well my Haloís took 3 out of 4 from Texas, but we just lost game 4 6 to 3 ( the game just ended). My favorite player did hit 2 home runs today in the losing effort though, making that 5 homers for him in the last 4 days! Despite todayís loss, we got the job done winning the series, so even if Oakland wins today, the worst that can happen is that we will be tied with them for first place going into this weekends colossal series against the Aís.

Last time I checked, Seattle and Oakland were tied 1-1, and Ichiro has one hit already, so he needs only one more to tie Sislerís record, and two more today to break it. I think it will happen today, but it would be nice if he could do it in front of the hometown fans.

Man, I hope I donít die of a heart attack watching my Haloís this weekend. Halo power!!!
Angel Smilie
Well the Mariners couldn't hold the 'A's this afternoon, we lost 3 to 2 so the Halos are tied with the 'A's. You may as well say the playoffs start for them tomorrow. Best two out of three for the AL West pennant.

Hopefully, Ichiro will get his two hits tomorrow so the glory won't have to be be shared on Saturday during Edgar's retirement ceramony. In five years, Edgar Marinez will probably go into the Hall of Fame as a one of the, if not the best Designated Hitters. (Yeah, American League baseball doesn't meet the expectations of the purists, but it is now a way of life, live with it.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
I know somebody who is a very big fan of the Chicago Cubs (although he lives in Switzerland). How are they doing? Are they erm... good?
I know somebody who is a very big fan of the Chicago Cubs (although he lives in Switzerland). How are they doing? Are they erm... good?
I believe their 2 to 1 loss in the 12th inning to the Cincinnati Reds yesterday, knocked them 1 game behind Houston and San Francisco in the NL wildcard race with only threee games to go. It again looks likely that they will maintaining their curse of not winning the World Series since something like 1908 and they haven't played in it since 1945. And people think Boston has it bad. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Well, it was ten-zip for your Halos last night, Elfstone. Just one more win is all you need!

It's going to be the Giants or the Astros for the NL WC. Just one loss for one of those teams will end their season. The Cubs are dead, Vir, they were doing ok a week ago, but since they have just fallen apart.
My Mariners beat Texas last night to ensure we won't have 100 losses this year, but 99 is still a possability. Elf Winking Smilie

And Ichiro got three more hits last night to break Sisler's 80 year old record of most hits in a single season: was 257 and now is 259 and counting, with two more games to play.
Iiiiiiiittttt's PLAY OFF TIME, PEOPLE!!!

The Teams.....


Cardinals vs. Dodgers

Braves vs. Astros


Yankees vs. Twins

Angels vs. Red Sox

Now we shall begin that fine time where we all root for for beloved teams and bring down curses on the opponents.
Now we shall begin that fine time where we all root for for beloved teams and bring down curses on the opponents

This could get ugly. Hehehe.. Scrolling Eyes Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Cardinals vs Houston and Twins vs Angels are my LCS want-to-wins though the Yankees and Red Sox will probably prevail.

My money would be Cardinals over the Yankees in the World Series in seven games.

Ichero got two more hits yesterday to end the season with 262, five more than the 80 year old record; Mariners lost 99 games and fired their Manager; and the Commisioner of Baseball anounced that 'The Edgar Martinez Award' has now been initiated for awarding in the future, to the year's best Major League designated hitter. Edgar now also has a street name for him. And for being a last place team, attendance at the Mariners games ranked third overall. Wait 'til next year!
I think that the Cardinals will beat the Dodgers (if our pitching stays good), but I'm not sure about the Braves-Astros game...I think it could go either way.

The Red Sox-Angels game will be tough for the Halos, they have to face Schilling twice, so I am thinking that the Sox might win the series........but they're they Sox........they are able to lose very well sometimes! Very Big Grin Smilie

I think that the Twins-Yankees series could go either way, Santanna is an excellent pitcher for the Twins and I think that they have the edge in that series.
No Cubs? Baseball doesn't seem to be their cub of tea. (pun intended)
Well my Angels made it, and I couldnít be more proud of our guys! They showed the kind of grit that I love emí for, they never gave up, and never stopped fighting! Plus my favorite player had one of the best final weeks any player has ever had, and I think his clutch performance over the final week of the season most likely sealed A.L. MVP for him!

Considering all of the injuries we had (we only fielded our projected everyday line-up once this entire season), and other adversities we had to face, it really is quite an accomplishment. Heck we still ended up winning 92 games, and I know that if we had been healthier this year, we would have won 100 games.

Anyway, it's already been such a great season for our franchise, we set a franchise record for sellouts in a season, and set our all time record for attendance, not to mention our first A.L West title in 18 years! Now bring on the Sox!

Yes facing Schilling is going to be rough, but I have a lot of confidence in my team, and we have some serious momentum going right now, and we will be relentless! Iím glad we have home field too, because the Angels went 4-2 against the Sox at the "Big A". If it does come down to a fifth game for us, Iíd obviously much rather be at home then to have to face Schilling at Fenway.

Well gotta run, almost game time! GO ANGELS!!!!
Angel Smilie
Luck to your Halos, Elfstone!

The Cardinals-Dodgers game today was great, it was an 8-3 win for the Cards and they won perfectly. All they players were playing at their very best and it showed.

1 down and 2 to go!!!
Thanks Stoney! Unfortunately (for us) weíre getting beat up pretty bad right now. Weíre down 8-1 going into the bottom of the sixth, and unless we pull some miracle rally, this oneís over!

I was worried about Washburn in this game, he hasnít looked good lately, and I think heís trying to play hurt, and it showed today.
Very Sad Smilie
Your Halos took it on the chin last night, Elfstone, hopefully you can turn it around in Boston and win the next three games.

The Yankees pulled off a win last night, it's going to be interesting to see if they can pull off this series.

The Braves need to win this next game to day, if they lose I think they will be gone.

CARDS of FOX tonight, people, be sure you're watching!!
I don't think the Halos really had their hearts and minds in it last night; they looked like the Mariners: too many bobbles and throw-aways. Actually they were probably just trying too hard, but that was two in a row.
Commisioner of Baseball anounced that 'The Edgar Martinez Award' has now been initiated for awarding in the future, to the year's best Major League designated hitter. Edgar now also has a street name for him. And for being a last place team, attendance at the Mariners games ranked third overall.

What an honor for Edgar. He certainly deserves it. I think that he did a lot for that organization and regardless of what people think of the DH, it is still a position that requires skill when a DH is exceptional, they should be rewarded. Also, Edgar has alway struck me as a genuinely good person. Congrats to Edgar and to the Mariners for recognizing what a great talent they had in him.
Well, Elfstone, your Halos came back last night (with a grand slam!) but it wasn't enough. Sorry about that the Angels were playing great ball at the end of the season.

What team will you be rooting for now?

Looks like it might be Yanks and Sox again this year (I hope it is) there is excellent baseball played when two rivals go at it.

The Cards go for the sweep today, hopefully Matt Morris can pitch well and get us the win.
Well I tip my cap to the Red Sox; they took my Angels out, and in an embarrassing sweep no less.
Very Sad Smilie

I wish I could say they just out an out beat us, but from my perspective, at least I donít feel that was the case. It seems like to me we really beat ourselves in that series, and did everything we possibly could to hand them those games. In the end though we were just too beat-up, and it really showed. We made way too many mistakes, and we didnít play well enough to win. I give the Sox credit though because they really capitalized on every mistake we made, thatís what good teams do, and they are a good team.

Anyway, Iím still proud of my team, we had a good season, and we fought our tails off all year, and we certainly battled all the way to the bitter end. Hopefully the silver lining for me will be if Vladimir Guerrero wins A.L. MVP.

Congrats to your Cards Stony, good luck in the N.L.C.S., that should be one heck of a series with the way the Astros are playing! I have to say that Iím pulling for the Cards now because Iíve always liked La Russa, and Jimmy Edmonds was an Angel at one time! If the Cards donít do it, then I would like to see the Astros make it, but I think the Cards will win.

Iím definitely not rooting for the Yanks, and Iím not rooting for the Red Sox either (for obvious reasons), but it would be nice for the Sox to finally win something so we can stop hearing all of the whining from Sox fans every year.
Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
it would be nice for the Sox to finally win something so we can stop hearing all of the whining from Sox fans every year.

That's the very reason I want the Sox to LOSE! I get so tired of all the complaining from them (and from the Cubs, they are just as bad) about how long it has been since they have been to the World Series. They blame it on everything, fans, curses ect. But never themselves or their playing.

Go Cards tonight! Woody Williams will start for us, he was solid against the Dodgers and I hope for the same today. Our team is well rested and has a strong bullpen while the Astros just finished their game Sunday and have used their pitchers quite a bit. The Astros will be tough in Houston so we really need to take the first two games if we can.
The Astros will be tough in Houston so we really need to take the first two games if we can.

Roger that Stony, 2 down, 2 to go! I say Cards in six! Elf Winking Smilie
Yup, started off great for us! I am very happy that Rolen is finally hitting again. He is a key player and with him warming up again gives us a real advantage. Walker, Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds, that lineup kills pitchers........I only hope they can do some damage to Clemens tomorrow!
Whoa, the wheels are falling off the powers that be, they best get their acts and bats together. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
You got that right!

What happned Sunday? One hit and no runs???? The Cardinals had better get their act together and win today (and tomorrow) or it's goodbye World Series and hello Spring Training.

Look out, boys, a girl has invaded your thread!

Man, crazy stuff happening in both the leauge championship series right now! I can't believe Boston came back from being 3 down to the Yanks, they are the first team ever in the entire history of MLB to come back and tie an A.L.C.S. after being down 3 games! Makes me feel a little bit better about my Angels losing to Boston now, and one' things for sure, there's going to be some big time drama tonight at Yankee stadium!

Speaking of drama, I also can't believe that the Astros have beaten the Cards 3 games in a row now. I thought that the Cards would win one game in Houston, and then would be wrapping it up tonight, but as the cliche saying goes "that's why they play the games"!

Anyway, good luck to your Cards tonight Stony! Elf Winking Smilie
Look out, boys, a girl has invaded your thread!
Baseball isn't a GUY thing. This thread is not the sole property of the boys. Any female may add her two cents worth as long as it pertains to baseball (hardball, softball, or slowpitch). Right now we are in the throws of the semi's to the World Series where at least one of the two teams to play in it will be decided tonight., if not both.

Go! Cards and BoSox!
Well the Sox won, first 4 game comeback on baseball history. And good for them too!!

Clemens tonight, he will be hard to beat. I just hope we can get to him early and tack down some runs.....I am not sure of a victory though. Clemens has always beaten up on the Cards. We'll see though, maybe we will get to him!!
Stoney's team did it!!!

My mind says the Cards in six; my heart says the BoSox in seven.

Yup! We won it, 5-2 against Clemens! National League Champions now!

First game of the World Series tonight, it will be Williams vs. Wakefield. Should be a great game.
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