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Thread: Films (RetopicViewed, rants & anything else)

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That the one from 1980 where he is the quarterback for the New York Jets?

If it is, I've seen it a bunch of times, it is fun and almost as corny as the original B/W serials staring Buster Crabbe, of which I have a few of them on VHS.

No Grondy, i am talking about a sci-fi movie starring Timothy Dalton. Queen made the soundtrack for it.
That is the one grondy is on about it has Max Von Sydow as Ming the Mercyless
I've just seen "Dracula 2000" and I gotta say the idea wasn't bad at all! And this is coming from a great admirer of Vlad the Impaler!

And this is coming from a great admirer of Vlad the Impaler!


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I saw Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon again last week and it blew me away again (no, i don't live in Bagdad). Still the best movie i ever saw, after Leon and Empire strikes back.
What do you particularly like in Crouching Tiger... Vir?
How could have I forgotten the best movie I've seen this year: Equilibrium? Great combination of Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451' and Orwell's '1984' with special effects that make Matrix look humanly possible!

Other fine movies I've seen are Pirates of the Carribbean (just loved Johnny Depp's acting: he seemed high the entire movie!); Road to Perdition and No Man's Land.

I love how Hugo speaks in these movies; deliberately slow. "Hello, Mr. Anderson..." So Cool!!!
I know!! I wasn't too impressed with matrix revolutions, but I looove when Agent Smith talks! "I'm not so bad once you get to know me." Ha Ha Ha Smilie
I saw the second Matrix movie the other day. Ross rating watchable but basicaly cack. To much CGI not ennough substance. Neo looking like a priest in that habit, that ugly bird is still in it. The only redeaming feature was that french bird who looked hot with out much make-up on. Tune in again for Sexist film reviews with (not) Jonathon Ross again.
I just saw Chocolate yesterday and I must say that it“s great! It“s not as many other films that gets boring when they“re kinda slow, but this one has such beautiful scenery and everything so I didn“t think much of that it was slow. Smile Smilie
Both Chocolat and Run Lola Run are great movies!!!
I've just seen American History X and I think it's very well done too; a bit harsh, but then ... it's suposed to be harsh!

I watched where Eagles dare last night. I love that film for pure cheese value.
Is that Sir Richard Burton et al versus the Nazi's Alpine rocket factory?
I've just seen 'Apocalypse Now'! OMG, was Martin Sheen young or what?! Great movie, IMHO, better than most of Nam movies (except for 'Reindeer Hunter' and 'We Were Soldiers') ...

Yesterday i watched She's all that, right after a ROTK special. The ROTK special sucked, and the movie afterwards wasn't much better : not too good, but not too bad either. Anyway, not bad for a tuesday evening, i've seen worse movies.

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Last movie i watched? hmmm....
Rose Red by Stephen King. 4+ hours th movie was going pretty slow and nice until the end. That was the worst ending i've ever seen. A shame.
The last film I watched (before ROTK) was Amelie. Fantastic film. offbeat, weird, funny, observant.
The last movie I saw was Win a date With Tad Hamilton. It was alright I guess. It had some good moments.

But whoa! Topher Grace is so cute with an up-to-date current hairstyle!!! Wink Smilie Tongue Smilie
I watched The School of Rock the other day, and it was great! Jack Black was hilarious! Makes you wanna start rocking the guitar! (or bass or drums or keyboard) Cool Smilie
Last film I saw was Paycheck and it wasn't a bad show now. But wanna go and see Big Fish next but can't wait for Hellboy and The Punisher to come out.
Big Fish was great Smile Smilie One of my favorite movies. I also thought Bruce Almighty had its moments. I can't wait 'till The Punisher comes out,too,Darous Smile Smilie
I'm really looking forward to see 'Troy', whenever it'll come out... I'm still shocked by that enormous fleet! I mean: Come on! How many people would have to inhabit the Earth in those times to fill up so many ships?! Anyway, the Numenorean fleet must've been many times more impressive...

I'm still shocked by that enormous fleet!

I think you'll be more shocked by Orlando Bloom's enormous feet...

Oh yeh to stay on topic : i saw From dusk till dawn. I didn't know vampire splatterfests could be so fun !
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