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Thread: Films (RetopicViewed, rants & anything else)

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Has anyone seen the films "Three to Tango" and "Fools Rush In", with Matthew Perry? I liked them a lot! Big Smile Smilie
I watched 'I am Sam' yesterday...still actually deciding if I liked it...I didn't hate it, at least...was really a sad movie Very Sad Smilie
I loved "The Dark Crystal". Actually taped it off the TV when my kids were young and we watched it until the tape broke.
Sad Smilie
I just saw "The Minority Report", and in spite of having Tom Cruise as the lead, it was really good. Sort of a cross between The Matrix and The Fifth Element. Awesome! I highly recommend it! Cool Smilie
Just noticed the posts about The Secret of Nimh. The book was called "Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH" by Robert C. O'Brien. Loved the book to bits when I was a kid. The movie has lost some of the allegorical element, but is still good. I must rent it for the kids some day. They even made a sequel to the movie, but I have forgotten the name.
The three versions of "Fantasia" were just evolution of the same movie with one or two modern additions each time. The dancing elephants was an addition to the second one; I haven't seen the third, so don't know what the added then. I also liked Disney's "Peter Pan".

I think "The Dark Crystal" is the greatest fantasy film of all time. I may move it to second, third, or fourth place depending on how PJ's LOTR trio pan out. Cool Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie Yeah, those dancing elephants were lovely, weren't they. Very Big Grin Smilie

There is another "addition" as you call it, but I don't think I ever got that far. It's about a castle and bats and stuff like that. Not my kinda thing, really.
I saw SOTL for the first time on Saturday; was a tad bit gory but a good story. Of course if you have seen all twenty-seven of 'Friday the Thirteens' and all seventeen of the Halloweens, then you are used to gore on the screen. Personally I refuse to watch such tripe. Pumpkin Smilie

I'll keep a lookout for a, source for the Muppet Shows, I suppose you will need them in PAL format which will be a real bother. I know when I finally found "Neverwhere", it came only in PAL format and now I'm hoping my new player can handle both formats, because my old one couldn't, and I'd really like to watch the series again.
The Dark Crystal!!! Loved it!!!!!!!!

um, more favorites:

Run Lola Run.. er.. think thats Lola Raunt?? cant remember in German..
American History X
Bonnie and Clyde (Beatty and Dunaway)
Armegeddon (yes, i know.. not a great "film" but i enjoyed it.. good entertainment
The Graduate
Funny Face... that would be the Audrey Hepburn movie, not Funny Lady with that OTHER lady
The Great Outdoors ... Caddyshack (tie for the funniest damn movies I've ever seen!)
Star Wars of course.. they are my favorite above and beyond any other movie by a whole bunch!
LotR.. has the potential to dethrone Star Wars.. depends on the next two!
KIDS (ok, not really a favorite movie or anything, but worth seeing once or twice.. an eye opener to say the least)

to be continued.........
gotta love sequals! Wink Smilie
Did you see The Fifth Element Gimli? Excellent flick. Among my top ten, at least. I liked Armegeddon but I preferred the "other" asteroid/comet film Deep Impact. A lot more emotional depth, though, I'll admit, not as much fun. I just watched Dantes Peak the other day again and it was much better than I remebered it. Some movies are like that I guess.

I'll never forget the guy in The Great Outdoors that got struck by lightning 42 (I think) times "ininininininininininin the HEAD!" Ha Ha Ha Smilie Lighening Smilie

Speaking of John Candy, how 'bout Spaceballs? That ones a laugh a minute! I heard they were talking about a sequel. Spaceballs 3: The Search For Spaceballs 2. Wouldn't be the same with out John, RIP.

KIDS totally creeped me out, but I guess that was the point...

And Plastic, if you like gore movies, check out George Romero's Day of the Dead! It don't get much worse than that! I believe it's banned in some countries...

Anyhoo...just thought I'd share that with y'all! Laterz

How could i forget!!!!!!!

LILOO MULTIPASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day of the Dead was the second one wasn't it? In the shopping mall? Fantastic movie yeah. If you want nasty then try Cannibal holocaust, that's truly the most disturbing movie I've ever seen.
Kids should only ever be seen once, Gimli, unless you're very disturbed. Wink Smilie
And Armageddon was way better than Deep Impact, Deep Impact made me hate Elijah Wood for ever (an unchanged opinion, still). Little girly twat! You can't beat Steve Buscemi trying to ride a Nuclear Warhead.
The one in the shopping mall was Dawn otD, which was the second and best one in my opinion. Day otD is third and is absurdly gory. There are scenes that actually made me cringe, which is no small feat. I'll check out Cannibal Holocaust if I can find it.

I haven't seen a genuinely scary movie in ages...any suggestions anyone?
Ooh! Thats the one I still haven't seen, must get it, must get it...
As to really scary, erm... nothing scares me so I don't know, well, except the Omen and that's just because my Dad made me watch it when I was 6 cos he liked it so much and it still disturbs me, that kids face! ARRRGGGGHH!
I take it you've seen the first 2 hellraiser movies? They're supposed to be pretty damn scary to those who get scared, but the others suck bigtime.
Last night I finally see saw "Shrek" (my grandson is visiting this week) and laughed my head off. I saw many, many allusions to or jokes from the old Disney movies, as well as a few cameos by the old characters. And for once the songs weren't all that bad. What am I, about three years late on this? Big Smile Smilie

Going to watch "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" for first time tonight.
"Do you know...The Muffin Man?"

"The Muffin Man?"

"The Muffin Man!"

Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I take it you've seen the first 2 hellraiser movies?

Yes, I've seen all the Hellraiser flicks. They're okay, but they're not 'scary'. A scary movie is, for instance, The Blair Witch Project. I know, it's one of those love it or hate it movies, but I loved it. No, I never believed it was real like some poor saps but, my imagination being what it is, I was able to put myself in the film and it REALLY creeped me out. The part with in the tent with all the little childrens voices still gives me goosebumps when I see it. I guess you just have to be in the right state of mind. Or maybe I'm just weird... Wary Smilie
Shrek was fantastic! Laughed my ass off.
Blairwitch was a total rip off from Cannibal Holocaust (once again) and more importantly, The Last Broadcast. Fantastic movie. Blair witch however was the biggest load of sh*t I've seen in years.
Harry potter is a great movie, and why don't American's know what the Philosopher's Stone is?
... why don't American's know what the Philosopher's Stone is?
I kinda think it has something to do with all our weird fanatical Christian sects that think all magic is the work of the devil. And besides that most of our public (state run) schools no longer teach the classics.

Why do so many British books need different titles when they finally get published here in America? Smile Smilie Why don't the British publishers get it right the first time? Wink Smilie Those questions are meant to be rhetorical rather than to start a cross the pond debate between cousins. I think the changes are due to Marketing and the opinions of focus groups. Smile Smilie
But surely Sorcery is a lot closer to the evil magic stuff that your marvellous fundamentalists are so upset about than Alchemy (which was meant to be science originally) or even Philosophy, which has naff all to do with the Philosopher's stone, confusingly...
Strange isn't it. Animated Wink Smilie
Okay, yes, I'm a dumb naive American! Now could someone please tell me what the #%$@ is the Philosophers Stone?!!!! Disturbed Smilie
It's an ancient alchemical idea, apparently, if an alchemist worked out how to make the d@mn thing then he'd be able to turn lead into gold at last, and all sorts of other stuff. It showed up in the Harry Potter book and was given a whole load of new and terribly nifty powers to boot. If you're really into it then you can't go far wrong with The book "The Philosopher's Stone" by Israel Regardie, which pretty much covers everything you ever need to know about Alchemy without having to read the three original works it is basically a commentary on.
Has anyone seen Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal or both? I want to rent them, but I don't know if they are good.

And I'm looking for a series of videos of the Muppet Show, for my brother. Does anyone know where to find it?
I saw Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. SotL is excellent but Hannibal my leave you wondering if the filmakers totally lost their minds. Not that it's a bad film, it's just a little ummmm....perverse? The dinner scene is not something you will soon forget... all in all I'd say see it, so you can see what all the controversy is about.

Can't help you with the muppets I'm afraid.
What amazes me in both SotL and Hannibal is how Hopkins manages to pull off the role of a total psycho, including the dinner scene (I just loved that bit), and yet leave you with the impression that his character is a sophisticated gentleman who you could rely on in a tight spot. In Hannibal in particular, I was left feeling he was a hero whose methods were just a tad unusual compared with the methods employed by the usual good guys to eliminate their enemies.
Grondy, if you found SotL to be 'a tad bit gory' then you DEFINITELY don't want to see Hannibal! While by far NOT the goriest film I've seen, it still makes SotL look like The Little Mermaid!
That is why I'll DEFINITELY give Hannibal a wide pass. Big Smile Smilie
Has anyone seen Reign of Fire? It is playing in only one city in the province and that is 1 1/2 hour drive from here. I don't want to drive the distance if the movie isn't worth the effort.
Rednell Shaking Head Smilie
Thanks Tuesday. I will save myself the trip and wait for the video.
My brother has bough SotL, so that'll soon be fixed. Big Smile Smilie

Totally agree with you Val, I've seen Hopkins do a lot of films, and by what you tell me, I just know I'll love the film! Hopkins is a great actor, and that's the least you can say...
and the dragon was such a bore
After being together for around two years, I finally got around to taking my girlfriend to the pictures yesterday. We were just wondering past and I noticed Reign of Fire was coming on in ten minutes, so on the spur of the moment we just went in.

Okay, the film will never be in my top ten, but I'm afraid I've got to disagree with you, Tuesday. The dragons were superb. The film itself (kind of like Mad Max with dragons), was a bit thin on plot, with a few gaping holes, and bits that bordered on, "why in Mordor are they doing that?", but the dragons were awesome. If they can make dragons like this, I can't wait for someone to do the Hobbit.
Thanks Val, I will have to wait for the video now, anyway. Unless it comes out at the Drive-In.
I just thought the dragon would be pretty impressive on the big screen. Cool Smilie
Wasn't he in Velvet Goldmine? Yeah, I think he was, great movie.
Christian Bale played the title character in the movie 'American Psycho' which was pretty good, if a little odd. Disturbed Smilie It was also quite violent, if that matters.

[Edited on 8/27/2002 by ProgHead777]
I forgot that movie existed! I meant to go and see it, and I never did, must go rent a video...

Btw. If you like sitting in a cinema pointing out which bits of a Movie are tributes to other movies, go see 8-legged Freaks, a dead funny movie in it's own right, and full of nods to just about every horror movie ever made.
i just got a LORD OF THE RINGS (1st battle) its sort of animated a Ralph Bakshi film. cds sold wer i come from have very limited catalogues. SOS was wondering if this has 2 more cds? this a pirated copy by the way, coz the legit stores dont sell really old stuff. tnx in advance
The Bakshi film was very good for its day; however, he ended it after Helm's Deep, and never came out with a film with the rest of the story. His Orcs and Nazgul were excellent and scarey. Super Scared Smilie

We have (or had on an older incarnation of) a thread where we discussed this film, I couldn't find it when I looked for it tonight; our website search engine is inoperable. Sad Smilie
It's from 1979, and the technique you are talking about was called rotoscoping, where the human film action was traced onto animation cells to make the animation more lifelike, was very groundbreaking. We have a very good review of the movie in our reviews section (by some old hippy or another) go take a look for more info.

I prefer this film to the PJ one, and I did email Bakshi last year to beg him to finish it. He said not until Hell freezes over. Oh well...
Just saw the 51st State. Brilliant movie, it was hysterical! Pity the critics bombed it... but I loved the pub scene in Scumchester.
The animated film has been popping up all over the place since the success of FotR, in Wal Mart, on video store shelves, even in the supermarket. I've avoided it because I was told it sucks ...royally. I guess I'll have to go rent it and see for myself. The fact that it was never finished does not bode well however...
It's well worth a watch Prog, if only for the truly excellent red and black sillhouetted opening sequence.
, and I did email Bakshi last year to beg him to finish it. He said not until Hell freezes over. Oh well...

He wrote back? Cool. Let's all write to him & beg again!
He may have had nothing else to do that day, but head over to http://www.ralphbakshi.com and send the guy a begging postBody.
Ok I know this is hopeless, but does anyone know a great film that I might enjoy too which is now in the cinema? Well, in about two weeks? I have time on my hands then and I need to spend it well... Smoke Smilie
Signs! Go see it Tommy, you won't regret it! I promise!
Watched most of Office Space over the course of the past few nights...seriously funny movie...

also, Tommy, Prog's right...go see Signs Cool Smilie
Signs? What's it about? I'm curious now.
There's another thread around here somewhere called "Signs, The movie". It has a bit more information but it won't spoil any of the surprises.
Bad news: Signs isn't out here yet. Sad Smilie Will check out that thread anyways.
I watched Signs, it was great but not as good as The Sixth Sense, in my opinion. But it does has its moments - suspense, funny, etc
Eck! When is it coming out here?? Tongue Smilie
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