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Thread: PUMPKIN PIE! Let's seem 'em!

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To see Amarie's wondeful Halloween... Orange? Tongue Smilie Click on the link below.

i didnt think it wuz possible 2 carve an orange!
i carved a really cewl pumpkin w/ Smaug on it but i dont have a scanner. Very Sad Smilie Mad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Mad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Mad Smilie grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. oh well, mayb next year
Was Jonathan's pumpkin carved thru, in bas-relief, or painted,? It was most impressive. Pumpkin Smilie

Oranges are hard to do, and the oil in the rinds are highly flammable. Well done Orange.

When I was in high school, I carved an apple Jack-O-Lantern using a small X-acto knife and I broke a birthday-cake candle in half and placed it inside. It worked. I don't have a digital camera so I didn't bother to do one for the P-T contest.
The link I provided above leads to a thread which explains how such detailed carvings are made, and also a picture of an equally impressive carving with a Farscape theme.
Wow!great orange!it's really beautiful....well,my pumpkin's coming in about an hour,Taz!...............i think I drove you nuts with this,haven't I?
Happy Elf Smilie I will be posting the competition results tommorrow.
Ohhh,please tell me Slinker and Stinker arrived to you.....ohhh....please do!
I thought all the carvings were very good. Great job everyone. raptor, I can't wait to see yours. I hope Taz gets them.
Raptors pumpkin is now available for viewing here:


Good job, well worth the wait Wink Smilie
I liked Amarie's orange. That was the spookiest orange I have ever seen. I Don't think I will ever look at orange juice the same way ever again Big Laugh Smilie
!!!????wow!-remains speachless-,.....wow.......the first thing I've ever won!....thanks....Stinker and Slinker are also grateful....
sorry for amarie and rednell works....I would be a hipocryt to say I'm not glad i won but i am also sorry.
And,to conclude my happiness,if taz agrees,for the next contest(whatever and whenever it'll be)I'll cooperate at the prizes with a romanian hardcover 'Hobbit' edition-I don't think you'll be able to read it(or who knows?)but I think it's still something for the collection.
Wow again!and thanks.......
oh,i forgot one thing......you'll get my data(adress and stuff)Taz-I think I was so hasty I forgot to send them along with the entry.....Again,thousands of thanks!!!!!
Congratulations to the winners! Jonathan, your pumpkin is truely a work of art. Raptor, I now have a true sense of Gollum and Smeagol, very creative.
Amarie, I, too, loved your orange. Evil looking eyes in that orange! I don't think I will be able to look at oranges on the grocery shelves without shuttering.

Thanks for your entries, you really made this a creative and fun competition. Big Smile Smilie

Loved Raptor's Slinker/Stinker, and Amarie's Orange. Fantastic....
Well done all of you.
I'd give Orange's orange Jack-O-Lantern a special award for an idea whose
time had come; however, with no visible teeth, my mind imagined the northern
hemisphere hinging away from the southern revealing a wide mouth, filled
with long, sharp, needle-like teeth-scary!!! Super Scared Smilie I think there were some recent (within the last twenty years) movie monsters with this type dental hardware. Does anyone remenber it. Critters! maybe?
Yeah, Critters had the teeth you describe, in all the painfully bad sequels as well as the really quite funny original movie (and they shot their porcupiney spines at people as well).
I'd give Orange's orange Jack-O-Lantern a special award for an idea whose
time had come; however, with no visible teeth, my mind imagined the northern
hemisphere hinging away from the southern revealing a wide mouth, filled

Actually, I imagined Amarie's orange as one of the evil Nazgul. /me shutters Super Scared Smilie
Hehe, yes Red I was trying to make a nazgul but it does resemble a critter, I can see that now! Big Laugh Smilie People like my orange! Hooray!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Oh Shucky Darn!!! That's twice this week. :elfembar:

Very Sad Smilie Sorry Amari. I don't know why I mis-attributed your monster to another, maybe I'm just colorblind, because everyone else knew it was Amari's Orange orange Jack-O-Lantern, not Orange's. Pumpkin Smilie

Anyway I still like it. Elf Winking Smilie
I am glad that I was not judging the compition. I would not have been able to choose. They were all very good, and I enjoyed seeing them. I would have sent them all prizes. lol.

Well done Jonathan very cool and well done pumpkin. Raptor, I am glad that you got to send in yours too. I loved it. lol Amarie, I went to the grocery store yesterday and saw the oranges, and thought of you. I will never see oranges the same way again. Nell, you are a very talented pumpkin carver. Do you make pumpkin pie a good as you carve? MMMMMMMM.
Sooo... since this happens to be my favorite holiday... I was wondering if we'd be doing this again... I'd like to try!
wonders about Amarie's orange...
Hehe Andrea,seem's like none of the council members got back to you on that. Maybe next year? Smile Smilie
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