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Thread: Non-English,anyone?

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Lady Vee, but surely your ALL Sasanach/Saesa too?

England is a mongrel nation so probably not.
I'm all woman.

Great. So you have 46 X-chromosomes. One of the X-men, eh?
im indian not red keralite malayali world citizen from planet narnia and hey not english
One of the X-men, eh?

An X-Woman.

An X-Woman

I see. I see. That's the syndrome of Turner, right?
Who is Turner?
He's a great landscape artist of the 19th C... or its Tina?

*shrugs* What do i know?
or he used to be married to Jane Fonda. Or he was played by Orlando 'Legolamb' Bloom in a pirate flick. Or whatever.
Hy ! I used to live in Australia unil i was to 5 then i moved to Croatia( next to Italy) . I see that closest to me are some Norwegians . Well all i can say is- Vidimo se poslije ljudi !!!!!! Orc Smiling Smilie
Closest?? There are a lot of PT'ers between Norw and Croatia. Sadly my Hrvatski is very limited, but privyet, na sdrovie and posdrava ne Norway. Smile Smilie

(mix of russian, serb/croat and polish)
Ah...well i look forward to meeting them!! And Grev, where did you learn croatian?
Eh .. so you understood it? Wow... Big Smile Smilie

There was some courses in serbian at Jelena- online (I think). Serbski and Hrvatski are the same, but with latin/cyrillic alphabeths right? Personally I think the Croats got the better deal there! *me likes cyrillic* Too bad I don't know how to type it with my keyboard. Sad Smilie
Drago mi je, Etharion. Dobro dosli u Planeta-Tolkien!

(Translation: Nice to meet you, Etharion. Welcome to P-T!)
Welcome to PT Etharion. I hope you will like it here.Smile Smilie

English only on this site Grev and Arco. I know you are are nice boys and are only welcoming Etharion, but you know the rules. Moderator Smilie
So English from now on, ok? Smile Smilie
Cool Arco ! Where do you know croatian from? Yes Grev i too think that the croats got the beter deal.Sorry Amarie , we are going to talk so everybody understands, we were just chating a bit.
I only 'know' Croatian through a few Internet pages I just found; I'm not from anywhere near Croatia and don't speak it at all.

Technically, I have a lot of German and English blood, along with good amounts of Hungarian and Lithuanian. Though even more technically I could say that it looks like the English and Lithuanian blood are shaping my appearance more than the German and Hungarian are.
Well, I'm half German/Polish/English and a quarter German and a quarter Hispanic. I love my heritage. I don't know much spanish, but I'm taking classes.
100% all Welsh here!
To be exact im half Croatian, half Australian and some quarter Hungarian. Ther are some more minor parts but their to far off.
I'm two fifths pond slime, one quarter tomato soup, 31% stardust, five billionths of a nanometre extra terrestrial, and half a second human.

Lmao... So guess you're in fine fettle this morning mistress Vee.

I'm just not quite all there.

Very Mad Smilie
I am mostly German with a good bit of Welsh, English, Irish and a splash of American Indian and French.

I left out the Vulcan, Troll, and Orc that I acquired over the years. Wink Smilie
Well arent we just a bunch of mutants or what? Expecially you Vee Elf Winking Smilie
well among all u Europeans i think i am the only Asian doin the rounds here. i am Indian and i live in the middle east. a good friend o mine introduced me to LOTR and i got hooked. my friend is MAD about LOTR and i have requested him to join PT but he is too lazy to open an account and drop in messages.
Pixie Smilie You just missed Lord_aragorn86. He is also Indian, and until recently lived in Quwait, but left for India a month(?) ago. Are there a lot of Indians in Middle East?
Man ! u reminded me about aragorn86. Ya he is my pal and we went to school together- same class. now i have finished school and i will start college from august. aragorn86 has gone to india to take some competitive exams (for getting into colleges). well many indians live in the gulf. kuwait has many but UAE and Oman are packed with indians. i am waiting to go to india coz kuwait is kinda boring Boring Smilie
Wow! You mean you know LA86 in real life????????

Come on then, dish the dirt! Or at least tell us all about him.
I am a ABT or AMerican born tawanese
I am proud of it!!!!!!
But I live in america
Wow. There's a lot of mixed blood in here!! Wink Smilie Guess I'll put in my two cents. On my mom's side: grandparents are from England. On my dad's side: French Canadian, and North American Indian. I like to joke about being descended from John Smith and Pocahontas! Tongue Smilie
now, now Vee, His Highness La86 will be highly annoyed if a let out too many details. but i can say some stuff that wont hurt anyone. first of all he is darn good in studies and generally tops our class. he is a nice chap though u wont find him partying all night long (somewhat like me). he wants to do computer science in college and can do some fancy things on a programmer's workbench. he doesnt really have any dirty doings from the past of which i can remember. in simple terms i wud say that he is a good clean boy.
Like a few others here, i'm norwegian Big Smile Smilie
Nice to meet you - met you briefly in the chat room.

More Vikings........ help!
Yeah, you better watch out, or i'll eat your socks Wink Smilie Scary, theese vikings Big Laugh Smilie
I'd never eat Vee's socks.... But then again, I'm not a viking. I'm Dutch. I suppose I'd be a merchant then?

Buy here your supplies!!! All kinds of supplies!!! Tongue Smilie
Yeah, you better watch out, or i'll eat your socks

At last! The mystery of the vanishing socks is solved.
At last! The mystery of the vanishing socks is solved.
Ya, but why do they always leave 1/2 of the pair? You'd think they would take the other one for a late night snack. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Welcome to P-T Nattfri. Happy Elf Smilie
now, now Vee, His Highness La86 will be highly annoyed if a let out too many details. but i can say some stuff that wont hurt anyone. first of all....

Okay! Now what was that? Ayan, why have yo got all this goody, goody image of me? I'm not all this good you know. There are a few people who know my "dark side" so to speak. Anyways, thanks for the nice words buddy. I hope I'll be seeing you soon now!
Ah! The dark, evil, nasty, mean, beastly, Mordor orc side LA86? Bah! Everyone knows about their inner goblin!

Hi I joined this site about a week ago! I am constently finding way cool stuf!! And this thred is awesome! Ok so I live in the USA, but by blood I am Irish, English, French, and a pinch of Native American! I'm a MUT!! But just to confuse you. I am Jewish!! OK so thats my religion, but I"l be visiting Israel in the summer, some time in June, or July!
Hi, well...about myself - I was born in Moscow, Russia, but now I live in Paris, so I speak English, French, Italian and Russian, of course...(in fact, I have no idea why I wrote about languages Cool Elf Smilie )
Huh, are Tommy and me the only two Belgians in here then? Disturbed Smilie

"A poor lonesome cowboy ... a long long way from home ..."

I am Belgian as well. Gnampie is too.
Hey Nim,it's cool you speak so many languages,I only speak Spanish and English,The funny thing is I'm Russian,Italian,Irish,and native American,and I should really start working on those instead.
Wow, nice! Four Belgians in The Last Alliance! Grumpf, where are my frites? Who stole my frites? Grrrrrrrrrr So Angry Smilie

Im from Croatia. Home land of the tie. And the torpedo if im not mistaken....Well...nice to meet you all. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
As you all know, I was born in Arizona, but now live in California. As for heritage, my great-grandparents were from Prussia on my father's side and on my mother's side, Russian and Irish. I'm an American mutt.
For what reason is the word safe used in place of save by the peoples on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean? In both cases I find it used as "except for". Is it merely a matter of pronunciation where the f is pronounced as v like in Gandalf, and we in the hinterlands took to spelling it that way in our dictionaries and dropped the old definition from under our word safe, or what?
dats very observant of u Grond, but kind of a wierd point , that one. oh so La86 is bak in town. hey Nim, guess wat i kno the russian or the Cyrillic script. had a thing for the russian lang when i was younger. ur usual - odin, twa, tri, chitiri .... ending at diecit. how is dat Wink Smilie hi Ethy hows life ?
For what reason is the word safe used in place of save by the peoples on the eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean?

Maybe it is because of the translation that results in horrible subtitles? It is really bad here.

To stay on topic: I do know 3 languages: Dutch, English and German, but I only master the first 2.
'Save' can mean 'except for '(as Grondy says) but I only know of one pronunciation and one spelling in that context - with a 'v'. Anything else is, IMO, incorrect.

Merry Christmas! Peas on earth and good will tall men!

Wiggle Smilie
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