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Thread: What does Halloween mean to you?

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Orc most likely, you see more and more of them these days. There must be a rift somewere.

Did you take you frying pan and belt him one Feawen??

You been reading the Wee Free Men by any chance Stony?
No old boy, why?
Cos in it, there is a rift, and the main character (who's name I forget) hit's everything that comes through with a frying pan.

Creepy huh?
Weird...I have never read Wee Free Men in my life.
When the boy got close enough I grabbed him by the shoulders and yelled. It was the funniest site ever! He grabbed his "wand" and yelled some "curse" from the movie/ book and then wet himself. I was laughing so hard, and the best part is the dad was videotaping the whole thing. Poor kid, I let him take as much candy as he wanted!
OMG Andrea! How he must HATE that tape! And how I'd LOVE to see it! I've got tears in my eyes from laughing! You are so cruel! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Hehe! I try not to be... but yea, it was pretty funny! Big Laugh Smilie
Hmm Plastic, maybe I should hunt down that book and read it now! Sounds interesting!
Halloween doesnt mean diddly squat here in Sweden......nothing.....since it aint a swedish traditionTongue Smilie
yeah, its really nothing...but the wedish stores and everything are trying to make it a swedish tradition as well...everywhere you look at this time of the year is halloween decorations and costumes...I bet that in just a couple of years it will be as big of a deal here as it is in the us...*shrugs*
I don't like Halloween much anymore,I think it is a silly holiday and us Americans really don't need the extra candy as it is. My family usually does it for the little kids,I usually get them all dressed up and the sort,but this year we will not be doing it. I am sure my big brother will keep up the tradition of scaring my pants off,though. Smile Smilie
Back when I was in high school, I remember hiding from the State Patrol by climbing a grain elevator after we had moved farm machinery into a well illuminated street as a Halloween prank.
Rofl Grondy! You must have been a real bad boy. Smile Smilie
Tonight, I will mostly be using pepper spray on any trick-or-treaters that appear at my door. Wink Smilie
Halloween means dressing up in odd costumes that don't look even remotely scary and chasing the little kiddies and stealing their candy. At least thats what it means to me... Am i evil? Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie
Halloween means buying a load of rockets, breaking a piece of plastic drainpipe off the side of someone's house, holding the drainpipe on your shoulder while someone else lights a rocket and puts it in the end, then aiming it at people. Also going round all the houses , using a screwdriver to get to the ouside water tap, and turning their water off. It usually takes them ages to work out what's happened. Very Big Grin Smilie
Pumpkin Smilie And moving out-houses forward so when the big kids sneak up behind them in the dark to tip them over, they instead step in the deep doodoo. Wiggle Smilie
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