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Thread: The Sniper

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My life has been rather good till now,and still is,but it's....arghhhh....I can't find a description....meaningless.And everything round me,also.I know Eryan,and i don't expect ME to be haven,but at least that world was pure and new and strange and undiscovered.Even darkness and evil had a weird sort of beauty.

I'm going too far with this,aren't I?
Well I don't think so, Raptor, I like your frankness, it is more interestimg than small talk about nothing...
Feeling of meaninglessness of life is a real problem, and I think that it is well that you see it as a problem. But what can one do?! My own solution was to discover that I should rather ask "What I can offer to this world?" instead of asking "How I can find happines here?"...
A Polish poet and philosopher Cyprian Kamil Norwid devoted a beautiful poem to the question of boredom and meaninglessness of existence. In this poem he called our life "a theatre spectacle paid by life". We are here only for a little while, every moment of our existence is precious and should not be wasted! If the world is grey, let's paint it in all colours! Like Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, who wrote their books among others because they could not find enough of the books of the genre they liked...
Have a good day!

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From this American's viewpoint the love/"hate" relationship between Canada and the US is mostly in fun, after all they send us their entertainers and anchor men and we send them the worst of our culture. Sure we have trade disputes, but they are never caused by the people, they are just caused by these two nations greedy corporations and their lackey politicians. Besides that, over the years we have found we need each other; we have more to gain than we have to loose. Viva la Canada! Making Out Smilie

A missile defense shield can never be 100 percent efficient, some will always get through; all it will do is cause an escalation in offensive weaponry as a counter measure. Meanwhile untold billions will be spent on armaments that could better be spent on improving the condition of the peoples of the under-developed nations, which would weaken one of the leading excuses for terrorism. Happy Elf Smilie
Personally, I blame computer games...Wink Smilie
Oh come on, there are plenty of these cretins that don't have computer games and still they want to kill us.

The games are pretty horrible now though.
I feel very blessed some days, because in my little section of the world, I see happiness, hope and love. Then I turn on the news, or read these political threads or a newpaper, and it is so depressing and sad to see what others can do to their fellow human beings.

Don't get me wrong. I have seen some pretty scary things in my life. My very first memory in life, I was 3 1/2 years old and we were living in Seul, Korea. There was a Korean guard with a machine gun, he made us stop, did not believe we were who we said we were. He made us get out of the car and searched it over and over. For a child that young it was terrifying. The gun was bigger than I was.

Later that year, I watched a plane being shot down out of the sky. At first we did not know what was going on, and we stood outside and watched it. Someone had flown over forbidden airspace. I was thankful to discover that the pilot escaped. We never knew if it was an american, south korean that got lost or a north korean. It did not matter to me.

When I was a senior in high school, we were living in Germany. Quadaffi (sp?) threatened to blow up the american military schools there. They evacuated our school and yes there was a bomb. No one was hurt. Thank heaven.

These are some memories (there are several others too) that I don't share often and don't want my son to experience. Unfortunately, with the way the world is going, he will experience things even worse than I have. I know there are people out there that have seen and experienced so much more horrific things than I have. I just pray that someday people can learn to accept each other and stop all of the useless killing and fighting.

I know that is a very naive and childish thought, but I have no idea, how to solve the world problems. I don't want a war with anyone for any reason. I know that there has to be people in war riddled countries that agree with me, I hope they can find a way to escape the awful atrocities that they are experiencing.

If it does come down to war, I will do anything I can to protect my son, husband and myself. (In that order). But for now, I am going to keep teaching my son, that there is hope and love and happiness out there. You just have to look for it, and have a positive attitude. We will keep praying that others will stop suffering. I know not everyone belives that there is a God out there. So may you find whatever peace that you are looking for, no matter what your beliefs are.


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Have they blamed it on computer games yet?

Personally, I blame computer games... Wink Smilie

The games are pretty horrible now though.
Hey, I play violent computer games, own a few guns, and am a Life Member of The National Rifle Association; however, I don't go around gratuitously shooting people, nor even dumb animals. My mother taught me that such things are not to be done in the real world; as long as you can distinguish between right and wrong in the real world, what you do in the fantasy world of computer games or literature is of little importance. Orc Smiling Smilie

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I received this as I was getting ready to shut down for the night, in the early hours of this morning. I think this thread is where it belongs.

Doesn't always roar.

Sometimes courage is
the quiet voice at
the end of the day

"I will try again
-postAuthorID unknown. Angel Smilie
I will do my best.thanks Eryan and Grondy and everyone.You know when everything suck$ and suddenly something happens and the world gets pink again(even a bit).You made it happen Smile Smilie .And,after all,I'm 18 now-sine 1o'clock yesterday,I should start enjoying life....For now I can still find a huge bunch of reasons to motivate my depression,but i think I'll start seeing the full part of the glass.And I'm re-reading LOTR.God,this therapy was good.Cause it was really therapy Wink Smilie .being surrounded by people like you is really helping.
Great news Raptor!!!! 18 - this is a fantastic age! And now go and see the thread "The party tree" in one of the taverns for more greetings & congratulations!
I am glad that the world is less grey now and perhaps even pink!!! Big Smile Smilie !
Finding people with which we may share our fascinations and passions is VERY important! Happily, we all found somehow the PT and we can now enjoy its friendly, warm atmosphere! Long live Taz for having created this enchanted site, long live all its members for their contributions: wise and silly, serious and funny!... Some of yours really moved me deeply Raptor, I share your nostalgy for a better world!
Still some more on depression/meaninglessness of life... When the nervous system develops, young cells destined to develop into nervous cells (neurones) spread out their "tentacles" to reach other cells in their target centres. Then the cells which did succeed to reach the target cell obtain from it a chemical signal which allows them to live and to act as a neurone. The unsuccessful cells must die! This programmed cell death is known as the apoptosis.
I sometimes think that the same is true on the social level, too... The individuals which are not able to communicate successfully with others develop a sense of uselessness and meaninglessness and become depressive... and some of them even die, commit suicide...
The depression related to that factor might even have evolved as a biological adaptation. In the past the individuals which failed to find their place in a social group and, as a consequence, were unwilling to contribute to its wellfare might have been a serious burden for their group, and it was better for the group if they choose to die...
Now the matters are much more complicated, because the societies are much more complex and it is so easy to become alienated, lost... Yet thanks to the Internet everybody may seek and find his "tribe", and, what more, there are no more any geographical limits!!!! I cannot stop to be astonished by the fact that here on PT we have created such a perfect community across all continents and all possible time zones!
Friendships and passions are very efficient, almost magical cures against the sense of meaninglessness of life! But if we are talking about depressive feelings, there is still one thing, quite funny: the so called winter depression (seasonal affective disorder, SAD) related to insufficient amount of bright sunlight. In the summer bright sunlight perceived by us in the morning inhibits the synthesis of our sleep hormone, the melatonin. In winter its synthesis is not inhibited and goes on... and because of that some of us become sleepy during the day and sleepless during the night andstart to have quite gloomy feelings! And sometimes it is sufficient to install brighter light to feel happier and forget the winter sadness!
Happy Birthday raptor! I have found that reading LOTR is very relaxing for me too!

Don't worry, everything turns out all right in the end, there is a lot of h*ll in this world but as long as you, me, and everyone else at PT can help each other out in things that really matter, there is hope for the world Big Smile Smilie

Have a good day all!!!
wow-oh Eryan,you really have your way of explaining things! Wink Smilie Now really,thanks(i'm addicted to this word).It's 14nov,8:30 am,I'm skipping my first drawing lesson and listening to a preview track of the two towers(i'll post the link on a music topic somewhere).I'll head to school in 10 minutes,i'll go and stand up to my life,friend(wich i hope to become girlfriend Big Smile Smilie )and,most important,to myself!

ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

until the depression strikes back...... Smile Smilie
Seems like a nice day to come Raptor! Big Smile Smilie
Shocked Elf Smilie Isn't every day though? Ha Ha Ha Smilie
i mean, if terrorists were so tuf and brave, then they wouldnt have hijacked airplanes w/ pple that they knew had no weapons on board. they wouldnt have smashed in2 business buildings. it wuz 1 thing when they ran in2 the Pentagon. that is sumthing that most pple can c y they did it. hittin WTC towers had no purpose and only killed a lot of pple that prolly didnt even know who killed em.
hittin WTC towers had no purpose
Meia: I'm not being an apologist for the dastardly 9-11 terrorists here, I'm just going to explain why they chose those particular targets.

The Pentagon symbolizes the United States of America's military strength.

The WTC Twin Towers symbolized the United States of America's commercial strength.

The White House and Capitol Building symbolize the United States of America's governmental strength. (One of these latter two is the supposed target of the airliner that crashed in the Pennsylvanian field.)
i understand the Pentagon. i just dont understand how killin so many pple on planes and in the towers and the area surroundin them did ne good 4 the terrorists. it only made all us Americans wanna kick their butts!
It didn't do them a bit of good. Shoving a stick in the eye of your enemy doesn't prove anything other than that you can, and if you also lose your life in the process, it becomes a meaningless gesture. Sad Smilie
It wasn't meaningless to them, they died believing they did what God wanted them to do: fight evil. If you die fighting for God you go straight to heaven and get a dozen or so virgins to enjoy yourself with, no matter what sins you have commited earlier. What is scarier than an army of men who doesn't fear for their lives and who thinks nothing pleases God more than to see them give their lives for Him and take as many of the enemy with them as they can? I don't know who decided to only teach parts the Koran and so get a great fighting machine, but he knew what he was doing.. Sad Smilie
I think it's insane how these people think that killing American children is going to make them go to heaven.

I read a story in the Reader's Digest about the camps that men get trained in, and it is just sick they are taught that all the problems in the world come from Americans and Jews, and that it is there duty to kill as many as possible.

They don't even follow the Koran, they pick and choose what they wan't to hear and off they go.
What I think is the worst of it all, is that people are starting to believe that all muslims are terrorist. And nothing is further off the truth than that. The basic principles of the Koran teach love and peace, not war and hate. Yet most people don't know or don't want to know that...

And what is even worse: children in lands under extreme muslim command grow up with this belief, and since they have known nothing better than this all their lives, they grow up to be terrorists. And they can't be blamed. They grew up with the belief that war and hate for other peoples is the right thing. It's the adults who taught them that who should be set right. If only it was that easy...
You're right Tom, People should not hate muslims just because there are some of them that are off the wall.

What kind of makes me mad though is the fact that not a whole lot of American muslims are condemming these terrorist acts. I know that a few have, but I don't see them speaking with one voice and supporting their country. They hurt their reputation by not speaking out
Yeah, it was just a "what-if"-thought. I heard on the news yesterday that USA plans to put all NATO-countries under the protection a a rocket-shield (missile-shield or what ever it's called in English). That's nice. Provoking for some perhaps, but nice.
Sorry to hear they wanted to attack Canada too.. It was because you are USA's closest neighours?

I suddenly found myself singing "blame Canada" from the South Park movie. A bit tasteless perhaps, but the episodes and the movie it made me think Amaricans and Canadians may have the same love/"hate" relationship like us Norwegians have with the Sweeds. We have lots of jokes on the Sweeds and they have the same jokes about us. Lots of namecalling as among siblings. But attacking a neutral (I don't know how neutral you are?) country is just unforgiving!

My 100th post! Wohooo!!!

[Redigert den 20/11/2002 av Amari]
Nicely put Ringfacwen.

Here in Norway we also feared Bin Ladens terrorism. Well.. some did. No reason why we should. We're a small country which happen to be rich on oil, and we like to think we are equal to USA or something. Hardly anybody has ever heard of us or think we are the capital of Sweeden. There was someone who sendt a envelope with flour to his/her school as a joke. A reallydumb tasteless joke and suprice suprice, the school got really scared and the kid got in a lot of troubble. And it was a small school in a small community in a small country. Why would Osama care about us?

A few days ago I started thinking what would happen if Russia suddenly decided that they wanted our icefree harbours and sent their troops in? Would the USA be as eager to help us as we are to help them? Would the Sweeds stay neutral again like they did in ww2? My boyfriend meant they'd be quick to help because of our oil. Not that we fear they WILL attack, it was just a thought. I hope we'll never find out. Oh well.. Enough rambling for today.
Amari, if Russia attacked you the USA would be the first to help. We have over 250,000 troops in western Europe to guard against just such a thing. We would help not because of oil but because it would be the right thing to do.
Ah, but Plastic, Canada has also given us the likes of William Shatner, Jim Carey, John Candy, Raymond Burr, Phil Hartman, and Leslie Nielsen. Musically, they've given birth to Rush, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell, The Tragically Hip, and Great Big Sea (thanks for introducing me, Red Big Smile Smilie ) and I'm sure I'm forgetting many many others. But your right... Bryan Adams is almost unforgivable Wink Smilie

Grondy, I agree with everything you said except that I happen to like the idea of a missile sheild. Ever seen the movie from the early 80's called Testament? It's about nuclear war and how it affects the lives of a suburban family. Very few special effects, just raw emotion. It's the most terrifying thing I've seen in my life and I haven't been the same since... and no, I'm not exaggerating. Next most scariest thing? Read 'The Hot Zone' by Richard Preston. If those two things don't scare you, nothing will.
Joni Mitchell and Jim Carey? That's it, cut it off, tow it out and sink it.

Though Shatner and Neil Young can stay.
*still being deliberately antagonistic*
and I'm sure I'm forgetting many many others
Like Leanard Cohen? Smile Smilie
That would be The Guess Who... and that of course would mean that at least the Backman part of Bachman Turner Overdrive is also Canadian.

I did not know Nickelback were Canadian. I sorta kinda like them.

I didn't forget Alanis Morissette, Shania Twain, Sum41, K.D. Lang, or Nelly Furtado... I just chose not to mention them. I wouldn't want to embarrass our Canadian friends Wink Smilie

I did, however, forget Barenaked Ladies! Lighening Smilie

It's been one week since you looked at me/ Cocked your head to the side and said "I'm angry"...
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