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Thread: Good fantasy books

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I've heard of The Silver Sun but I haven't seen it in any bookshops or rental bookstores here, although I have a book by Nancy Springer called I am Morgan Le Fay. It's quite good.
Has anybody else here read a book called Elric at the End of Time?
I have read a whole hoaf of 'Elric' books and liked them.
while Terry Pratchett's Diskworld series is hilarious fantasy.

Just what I was going to say Smile Smilie I recommend it, too.
Brian Jaques Redwall series are really good. ITs a must read! REDWALL!!!!!
Redwall is good. The wind on the fire trilogy is good too. The Earthsea ones too. Guin has a new one out too.
Might I recommen The inheritance trilogy. Eragon. The Bartimayus trilogy.
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