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Welcome back Fangorn. Smile Smilie
She is supposed to be studying. I expect she'll be back at spring break and then we will be forced to read every single thread because to make up for lost time she will comment on each one regardless whether she reads what went before or not. Big Smile Smilie
Yeah, I wondered where you 'd got to. Smile Smilie good to see you back again Smile Smilie

Anyone seen Tommy anywhere lately, she's disappeared again. Sad Smilie
Kidnapped by rabbits maybe? Can't trust those rabbits...
Noooooo not again Sad Smilie (a bit like this post really)
What's happened to you plastic? You've lost all your stats and stars and everything.
Holy Jesus f***ing christ! I didn't notice that! :o Surely that's not a good thing, it'll take me ages to get to wherever I'd got to before again...
I think it has something to do with your log-on. You probably didn't use the right password and are thought to be a new entity. Try using the old pre-change password, that's how I got in. Of course I still can't edit anyones posts but my own. Must report that toTaz.
Nope, used exactly the same password, and all my old posts show the same tiny number. Though my info page shows all the old news items I sent ages ago and stuff. It's very peculiar, though not really worth worrying about.
Well whatever is causing it, it has effected Taz's numbers too. I think he was approaching 100 and now is down to seven. Not quite the shear volume of posts you should be credited with, but at least you stand in good company. Big Smile Smilie
Well, as PT worked again, Taz asked us to register again. I did that (and so did 42) and now we are back from where we started from. A few hours later the forum was restored again and the old registers were functional. Guess we were a bit to impatient. Wink Smilie
I don't mind, the most important thing is that I can talk with you guys again!
I've rectified the situation in my own little way! Big Smile Smilie
Still, most curious, for I didn't re-register... hmmmm....
Grondy: I guess you were right again! You know me too well... Big Smile Smilie
Sorry if I caused you to many problems, but at least we got the majority of old posts shifted over Smile Smilie
Hi there, everyone.
As I appear to be your newest member, I guess I should introduce myself, and a tavern seems as good a place as any.

I'm from Lincolnshire, England. I first read Tolkein about twenty years ago (actually a quick glimpse at someone's copy of Unfinished Tales - the bit where Tuor is making is way into Gondolin. That fateful passage was enough to hook me, and I've never been quite the same since...)
Once I discovered "fantasy", I got into AD&D and a few years later Middle Earth Role Playing and Rolemaster. Roleplaying in Tolkein's world kept a fair sized group of us off the streets for 12 years (God is it that long?) before work/family committments forced me to break up the group.
Happily, I've now made a full recovery, and no longer see elves hiding behind every tree!!!
Sorry. Am I boring you all?
My favourite bits are when the eagles arrive at the Battle of the Five Armies, Aragorn arriving on the Battle of Pelinor Fields, and Fingolfin's fight with Melkor.
Apologies for if I start posting things in the wrong places, but I haven't managed to plough through all the posts yet (there's a lot isn't there....)
If anyone can give us any guidance on no-no's or whatever, before I go and commit any number of cardinal sins it would be appreciated.
Time permitting, I'll keep in touch
Another welcome to you Valedhelgwath. Smile Smilie

As you will see, I run a fairly loose ship here (with more stringent sanctions by Taz); however, we try to keep on topic everywhere except in the taverns where most anything goes. We are supposed to keep our non-tavern discussions Tolkien related and to keep our language clean and civil. If you disagree with what some one has written, don't make it personal. That doesn't preclude the occasional jibe or poke, but it should be done in fun with no malice, and should stop if requested. Posting images and using HTML is outlawed, just use the text and smilies provided.

The main point is to have fun by joining in the conversations and games, asking or answering questions, and making comments as you deem fit. Other than that, what more can I say?
Moderator Smilie
Hello Valedhelgwath, I think you've just created a definite yes-yes, a full introduction, great idea. There are no cardinal sins here, except disagreeing with me Animated Wink Smilie
Hello Valedhelgwath. Be seeing you around!
HI there, valedhelgwath. (what an awfully difficult name that is!) Animated Wink Smilie Does it mean sth, I do hope it does. (Welcome to the loony's club, btw) Oink Smilie
Hello Valedhelgwath! Cool name! How exactly do you say it....?
Smile Smilie
Hi Taz, Tom, 42.

The name's taken from three Sindarin derivitives; Val (power), edhel (elf), gwath (shadow). He was an old roleplaying character who took the name after becoming corrupted.
Hey! That's cool! Cool Smilie
Where ya from, Val? (just trying to keep the conversation going...) Boring Smilie
Hi Tom.
I haven't trod this land quite as long as you, Tom. I was born in Gondolin, where I was orphaned during the sacking of the fair city. The brave Tuor led us children by secret ways out of the city and through the mountains. At one stage we were beset upon by a fiery Balrog, and were it not for Glorfindel's sacrifice, I would not be here now.
I was known in those days as Nelwyn, and spent my youth with the people of Cirdan on the Isle of Balar and later in the havens of Mithlond. Apart from the occassional march inland, chasing various bad guys around the countryside, I spent the better part of three ages building ships and fishing.
Maybe I should have stayed there. Thirsting for adventure, I eventually sought my fortune with a band of heroic Dunedain, who are now sadly all dead. They wished to seek out the evil brewing in the dark caverns of Dol Guldor, and much against my better judgement, I joined them.
I shall not discuss what befell us in that terrible place, for the memories still haunt my dreams. And that was not all that disturbed my dreams.... voices... dark voices, telling me to do things.
I slew an innocent herbalist in Minas Tirith, and then was arrested for starting fires in Laketown. It was a period I would rather forget. Taking my two chetmig kittens, I sought refuge with the Woses in a quiet forest in the foothills of a tall mountain.
There I found peace once more and the voices could not find me..... Long I lived there, and one of the tribe I became. That is until the evil men came. The evil men and their ghosts from the mountains. They slew my friends and took away the children....
That is when I restrung my bow and changed my name... Valedhelgwath is coming!

Well, you did ask, Tom. So tell me now, what is your origin?
What happened to your kittens?
What happened to your kittens?

He used them to play poker! Ha ha ha.... um, no Buffy fans here then? Well, never mind...
The kittens, Eryan, were a lot of trouble to begin with, on more than one occasion alerting bands of orcs or Dunlending hunters to my presence when I'd rather have stayed hidden.
Once they matured, however, they became loyal friends who more than once saved my hide (who wants to argue with a pair of pony-sized mountain lions?)
Once the problems settled down for the Woses I was able to put away my bow once more and the years quickly passed. The original two cats lived to ripe old ages before both eventually died one winter. They did leave me with many other kittens, however, and at one stage twelve Chetmig of various ages were living with me in the woods and the mountain foothills. Feeding this many became a problem though (they were something of an ecological disaster), so eventually I took on the task of reintroducing them to the wild.
Most of them live in the mountains now, where they have their own territories and litters, but on occasion I still get a visit from one or another of them.
I don't even know where I come from. Very Sad Smilie But I know where I am now, and I seem to forget everything else. Very Evil Smilie

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[Edited on 19/6/2002 by TomBombadillo]
Ok everyone, I'd like you to meet my friend Tygetje07. She's here with me now, but she can't get online cos she doesn't know her password by heart. Very Big Grin Smilie She told me her password is kinda long, and is politely asking Taz if he could possibly manage to do sth about it. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Well that's it really... Just that she doesn't know anything about Tolkien, but she is a Star Wars and Spiderman fan. So there you are then... Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Tygetje07. Those passwords are definitely not user friendly. Exploding Head Smilie
Fortunately for me I have Windows'98 to remember my password for me. At work I keep it under my blotter. If I put some effort into it I probably could come up with an acronym to help me remember.
Hope to see you around the forum.
Big Smile Smilie Hello Tygetje07! Wow, I'm sure your password is as difficult to remember as your nick! Hope you get your password sorted out and join us here soon!
Hi there again, Tygetje07. Hope to see you around more often.
You don't have to keep the password that Taz initially assigns to you.

After you log in with it, click 'My Account' to the upper left of here under 'Main Menu', click 'Change your info', go to the bottom of the page and type in a new password twice, write your new password in your password log book (you do have one don't you, either computerized or better yet on a steno pad in your locked desk drawer), and finally click the 'save changes' button. Next session when you return here, your new password should be operational.

Passwords should never be less than six characters in length; the longer the better when security is a major priority.
Hello again Tygetje07 you never mentioned you were into my two favourite things in the world ever. Spidey and Star Wars, maybe I'll get a little back up around here now?

You and your password logbook Grondy, ingenious, really must remember to do something like that one day....
Hey Rednell, Ungoliant, Valedhelgwath, Grondmaster, PlasticSquirrel and all the rest! :-)

Hope to see you all soon on the chat, lett me know when you guys are here, because when I come it's mostly very quiet in here :-(!
Want to say, Tazz, like the site very much!

See you all!

greetzzzzzz and huggies

See, it's not so hard to post here! (she's been trying to post three times already, but it didn't work) Very Big Grin Smilie

Glad you're here now! Big Smile Smilie And my password seems to be the only one not hard to remember. And I didn't change it! Big Smile Smilie
Tuesday posted on 8/7/02 at 13:46
Big Smile Smilie hi cirdan this out of thread but am sooooooo lazy at reading past posts...
sos question! R U the cirdan cirdan who wrote the
Secret Diaries of the Fellowship?
Whatever happened to Ungoliant? It's been over a month! And Eryan too? Does anyone know? I finally get rollin on the postin and they up and vanish...hmmm...is it me? Do I stink or something? Sad Smilie

[Edited on 8/6/02 by ProgHead777]
Don't know what happened to Ungoliant. I've been missing her too for some time now.
Eryan first had some problems getting internet acces and now she is enjoying holidays. I think she will be back in September.

[Edited on 6/8/2002 by gnampie]
In these dog days of Summer we always have members slip away for a while only to come back in the Autumn. Last year was especially bad, this year is better (of course I only have one year of personal knowledge, but that is what Taz imparted to me last year when I asked the about the slowness). Also, as we get closer to the release dates for the theatre movie the membership will pick up, and especially right afterwards. Cool Smilie

I'll query Ungoliant on how she's doing, last I heard she was starting another job and was still having computer problems. Smile Smilie
I suspect Golly is off working again, she does tend to do that a lot. Last time I got an e-mail from her she did say she was about to go off again.
Today I received the following in an email from Ungoliant:
I just got back from Abu Dhabi. A short project - designing a vapour recovery unit for naptha at one of the refineries there. Didn't feel like working, but the job was gentler this time (design office work with air-con on at full blast & no running around with camels in the middle of the desert this time!), and besides, they made me an offer I couldn't refuse....yay! Smile Smilie

I'll be off to Abu Dhabi again tomorrow, but I'll be coming back to Dubai on weekends (that's Thursdays & Fridays here) so hopefully I'll catch up with you guys then.
I'll let her tell you the story about her encounter with some Americans in a bar there, quite funny in a sad sort of way. Big Smile Smilie
Hi everyone! SMOOOOCH! Awwww, nice to know I'm missed.

*wipes tear from eye*

Thanks people! Don't worry Proghead777, Eryan (hopefully) & I will be back & giving you a hard time pretty soon. Wink Smilie Will be finishing up work at the end of the month, can't wait to get back to my pc full-time again.

There's nothing much to tell about the Yanks at the bar either, they just mistook me for a hooker. Easy enough mistake I guess. Er...well, maybe not - but at least I know that I have something to fall back on should my engineering skills become obsolete. Disturbed Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie LOL! Welcome back Golly!
I've been away for quite a while myself, so h*ll it must have been quiet in here! Big Laugh Smilie But I always come back... Very Evil Smilie
D*mn right, Tommy. They can't get rid of us that easily....

Abu Dhabi is soooo Boring Smilie . And the The worst thing is that I have to go back there tomorrow...

Dead Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie I DON'T WANNA GO TO WORK....waaaaaahhhh... Very Sad Smilie sob.....booo hoooo.!!!!!!!! Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie

[Edited on 15/8/2002 by Ungoliant]
I, for one, am very happy to see both Tommy and Golly back again.
Big Smile Smilie Pary Smilie
Why thanks Rednell! Hope to be around more often too, hopefully next month.

See you guys next weekend!

[Edited on 16/8/2002 by Ungoliant]
Hi there everyone!

I'm new here but I have a feeling I know you all quite good 'cause I've been reading these posts for about four months or sth. Wink Smilie So I decided to join you guys.

Anyway, I'm from Croatia, I'm fourteen years old and so on. I read both LOTR and Hobbit, not to mention Silmarillion. I like these books very much and I hope that the second film will be as good as the first was... I presume we all hope so Big Smile Smilie
Welcome Tigiel. Big Smile Smilie Cool Smilie
Hi there Tigiel (and any other new members who I haven't got around to greeting yet), welcome, and I hope you have a good time here. Smile Smilie
I must admit, I spent several months reading the posts myself before I plucked up the courage to reply to one. Keep the posts coming in, everyone. It's great to hear everyone's opinions on things.
Welcome to our forum, Tigiel. Smile Smilie And I second Val's remarks.
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