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Thread: Limericks! Ye Limericks here!

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Very good Ranelera.

May I take the liberty to touch it up a bit?

There once was a lady who did die
and all her children started to cry
they said a naughty word
and then they all heard
the little old lady ask why?

Okay, I liked Ranelera's better. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
yeah it kinda took a while to do it since the layout is like:
8-10 syllables
8-10 syllables
5 syllables
5 syllables
8-10 syllables

and i kept like getting a syllable too many!
I have one!

I once met a boy from Greenland
who thought he could swim in quicksand
Sadly the poor kid,
the last thing he did,
And I doubt I'll see him again...
lol I like that one!!!
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