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Thread: This is ONLY for girls!

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Arath sneaks behind the girls and jumps at them
Be afraid!!
Be very afraid!!!!
You invaded our thread so=counterattack!! Big Smile Smilie
The femi parts of my brain lured me to sneak in and see "what's up pussycat"! Pixie Smilie
Not to be sexist, but the Boys-thread is better.
I agree... Smile Smilie
Not to be sexist, but the Boys-thread is better.

That's because I haven't been here. Wink Smilie And now the girls thread has been updated while the boys are still back in 2007...
Just wondering if anyone is really interested in discussing any women's issues? If you like, I could get something started... Cool Smilie
I am sure people would like to, but doing so without touching religious and politics issues will be pretty darn tough. And I am afraid we have to be very strick there.

But it is good to see you again, Allyssa. Been missing you, your writing and your facination with Elrond's twins. Wink Smilie We had to get some firmer rules while you've been away though. A quick look might be good, just to be up to date. Happy Elf Smilie Rule rules rules
Hmmmm...no politics or religion, yet about women's issues...indeed, a challenge. Yet this thread must exist for some reason...Perhaps we could discuss fashion? Beauty tips? The joys of motherhood (fairly universal, this one)? Just a thought.
Ahhh... motherhood. Is there anything harder or more wonderfull? We have a 17 month old girl and expecting baby nr. 2 in October. I Love You Smilie
Perhaps we could discuss fashion? Beauty tips? The joys of motherhood (fairly universal, this one)? Just a thought.

I can think of no better way to chase away the boys from this thread.
Yes Virumor, that would work for me. I'd be out of here in a flash. Orc Grinning Smilie
....What is this place?Constant bickering between men and women.I would definitely like to talk about fashion and "how to look less fat" tips(though I am not)
FLASH I'm outa here!
@Grondy:You came in to say you are going out.Nice one

Well perhaps we as girls could talk about the rigors of travelling in Middle-Earth and the toll it takes upon one's feet , hands, hair and gowns. It is embarrassing for an elf woman to look less than perfect-hair, nails, skin, especially skin, as we must go without a stitch of makeup and look flawless and porcelain of skin. And our hair. It's not as if we have salons to go to for split ends or to find out the latest elven hair style befitting an elf from Lothlorien. It is truly hard. One minute you are eating in a glorious hall at Imladris , singing songs, eating daintily of the best food on Middle-Earth. The next moment you are facing off with an odious, foul smelling orc or less than suave and polite dwarf who considers you just a tad superficial. Yes, I should like, I should very much like to talk these concerns over with any ladies out there.

I miss you Grondy, forever a single word, a single thought coming from you , still echoing in the halls of these threads makes my breath catch and I fall in love with your wondrous personality all over again. I have a feeling he doesn't mind reading this thread at all.

Did this thread really start in 1970? That's pretty amazing.

I thought I was over it , but just reading Grondy's posts and here I am crying so hard I cam scarce see. Love you Grondy, forever.

And I miss D Rob and our darling Arath. He did not go back in to the army did he? I felt a wreck the whole time he went on the last mission

I would love to hear what Odette has to say and Alyssa as well. What beauty things do you do in your culture Odette, I would be fascinated to know. you have some of the most beautiful women in the world there. I hope, I very much hope to see you soon. I am sorry I have been so slow with face book, but I am trying to get some things done to include photography of landscape and some diaramas , they intrigue me. Then we shall see one another face to face, and hopefully, Mellon and Sian and the others. I love to see one's eyes, they tell so much.

Alyssa what lovely things do you do? For me it is a lot of what I put inside of me, what I eat, exercise, not going out of my way to do it except some of the ballet barre routing because I had a terrible leg injury and it caused some arthritic behaviour in both legs which is excruciating. This helps keep that in check and also a alkaline way of eating. And of course, I believe strongly that loving others as much as possible makes anyone more lovely or handsome.

I agree. Those who are happy within always look more attractive.

Leelee I'm glad your going to join me on facebook soon.Would be a real pleasure to actually "see" youSmile Smilie

Beauty things well that kind of depends on my mood.I'm more in love with myself than to bother who looks at me.So if I wake up one morning feeling really good,I will try the new lipstick or I can just go out as I am,just comb out my hair,use a little gloss and liner.

But I generally love make-up.In my country,girls really know what they want.You will hardly ever see a girl mismatching her clothes and accessories or getting her colors wrong.But that never gets me,I do exactly as I wish.But I do stick to my doctored diets and exercises.I love colorful make-up like green shadows and red liners,color-blocked clothes etc. and I'm obsessed with high heels lol.

Yoga also helps.most of my friends try,but I've never had the patience or inclination.

Wow I can just go on and on.

Wow Odette, you and your peers there have made beauty a fine art, like your paintings and carvings and such. I can't wait to see you !

Here, makeup is not worn all that much. A tiny bit of mascara or a tiny bit of lipstain or lipstick to help not looking washed out, not much more. Only the girls at the cosmetic counters wear full makeup and they are fascinating and lovely. Oh and at grad or weddings (though not that much) and nightclubbing which I don't do the girls wear full makeup.

Here let me see, the emphasis is on less is more , and the clothing. Not tremendously expensive, but more understated i guess, and many wear elegant jeans and a feminine top, hair cleaned constantly and lots of conditioner or hair repair. Focus on keeping skin porcelain pretty and most of us have ear and some nose piercings and will save up and spend quite a lot on something lasting and beautiful. Not much like your elegant self I guess. So for us it has to be our walking in the fresh air, biking or skating. We have three lakes here and myriads of walking and bike paths so that is used a great deal. Our Indian and Japanese residents though take a great deal more care on  clothing, expensive surroundings, just gorgeous. Being Jewish but with Celtic background I find that my family make our own things, carvings, beaded work, complex quilting and such things as we have researched from ancient days. We love Celtic art work and ways of hand scribing books and wall hangings. We love ancient things in a more modern light setting. The two guys in our family are beautiful, gentle, highly and I mean highly moral, have been since children and live a more Nazarite way. Both have very long hair, glossy and lovely and done in the way of Elrond and the elves, though pulled back in a pony for work. Our lives are to those who are social perhaps strangely silent and boring. But it is how we live, though when we throw a dinner it can be massive and all the instruments come out and singing and dancing. fun.

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