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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Oh what a difficult one - I would kill to defend myself or my loved ones but not premeditated.

To pluck ones eyebrows or not
not I am a boy to begin with and think it is stupid... but my sister had an incedent with a razor while shaving her legs in which she reached her hand up and accidentally shaved of the middle of one of her eyebrows. It was funny seeing her like that and she had to use and eyebrow pencil for a few weeks. After that I dont want to lose any part of my eyebrow.

elevator or stairs
elevator, too lazy for the stairs.

Merry or Pipin?
Both please.

spicey or mild?
Mild preferably.

White or Black
Definatly black

Motocross or Bmx?
Motorcross because my cousin competes in it

City or country
Country! The cities are so icky!

English or Western? (Horseback riding)

winter or summer
Winter - I love the cold - don't like it when it's hot Jumping Flame Smilie

Ice cream or jelly

Awake or Asleep?
awake I can go on PT when I am awake

New or used
It depends what it is.

Tape or DVD?

Arts or Sciences?
Sciences ... They are more scientific! Big Smile Smilie

caravan or tent?
hmmmm Caravan - is more comfy

sweet or savoury
Tent, as long as it is equipped with an insect screen for the "front door"...Never go camping in a semi-tropical climate without one, trust me! Especially when there are mosquitos the size of a small bird present. I still have a tiny scar where I was bitten by one of the big ones when I went backpacking in Mexico a few years ago. Fun fun fun!

Saurkraut or Pickled Beets? mmmmmm
Pickled beets

Horror Super Scared Smilie film or luvy dovy In Love Smilie film
Chik flick. I"d WET myself if I watched a horror, which I have never done. I scare easily (taking t ohobbithood, arent' I?).

Zab or zap? (Say zab, say zab, say zab!)
Zab it is!

Sweet or sour?
Sweet. And you wouldn't believe how happy I am that you chose Zab. It's WAY better. Even ask my mate. no, don't. She'd think you're weird (The whole LOTR thing, you see)

beautiful architecture OR really barren landscape?
Really barren, and therefore natural, landscape. I am totally appalled at the overdevelopement of this country, let alone the rest of the world, no matter how pretty the buildings are.

Thick or Thin?
Thick. (as in "not thin", not as in "stupid")

Go to a concert or to the movies?
concert all the way!

having a crush on sb or sb having a crush on you?
emh I don't want to have a crush...anyway....

night or day?

Peas or Carrots?
Carrots, especially raw

to be or not to be
(that is the question)
To be - please, it sounds like 'Yes'

PJ's or nightie
Nightie. THey're more geeky and stupid and olfashioned.

Speckled or striped?
Speckled. (Doncha love talking to yourself?)

Sane or insane?
Generaly sane, but... I wander a little...

Would you perfer a public or Private school?
Public is better been to Private and public and prefer public.

be a maniac or a lunatic
Lunatic sounds better. Paranoid Smilie

Ever or never?

Walk or run?
run is fun

give or take
Depends what I'm giving.

Am I giving a wonderful christmas dinner or a bloody nose?
Um...I'll take the dinner. Animated Wink Smilie

Chicken to eat or Chickens as pets?
eat we dont have a farm so there is no room for them.

climbing or swimming.
swimming. You can't fall so deep.

Sunrise or sunset?
sunset...it's so romantic.... In Love Smilie

beer or wine
I'm not eligable to drink yet

Sword or knife?

Joystick or keypad?
keyboard, more options

For the girls: one-piece or two-piece bathing suits
one piece

For guys, what do you perfer on girls, a one piece or two piece?
Depends on the girl really, but generally a two piece.

For information, the Internet or a good reference book?
the internet because you cant get side tracked with a book.

Squirrel or Chipmunk

raspberry ripple or neapolitan?
neapolitan. more options cuz i like strawberry, then chocolate, then vanilla.

surfing or skimboarding
Surfing...especially if pro-surfer/musician/cutiepie Jack Johnson is there...

Yellow or Beige?
Yellow it is the color of my favorite fleece that i am wearing as i post.

Bronze or Silver the color not material.
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