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Thread: What are you listening to?

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At this precise second 'Adigio for Strings' from Platoon - a wonderful sound
Nightwish - Passion and the Opera
Sure it's not 'adagio' rather than 'adigio?'

Well, my FAVOURITE double-CD set is going all stupid through overuse. So I'm listening to myself!!! Humming 'Cool' from 'West Side STory.' Which I hate. I hate West Side Story. I hate musicals in general. Well, almost all of them. I hate IT!!! We're studying it in Music. And we've been humming and clapping and singing 'Cool' and discussing intervals, and the 'blues scale' and tritones and all that rocket science stuff. Yeah, the teacher said 'This is rocket science in musical terms, so don't pretend it's easy.' But that's OKAY. Cause I understand it. But I hate having 'Cool' in my head. It's so STUPID!!!
I'm listening to NPR's All things Considered.

Loni: I suggest you replace your Cool Earworm with the Second Movement of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony or the Middle of J.S Bach's Orchestral Suite #3.
But... I don't know the tune. My friend starting humming a song I REALLY like, but have been TRYING to get out of my head, and I got that in there instead. And I WASN'T very happy. So I hummed a song I WANT to get in my head and it got in my head. And right now.... nothing is in my head. But....
I am listening to my mate looking at my diary, rambling on about what exams I have and when.
To the boring old news on the radio.

I think I'll soon put on my Bach's Brandenburg Concerto's CD though. I'm a Bach fan. Big Smile Smilie
sonata al chiaro di luna...by LV Beethoven
Erasure - The Innocents - playing at the moment is Witch in the Ditch
My rendition of J.S. Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major (strings, flute, and harpsichord)
Boston - playing at the moment 'More than a feeling' - great song.

Oh that's just finished and now it's Clark Datchler - Crown of thorns.
C.S. Lewis's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on CD.
Otherside-Breaks co-op
Still listening to LotR: Return of the King Soundtrack after answering a question posted further up the forum.
Puddle of Mud - up loud in my car
C.S. Lewis's The Horse and His Boy a radio play on CD.
Celtic Whispers featuring Will Millar.
kingdom of heaven soundtrack, very beautiful.
travis, but i better stop it and go to bed now...
travis, but i better stop it and go to bed now...

Why - what time it where you are.... it's 10pm here in the UK and very very hot (yes I know there is another thread somewhere about this, just asking Ithil Wink Smilie )

Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back The Clock
A big box fan set on medium speed.
I'm listening to The hand that feeds - Nine inch nails
Paradise City - by Guns N Roses
Blue feat Sir Elton John Sorry seems the hardest world
panick attack - dream theater... from their new cd Octavarium
NPR's All Things Considered
Hamser Dance! by Hampton the Hamster, or is Hamton?

Nah, really I'm listening to Green Day's Holiday.

The third and final disk of the radio play, Prince Caspian, the fourth book of "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis.
The cd that went with some massage oils, it's a very soothing cd.
ABBA - greatest hits. they're just cool. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Chris Lydon's new radio show, Open Source.
─rzte - rock'n'roll realschule, which is a live album. they're a quite good german band. does anyone know them?
Superstition by Stevie Wonder, then Beethoven!
Linkin Park Meteora - it's great Cool Smilie
The third and final disk of the radio play, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the fifth book of "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis.
Muse - Absolution. they're good...
WBUR.org's "Only a Game" via their online archive.
mr moon by mando diao.
KUOW.org's The Beat, live online.
Vivaldi "The Four Seasons" Winter Allegro non molto...
My 1997 rendition of Antonio Vivaldi's Opus 8, Concerto No. 4 in F minor, RV 297, which is the rest of the title that Nimrodel amarie was listening to in her above post. I used 3 violins, and one each of viola, cello, and bass on my Commodore 64 stereo rendition, which I have ported to my PC.
One Last Shot from the Pirates of the Caribbean:the Curse of the Black Pearl composed by Klaus Badelt. It's quite a good soundtrack, I just bought it today! Reminds me very much of LOTR's soundtracks, and Troy mixed together! Very entertaining.
NPR's All Things Considered
Ass like that by eminem
song "Converting Vegeterians", album "Infected Mushroom", artist... have NO idea!
The first disk of the Radio Theatre play, The Final Battle, the seventh book of "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis.
the cranberries - album: no need to argue.
Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin on the Halo 2 soundtrack
An archive edition of WBUR.org's The Connection where this morning (27 June) Dick Gordon interviewed for an hour one Cornelia Funke, the author of Dragon Rider.
This beautiful despair by Michael Rawls
best of james bond - 30th anniversary... all that cool title songs... Smile Smilie
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