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Thread: Sound Charades!!

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Jerry Maguire - this is doing my head in..... Very Mad Smilie
Yay! You got is Maydmarion!!!!!!! I was starting to wonder if anyone would get it.... Congrats!
You win the power to.....
Post the next one!!!!

Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Duck Smilie


Here goes

Two words.....Coloured Stationery
Red Letter?
Well? Am I right or wrong? Let me (and us) know.
Hi, sorry doing the christmas bits....plus a computer exam.....

No, sorry wrong answer
Do you want a clue...you were pretty close with your answer LA - different colour and the last part thicker!!!!!
There's a movie called the Scarlet Letter which came out in 1995 starring Demi Moore. What say you?
No - sorry

American actress - French actor.....
Green card!
Well done Big Smile Smilie

Your turn...
Hmmm hmmm...

Two words

battle alliance
Is it

Fight Club

Yes, it is. Smile Smilie Your turn!
Yay! Let's see here:

3 words
the outstanding quartet
The Fantastic Four?
Yeppers! Go ahead, LA86!

2 words:
Very Dark.
Ok - going to need a hint or 2 or 3.....
Its still very early to give hints but I'll tell you that the movie came out after 1995.
Pitch Black
Take it away, Maydmarion.
umm ya....im going to go ahead and post, if marymadrion wants to she can just do that.../.

4 words

the log of a fantzstical place that is believed not to exist by most people.

The Chronicles of Narnia, eh?

My turn.
Two words: The Unlucky Moon.
all i can think of is in "Space Balls" where Han oby do kadoby says "thats no moon..."
y is this bumped?
Darned if I know, nor do I yet know the movie's title.
so..who ever posts on this thread is the last poster of the "ivy bush"? wot a cool game,. im wiining! Wink Smilie
Not anymore!

And is the answer the latest one:

nevermind, I've no idea...

"notlucky notsun"
First of all, None of your answers are correct. and the reson for that is... I just realised that I had given you all a wrong clue. So the correct clue is :

2 words.
The Unlucky Sun.

Just got mixed up with the heavenly bodies you see. Sorry for the confusion and for wasting your (precious?) time. Happy Guessing! Big Smile Smilie
Ah! thank you LA86, now all I need is a bit of time to think on this one and....
I think its time for hints: Tom Hanks starred in this movie.
The only movie I can think of that has anything to do with Tom Hanks and celestial bodies is

Apollo 13...
Well, that might be it as it had unlucky astronaughts who didn't get to land on the Moon, but were lucky they came back home in one piece. I think the Moon was lucky rather than unlucky, because it didn't have another bunch of junk left on its surface as they never landed there.

About nine months before that crisis, my wife and I moved our black and white TV into our bedroom and stayed awake until the wee hours of the morning watching the events that went with, 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.' And no, I don't think it was done with mirrors.
sure 13's un unlucky number...
So, it's Icefang's turn then.
So it is. But I thought it was pretty easy even without the Tom Hanks hint. But of course, it was my my own riddle.
okay, mine is...

2 words
hidden orifice
I just wish I knew what an orifice was... Very Sad Smilie
No need to cry, hun. Just go here and look it up: www.thesaurus.com Smile Smilie
So now I know...and I'm still stumped...thanks by the way Amarie!!!
Black Hole?
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