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Thread: The Person Below Game

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What will you be doing the during the summer?
Well....considering it's half way through my summer vaca...and I still don't have anything planned...NOTHING!

what don't you like about your house?
That it is too modern, exept for the living room which is completely Africanized (really cool) but it's too modernish for my liking.

What do you most like about your home town?
That it's quiet and peaceful, and that there's not enough people there to invade your privacy all the time and spread rumors about you...I miss that place so much!

When you look out your window, what do you see?
The forest, rain, clouds, Copple Crown. I looks like I'm in the middle of nowhere.

What was the first fantasy book you ever read? (excusing childhood fairytales)
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but the first science fiction book was Interstellar Pig...and I loved it! Oink Smilie

If you could quit work or school and do anything you wanted to right at this moment, what would it be?
Hmm, hard one..I would have quit my job and gone to Irland for a year ( never been there , but I simply love Irish Happy Elf Smilie
Whats the best thing thats happened to you?
IRELAND FOREVER!!!! (iam Irish living in the US) IRELAND IS THE BEST!!

i think the best thing that has ever happened to me would be reading Tolkien

what is youre favorite type of rain?
When it is poring down on me !!!! I love the rain too( it is no such thing as bad weather , only bad clothes )
Whats your favourite time of the day?
As it ends, evening, dusk, whatever you want to call it.

How many pets do you have?
I have two pets -- a cat named Schatzi (the laziest cat in the world) and a fish named Horatio Bubbleblower (who is the most spastic beta fish in the world). Smile Smilie

If a person asks if he/she looks okay in a certain outfit, are you honest? Or do you tell the person he/she looks okay no matter what?
If I know them well I'll tell them not to wear it. If not I'll say go with your gut feeling...... Shaking Head Smilie

Speaking of animals...What animal charity do you / would you support, if any?
None, I'd rather help a few in the great multitudes of our world who are more in need of our help than a few animals, whose owners were too selfish to properly care for them and ensure their animals offspring numbered zero.

Do you normally listen to CDs or the radio when you write in the forum?
Well, I listen to CD's that I've ripped onto the computer...or my MP3 player. I'm not much for listening to the radio, all the news seems so sad now-a-days, and I don't want to hear it.

What is the last thought that runs through your mind before you wake up in the morning?
Well I am still sleeping... but I usually see an island at the beginning and end of my dreams... so I will say an island...

What is your favorite after school/work activity?
Well of course it goes without saying being on PT but my favourite hobby is cross stitching (know it sounds boring but I love it)

If you had 3 wishes - what would they be
1) To be happy
2) To be rich
3) To be thinner...

what was the last cd you bought?
Flogging Molly Within a Mile of Home

What is the best thing that happened to you so far in life?
Finally finding a guy worth dating...now we're engaged, and living together! Smile Smilie

What video game to you consider the best game ever?
I don't even know how to play one, much less have an opinion...

What do you think about the bombing in London?

I think its terribly sad that our world is becoming so unstable. And of course my sympathies to those who have lost loved ones, or who have been injured. I have faith that the world community can overcome these challenges if we stick together and support one another.

What is your favorite season of the year, and why?
Fall for the most beautiful colors and smells there are. Also I like the temperatures the best too. I'm not a warm weather person.

What is one of your favorite passtimes?
I lurve to cross stitch - some of the PT members know my passion for this.

What are you most afraid of?
Heights i think, falling from them actually but i am currently working on my fear of this and have been working on it by climbing up two volcanoes, and a lot of rock climbing and other tall things.

Do you like outdoor or indoor activities better, if temperature wasnt an issue.
If temperature wasn't an issue...and maybe there weren't any mosquitoes, definately outside, especially in the early night, I love the moon and stars...so pretty...Smile Smilie

If you could have any animal as a pet, without any worries of animal rights(etc.) what would it be and why?
Soft coated wheten terrier (a dog) i love dogs. more than eagles or other exotic pets

what is youre least favorite book that you have read
definately Little Women soooooo boring

who is your favorite author?
(besides tolkien)
William Blake

If we had reached a point in society in which it was safe to live on the moon, would you do it? Or would you remain on earth?
it depends on how the 'habbitat' on the moon was going. if it was all rocks and the earth was much like it is now, then no. if it was as green or greener up there than it is down here and the world was all city, then yes.

what is youre favorite forum?
Um...i don't really have one...so how about...ALL OF THEM!!! Wahaahaa...

If you could create your own perfume/cologne, what would you call it?
I would call it, Ode To April, and it would smelly very spring-like... hmmm, pretty.
Hey, here's any interesting one:

Imagine you're in a grocery store holding a quarter. You are standing in front of three "gumball machines." One holding gum (how original), one holding M & M's, and the last holding little plastic jewelry items. Which "gumball machine" would you put your quarter into and chance getting your favorite flavor, color, or jewelry?
definitely the m&m's...i think I'm addicted to those things, cept the orange ones, i don't eat those...i don't know why not though. :P

What would the result of mixing a camel and kangaroo be? Have you ever thought about how strange that would be: (sorry it's so random, i think i'm on a bit of a sugar high, when that happens I"m reallllly random.)
Dunno, but I wouldn't want to ride it. I'm actually interested in hearing more of Eruwens thoughts on Blake, to whom my exposure has been more limited than I'd like. Brilliant man, brilliant vision. Eruwen keeps intriguing me when I least expect it. Ah, well. Lowering the level of discourse....

Next has beaten StarCon II more than once (I just had to download The Ur-Quan Masters.)
No I haven't
This isn't "Who's Next" is it???

If you had a million dollars, but you could only buy one item, what would you buy?
I would buy a line of stock companies... wait - is that possible? Well, if it is, that's what I would buy. That way, I could make even more money! Moo-hoo-ha-ha! Big Laugh Smilie

If you could alter The Lord of the Rings story, (which nobody would probably want to, of course) what would you have Sauron forge instead of nine rings?
Swords. I think that might be a pretty interesting story...but then again, it might be a little too Thundercats-esque. He, he. (Am I dating myself with this comment?)

If you died, and you were given the option of being reincarnated as anything you wanted to be, what would you be reincarnated as?

OOC: As for William Blake, Morambar, he changed my perspective on life when I was an undergrad student...or maybe he just gave me license to think the way that I do. In particular, I like his theories regarding boundaries, time and space (or lack thereof). He made me realize that everything is a dialectic, and that through this dialectic the world is constantly moving forward in a spiral; it's moving backward and forward, yet always forward. He definitely was a brilliant visionary and a brilliant man (as was Tolkien). I was going to write my master's thesis connecting his illuminated drawings to his texts, but recently changed to Tolkien.
Do you want a Tolkien creature or just a real-life one?... well here's a Tolkien one:
I would be reincarnated as a Great Eagle, because I could soar over Middle Earth, looking down upon the beauties of it all...

If you had to move suddenly and could only take 10 personal posessions with you, what would you take? ( not including money. imagine it's already taken care of. )
umm....10 things....

1) my wardrobe...
2) a pair of sandals...
3) my purse...
4) my hairbrush...
5) my toothbrush...
6) my tv...
7) my books...
8) my compy...
9) my phone book...
10) a bag to carry everything in...

If you were any kind of bug, what would you be, and why?
I would be a cockroach, those things seem to be able to survive almost anything, even if they are ugly beyond comparison.

If you could be in any movie, even one that hasn't been made yet, what would it be and who would you want to be?
I would want to be in The Hobbit, when Peter Jackson gets the production rights, of course! I'd want to be one of the Wood Elves, I think. Either that or just a stand in...

If you could be married to any celebrity, who would it be & why?

( Speaking of The Hobbit, does anyone else think that the Wood Elves are very, well, wood-like? Very unrealistic! )
( Also... speaking of Peter Jackson, does anyone know the news on him & The Hobbit production rights? )
Jennifer O'Dell, because despite the fact I'm normally unaffected by things as superficial as looks she takes my breath away. Plus there's the Irish thing (I'm also of Irish descent, as well as Scottish and French; go Celts!) and the fact she's got my absolute favorite name.

[b[If you could live in any era and palce in time, when/where would it be and why?
If any place any time in middle earth. I would pick Minas Tirith 4th age. The description in the book of the city was phenominal. (I am an architect to be.) I just love the stone work with the flora.

If any place any time on our earth. I would pick here and now. I love my life. Although I wouldn't mind picking here 10 years from now. When I have finished college, bought a house, and may be starting a family.

If you were president or prime minister or leader of your nation. What would be the first thing you change or do?
hehe....i have no idea...probably try to uncorupt it with out getting killed
Here's a new question:

If you could interview anyone in the world, even if they have already died, who would it be?
Again, I will answer William Blake -- I think the interview would be one fascinating ride! (Swedenborg might be a pretty interesting interview as well.)

If you could pick any song that represents you as a person what song would it be? Why?
Complicated, by Avril Lavigne...because I am, and I tend to make things complicated for people, just because I have really bad luck, and things really stink sometimes!

If you could be a flavour of iced cream, which flavour and brand would you be, and why?
Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter n' Chocolate
I get it every time I go.

If you could fix one mistake or relive one moment, what moment or mistake would you pick.
Geez...that's kinda personal isn't it? Umm....i don't know...i don't think i wanna answer that...

If you had to choose between tattoo, or body peircing, which would you get?
i would choose a lord of the rings inspired tattoo.

If you could choose to be any character that Tolkien created, who would it be and why?
( I DO have a LOTR inspired tattoo...and I love it! They're fun! Smile Smilie )

I would definately be Lúthien...her romance with Beren was so beautiful, and I would love for people to think I was/am the most beautiful lady in all the world Ha Ha Ha Smilie I also think that even though she suffered a lot of pain, she was a very stron character, and I would LOVE to live a life even half as exciting as hers!

If there was a fire, and you only had seconds to grab all the things valuable to you, what would you grab first?
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