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Thread: The pocket game

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Just one un-spent Kleenex. (Still In my night shirt.)
how come ive never even seen this thread!?

i have...

3 dollars (US)
1 guitar pick
1bass pick
1 mando pick
1 mp3 player
1 pen (for writing)
1 bic pen exterior (for shooting airsoft bb's out of, stupid airsoft guns r expensive)

Now if you'd asked about what's in my handbag......WOW
this is a really cool game

i have.....

a mobile phone,
an MP3 Player,
a funny shaped piece of wood, (that i carry everywhere)
headphones (for the MP3 player)
a flash disk for my work
and the end of my old school tie that's cut up and has holes in it (a momento from the darkness that is called Severn Vale School!!!!)
Um... in my pockets I have-

6 quarters
1 five dollar bill
4 stolen rubber gloves from the doctor's office
1 spork.
1 mando pick

whered everything gooo?

my wallet (nothing in it)
2.60 (that should be in my wallet)
a green gooey thing????
my bank book
and a part of my headphone that has broken off!!!
At this very moment in time, in my pocket there is...

a couple pieces of lint
75 cents

in my other pocket...

&40.00 for a field trip tomorrow....
and more lint
A keyring with a small CRKT side-folding knife and seven keys, including one to the TARDIS.
my mask, and a pick. i just emptied them...
A mobile phone
Kentucky Horse Park keychain
4 Dollars
Some nice gum...(ABC gum that is)

Thats it for NOW.....
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