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Thread: Guess the word!

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Is it to loll?
ahhh... to lope?

or possibly lumber, but i think oloriniwasinmyyouth has got it.
how about to lide? It's a word i just invented, by definition it's similar to the stride.
Olorin's lope was the word. I hope ypu like chocolate-mint for that is the color of your Wooly Gem. Elk Grinning Smilie

What word means: "having or showing tenderness, emotion, delicate feeling etc., as music poetry, etc." Question Smilie
Is it passion?
How about sensitivity?
How about attatchment?
All good guesses, but no cigar. Happy Elf Smilie It does strart with S.
How about sentiment, dear Grondy?
Close enough Adreia, it was sentimental. A purple Wooly Gem to you. (I hope that's not eggplant flavored.)

What word means: "to pull along the ground or other surface" Question Smilie
Could drag be the word that you are looking for Grondy?
Pull?I think Luthien's got it though
Princess_Lthien's drag was correct, so she gets a bright yellow Wooly Gem.

What word means: "a net or network; made with an open weave" Question Smilie
Perhaps a chain?
Grondy, would that be a mesh?
How about mesh?
or possibly web?
Hey Grondy....how about Fabric.
Oloriniwasinmyyouth's mesh was the correct answer Happy Elf Smilie for an amber colored Wooly Gem (rootbeer flavored).

Princess_Lthien also had the answer but made her post about 3/4 hour too late. Got The Blues Smilie

What word means: "a sack; a pouch, usually of cloth, paper, or leather, used to hold, preserve, or carry anything. Question Smilie
A flask?
What about pack?
None of those are it. May give a hint tomorrow, if still necessary.
How about rucksack?
Hmmmm... perhaps it's a poke?
Maybe it is a cantina? But I think that is actually a Spanish word, as opposed to an English word...If it is not an English word, then my guess is cask-do the words have to be in English or no?
is it a satchel?
Haversack? (But...you probably wouldn't have a word as the answer that is in the definition, right?)
None of the above. Hint: "Plastic or paper?" (And many may now kick themselves.)

I do try to use only English or American words, but as many French, Spanish, and Indian words have entered our lexicons, who can can tell. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Correct, I try not to include the word or its extentions in its definition. Happy Elf Smilie
Kick themselves, or else die of embarrassment!!!

Bag is the answer...great one, Grondy!
Hope you weren't wearing your logging boots Laurelindhe ilmarin. You get a pink Wooly Gem. Happy Elf Smilie

What word means "a pouting grimace" Question Smilie (I ran across this unfamiliar word three times last week in a book originally written in Spanish, but translated into English. My dictionary said it had a French origin.
Only because you say it's unfamiliar and French...I'm going to guess "moue."
That was it Eruwen, those type words have yet to come into common usage here in the upper left hand corner of the States. You get an Emerald Green Wooly Gem and I'm not going to lick it to find out if it was lime or spearmint before it received its coat. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What word means: "any of a group of fragrant European plants of the mint family, having spikes of pale-purplish flowers and yielding an aromatic oil." Question Smilie
Yes, this is a wild guess, but foxtail?
Oooo...my first wooly gem! How cool is that?! Yay! (I think it is spearmint. My favorite!)

My guess for this next one is lavender.
Yes Eruwen, it was lavender . Happy Elf Smilie A chocolate Wooly Gem this time. (You might want to voluntarily observe a 24 hour waiting period similar to the mandatory one in our trivia thread; I won't instigate that rule here unless things get out of hand.) Share and enjoy! Wink Smilie

What word means: "not biased; unprejudiced; disinterested; equitable; just; fair." Question Smilie
Is it possibly temperate?
How about impartial?
Impartial it was Princess_Lthien, so a strawberry Wooly Gem for you. Happy Elf Smilie

What word means: "a framework, grating, case, stand, etc, for holding or displaying various articles" Question Smilie
Could it be structure?
How about shelf?
(You might want to voluntarily observe a 24 hour waiting period similar to the mandatory one in our trivia thread; I won't instigate that rule here unless things get out of hand.)

Sorry to be ignorant...but what's the 24-hour waiting period? Am I supposed to wait 24-hours after winning one? Or always wait 24-hours after you post the definition to answer?

Never mind...I just looked at the Trivia section. Gotcha. I won't do it again *slaps herself on the hand, but highly, highly enjoys her chocolate wooly gem*. Wink Smilie
Nope none of those answers. Hint: It starts with R.
I'm going with rack...
That's it Laurelindhe ilmarin. Oooo! a pale green gooseberry Wooly Gem. (Hope they added enough sugar.)

What word means: "celerity of motion; speed; swiftness; dispatch; expedition: applied only to voluntary actions." Question Smilie

(Grondy merely corrected the question mark icon's spelling so it would activate.)
How about agility?
Haste perhaps?
Haste it was Eruwen, you get a blue Wooly Gem (obviously blueberry flavored) Happy Elf Smilie

What word means: "to slope; to incline; to slant; to tip." Question Smilie
Umm... push? (im new at this, so dont point at me and laugh) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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