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Thread: What's the question

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Q: How were the men of the west called in Middle Earth?

A: Grey Havens

Sorry Grondy, Mithril Smile Smilie
Q: When most of the Elves sailed into the West, where was their port of embarkation?

A: Púkel-men
Q: What were the standing stones in the likeness of men on the road to Dunharrow called?

A: Hollin
Q: What is the name of the region of Middle-earth to the west of the Misty Mountains, bounded to the south by the Rivers Glanduin and Swanfleet, and to the northwest by the Rivers Mitheitel and Loudwater?

A: The Wold
Q: Where was the orc host seen after the men of Edoras had sat out for Gondor?

A: Old Man Willow
Q: Who trapped Merry and Pippin in the Old Forest?

A: Indis of the Vanyar
Q: Which blonde Elda married Finwë and was subsequently the mother of Fingolfin and Finarfin.

A: Seven Stones
Q: "What was the common reference to the palantiri, as for all of them together?"

A: Amon Hen
Q: Where was Boromir son of Denethor slain ?

A: Helcaraxë
Q: How was the grinding ice of the North Called where Turgon lost his wife?

A: Bree
Q: In what city, town, village, or hamlet was the Prancing Pony Inn located?

Q: "What was the name of the horse of Glorfindel, which he used in his search for Aragorn and the Hobbits by their voyage to Rivendell?"

A: Canafinwe
Q: What might be another name by which Maglor was known? I couldn't couldn't come up with a source for this.

A: Amon Rûdh
Q: What was the name of the hill, originally the abode of Mim the dwarf, then used by Turin?

A: Naugrim
Q: What was the common name the Noldor used for the Dwarves?

A: Mearas
Q: "What were called (mostly by men) the Wild Horses of Middle Earth?"

A: Limlîht (Limlight)
Q: What river flowing from Fangorn Forest into the Anduin, formed the norther boundary of Rohan?

A: Gimilkhâd
Q : Who was the father of Ar-Pharazôn

A: Meneltarma
Q: What was the highest mountain in Numenor?

A: Thorondor
Q: Who was the Lord of the Great Eagles in the First Age and who was also an Elf friend.

A: Míriel
Q: "What was the name of the spouse of last King of Numenore?"

A: Ramdal

Míriel is Quenya name, meaning "jewel-daughter". In Numenore it was used according the tradition, stating that the Kings and their family members must have Quenya names.As much as I know there are two of that name known: first was Míriel Serinde, mother of Finwe, and she lived before FA; second was Tar-Míriel and for her I formed my question above, although not sure if that was the idea of the original answer
Q: By what name was the eastern end of Andram, the great escarpment of Beleriand, known?

A: Girdley Island

PS: Actually I was thinking of the first wife of Finwë and the mother of Fëanor, but I accepted your answer.
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