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Thread: LOTR Quiz

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You do mean Gimli, right Grondy? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Can't remember the precise name of the place though.
It was said you could see the reflection of Durins Crown there whether it was night or day. Durin I saw it there the firstest, way back in the First Age; later Gimli saw it there while on a business trip towards the end of the Third Age. Where were they able to see this reflection?
Gahhhhh! It's on the tip of my tongue, but too tired and too much useless junk in the way; if I say what I want to say (which is a geographic place name on modern Earth, not too far from where the Professor spent much of his life, I believe) it would be a dead give away. Was something like the Pool of Azunalbizar, I think, but I know that's not (quite) it, sigh.

Edit: OK, I feel better now; a miss is as good as a mile, but missing by a mile hurts less. Carry on.
You are close with 'Pool of Azunalbizar' Morambar, but I want one of that pool's two names, one was in Dwarfish and the other was common Westron. For those that don't remember Azunalbizar is the Dimrill Dale.
No, no, no, I'm not close, I'm way off and didn't just barely miss it when I gave its location rather than name! Gimme something, Grondy; I can't handle near misses. ;-p I could give you both answers after checking last night though; I assumed you wanted the Dwarvish name.
kheled zaram ? something like that im not sure exactly
Golden_red has it with Kheled-zâram. I also would have accepted its more common name of Mirrormere. Happy Elf Smilie

Your turn Golden_red.
Would you start another one Grondmaster ?
In what year Shire Reckonning was the last of the Third Age Question Smilie
im not sure, i found 2 dates but probably only one is the correct one, so ill go with 1419???
No that was the Fall of Barad-dûr, the Battle of Bywater, and the End of the War of the Ring, but not the End of the Third Age. You did have it in Shire Reckonning like I asked, rather than Steward's Reckoning as was used by the rest of the Westron speakers. Happy Elf Smilie
i hate time, but is it not so, that the Shire's time is like 2000years less then the humans, then i only need to know when the age ends in the humans counting, am i rightAngel Smilie
I believe it was 1420, a famous year of prosperity in the Shire, thanks more to Sam than to Aragorn and Frodo.
No, Shire Reckonning is 1600 years less than Steward's Reckonning of the Third Age years.

No, remember Bilbo beat the Old Took's record for longevity before they sailed into the West.

Today I found a contradiction in Appendix B regarding the answer to this question. On its first page it says one thing and then another on the third from its last. I'm going with what was written on that latter page as it doesn't require a nameless transition between the Third and Fourth Ages.

So I guess I'd have to give out two Pseudo-Silmarils for each of these two answers if this was the Trivia: Barad-dûr thread. One to Elessar Lossëhelin for the 1419 and another for whomever gets my wanted second answer.
Ah, right, the passing of the Ringbearers is the official end, which makes it 1421.
Correct Morambar, you may pose the next question for us to answer or guess. Happy Elf Smilie
Um... this may be a repeat; if so the first person to repeat the answer can let fly with with their question: what is the OFFICIAL name (Sindarin, IIRC) of Aragorns Royal House adopted at the end of the War of the Ring?
thanks Grondy, oooh but i wasnt far off Elf Smilie
Well, Aragorn derived his house name from 'Strider', and that name in Quenya was Telcontar; but I don't know what it was in Sindarin. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Ah, thought it was Sindarin, my bad, but yeah, that's the one I sought; well done, Grondy.
When the Orcs crept through the culvert into the Deep, who helped Gimli slay them and plug-up their rat-hole Question Smilie
As this was the time that Gimli and Legolas were having their 'slaughtering contest', but Gamling wanted Gimli to clog up the hole, as he shouted that 'Dwarves are said to be masters of stone' or something like that, so i would say Gamling not Legolas???
You are correct Loss, so now it is your turn. Happy Elf Smilie
What races comprise the Three Kindred???
The Vanyar, Noldor and Teleri
Which race/branch of Hobbit did Gollum originate from?
yes that was correct, but i was looking for another three kindred

Gollum was a river/water hobbit

What other races comprised another three kindred???
Gollum was a Stoor; I believe Sam was a Harfoot; and Bilbo and Frodo were Fallohides.

The Three Kindred were the three free peoples of Middle-earth, Elves, Dwarves, and Men.
Thats what i was looking for Grondy, i was starting to think that i was all alone in that question Big Smile Smilie
Who gave Bilbo a what color hood and cloak after he had run off to Bywater without so much as a pocket-handkerchief Question Smilie
Bilbo had borrowed a dark green hood and cloak from Dwalin, but i could be wrong as you asked who 'gave' not borrow???
That's true Loss, but it is the answer I wanted and I don't think Bilbo ever returned it to Dwalin, it was probably left lying on the floor of the Goblins' Front Porch, unless the Goblins scooped it up with the rest of the misplaced baggage.

Anyway it is Loss's turn.
At what point did Bilbo name his sword 'Sting'???
After he had killed his first spider in Mirkwood, which ocurred as he awoke while the spider was trying to tie him up.
correct, exactly what is written Big Smile Smilie your turn.
Oops, I overlooked this thread, sorry.

What was the final disposition of Morgoth's Iron Crown Question Smilie
'Twas beaten into a collar for his neck.

The Rammas Echor of Minas Tirith was made of the same material as what other Númenórean outpost?
Maybe Minas Morgul? They were built around the same time.
A couple days ago I PMed Tyrhael to adjudicate the above answers, but he hasn't yet replied, so if anyone else would rather start a new question, they may. Happy Elf Smilie
Ok, An easy one to start off with.....

Q: Who were the 2 guards, left to guard Frodo and Sam, when Sam saw the Oliphant?
One was Mablung.
Yes, the other being... Damrod.

As you got half right you go next Grondy Angel Smilie
Who brought how many leaves of kingsfoil to Aragorn in the Houses of Healing Question Smilie
I think it was Ioreth, the maidswomen who couldn't keep her mouth sealed, and she bore two leaves??? Wrapped in a piece of cloth???
Not according to my book, sorry.
Bergil, son of Beregond, with six leaves.
You got it Fionwë, your turn.
Who came to Aragorn after the confrontation with Saruman?
The rest of the Dunedain .. as well as Illidan and Ilrohir .. methinks. I hope this was the answer you were looking for. My trilogy is a bit rusty .. im assuming I have the right answer so ill post the next question :

What is the name of the secret outpost that Faramir takes Frodo & Sam to in Ithilien ??
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