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Thread: LOTR Quiz

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Henneth Annun.

Assuming I have the answer you were looking for:
What was the name, and translation, of the Land of Lorien as it was known of old?

What does Moria mean in elvish?
It means Black Abyss or Dark Void, if you want to look at it another way Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
yeah but where's ya question?
Oh, I automatically assumed (as that was how it was done i nthe past in this thread) that you wait for the person who gave the question to say whether it was correct or not......

Who was the Master of Buckland at the time when Gandalf came to the Shire and Bilbo's Party???
Per Appendix B: Bilbos Tea Party was in TA 2949, which was 1349 SR.
Per Appendix D: Gorbadoc 'Broadbelt' lived from 1260-1363 SR and his father had died in 1310 SR
Thus Gorbadoc 'Broadbelt' was Master of Buckland at that time.

Of course if the "party" was meant to be his eleventy-first birthday party in (TA 3001 - 1600) = 1401 SR, then it would have been Rorimac 'Goldfather' (Old Rory) (1302-1408) as his father died in 1363 SR

Who were Arwen Evenstar's brothers Question Smilie
easy easy easy,

Eladan and Elrohir

(incidently, both these names hint at there mixed lineage, the start of both names is El short form of sindarin elf, the word adan means "man" and the word rohir comes from sindarin rochir "horselord", which you shouold recognise from rohirrim, so both names kinda mean elf-man)
oh and morambar, was your question RE the elf and the white tree ever answered

if not i would hazard a guess at Celeborn seeing as his name means "silver-tree" so a quenya cognate could be tyelep (quenya) + orne (tree)
therefore =
tyelep+orne ~ teleporno ~ telperion ???
Big Smile Smilie
No, Gorbadoc "Broadbelt" Brandybuck left his title to his son at the time of Bilbo's party and his name was Rorimac "Goldfather" Brandybuck and he was at Bilbo's Party and saw him dissapear, but no-one really did because of Gandalf's wizardry...... sorry to poop your parade Grondy Look Around Smilie

Who was the doorward of Thoden King???

Who wished to returned back to rivendell after the dreadful unsucessful crossing of the mountain paths above moria
Which party Loss, the big tea party with Thorin's Company in 1341 SR, the little tea party with Gandalf and Balin in 1349 SR, or the big birthday party in 1418 SR? I did have the the right answer for the birthday party.

I have always assumed Roridoc (Rory) inherited the title in 1363 SR at the death of his father, Gorbadoc. I didn't know Gorbadoc abdicated in favor of his son; when did this occur and where is it documented?
Oh, I am sorry, I should have been more detailed with "Party", I meant his big bash of a Birthday when he dissapeared. When I thought of the question I read from my source wrong (as it was 1:30 in the morning) so you are indeed correct in both respects, as I have re-read over where I got it from Elf Confused Smilie Once again I've gone wrong!!!
Don't sweat it Loss, we learn from our mistakes, especially me. Elf Winking Smilie

Who wished to returned back to rivendell after the dreadful unsucessful crossing of the mountain paths above moria

Would that be Frodo in his frigid dream while sheltering in a 'house with only one wall and no roof'? (They were in the pass, huddling beside the wall of a cliff during a blizzard.)
Grondy didn't ask a question, and this cool thread seems to have died as a result. I'll take up the next question and see if we can't bring it back to life. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

What was the name of the building where some of the boys of Minas Tirith were living, after the women and children were evacuated?
'Twas the Old Guesthouse in the Rath Celerdain, the Lampwrights' Street.

How long did Sam think the thorns of the Morgai must be, from the feel of them?
A foot long, just like the hot dogs at Coney Island. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

How many Ent-strides was the distance from where Treebeard meets the hobbits, to his home at Wellinghall?
About seventy thousand entstrides.

About how many known kills was Bilbo credited with, during his battles with the spiders in Mirkwood Question Smilie
It's hard to say exactly... but I counted the first 2 that he nailed with stones, the 1 big fat one guarding the dwarves, and "about half a dozen" when he rescued Bombur. Then there's the main battle ("Then the battle began. Some of the dwarves had knives...") The book mentions that many spiders were killed, but doesn't specifically credit Bilbo with any further kills from this point on. Later (during the escape) it mentions that he wounds quite a few of them, but they wouldn't come close because of Sting.

So I guess the answer is "at least 9" that we can specifically count. Sounds good?
I'll say 10, to be awkward Orc Smiling Smilie
I counted a confirmed ten when I was making the question: the nine Meneldur noted, plus Bilbo's earlier first kill when the spider was trying to wrap him up as he awoke. That first one he killed with his sword, which he then named "Sting". After this he found he had courage and wasn't afraid when it came to saving the Dwarves from the spiders.

Loss gets the honor of posing the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Haha! Twas purely a guess. Sorry Meneldur, it seems being awkward can work sometimes...

Who was Aragorn's Mother's Mother?
I had to hunt, but found it at the beginning of Section V to Appendix A of RotK, where it says Ivorwen was the wife of Dirhael, father of Gilraen the Fair. Dirhael thought his daughter was too young, but Ivorwen was in favor of the marriage between Gilraen and Aragorn's father Arathorn, as he would probably be short lived and ought to have an heir.

How many ropes were needed for the Fellowships' crossing of the swift and deep running Celebrant Question Smilie
Three. One to walk on, and two (one high, one low) to steady themselves with their hands as they crossed.
u didn't pose a question
Maybe Meneldur was like me and forgot, or else maybe he wasn't positive that his answer was the correct one. Anyway he was correct and may post the next question. If he doesn't in another day or two, anyone may do it. Happy Elf Smilie
Oops, sorry guys.

What did Merry think the "standing stones" at Dunharrow looked like?
He thought in retrospect, that they the Pukel Men, looked like the modern Wild Men as embodied in Ghn buri-Ghn. Or was it "teeth" you were after?
Yes I was looking for the teeth, but you got "extra-credit", I forgot that the Pukel-men were referred to as "standing stones" as well.

While they were climbing up the cliff-face:
Up it horses could walk, and wains could be slowly hauled; but no enemy
could come that way, except out of the air, if it was defended from above. At
each turn of the road there were great standing stones that had been carved in
the likeness of men, huge and clumsy-limbed, squatting cross-legged with their
stumpy arms folded on fat bellies.

Then later when they reach the upland plateau:
Dividing the upland into two there marched a double line of unshaped standing
stones that dwindled into the dusk and vanished in the trees. Those who dared
to follow that road came soon to the black Dimholt under Dwimorberg, and the
menace of the pillar of stone, and the yawning shadow of the forbidden door.
Merry stared at the lines of marching stones: they were worn and black;
some were leaning, some were fallen, some cracked or broken; they looked like
rows of old and hungry teeth.

Ok it's your turn. Elf Smilie
Which begger asked for a pipefull?
Oh that's gotta be Saruman. When they were all on the way back north after the war -- the Hobbits, plus Gandalf, Galadriel and Celeborn. And he kept Merry's tobacco pouch too, LOL!

During the Quest for Erebor, about how long did Gandalf, Bilbo, and the Dwarves stay in Rivendell?
"two weeks at least"
Since this thread has been dormant for a while, I'll post a question.

Who was the "official" gardener of Bag End when Bilbo returned from his adventure?
I think Hamfast Gamgee (the Gaffer) didn't get that promotion until much later after Bilbo returned from Mt. Erabor; so it would have been old Holman.
Yep, nice job.
Who was the mother of the Dwarven brothers, Fili and Kili?
Thorin's sister...I think her name is Dis?
Correct on both counts; Turin's turn. Happy Elf Smilie
What device or token did all the Dundedain bear who were at Helm's Deep? (Except Aragorn)
A star on their foreheads. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie I don't actually know this; if I'm wrong I'll look for the answer tomorrow.

Edited to fix the icon.
You're right, it was a silver star with rays.
What, if anything other than spiders, did Bilbo, Frodo, or Sam actually use Sting to maim or kill?
Bilbo killed orcs in the battle of five armies and frodo maimed the troll in moria. That's all I can come up with.
I couldn't find Bilbo killing any Orcs or Goblins in the Battle of Five Armies in The Hobbit, where it said he put on the Ring early in the battle and then tried to stay out of the way, until after the Eagles showed up and that errant stone hit his helm knocking him unconcious. The battle was over when he awoke again. Anyway, Frodo did stab the troll's foot and thats all I could find for him. And other than Shelob, and besides scaring a couple Orcs in to running, Sam actually did slash the whip-hand from the arm of Frodo's tormenter in Cirith Ungol, just before that snaga tripped and fell through the trapdoor near the top of the tower.

The maiming the troll's foot was enough of an answer to give Turin the honor of asking the next question. Happy Elf Smilie
Ha, I'd hardly say I got that one correct, but I'll post another question gladly.
Name one of the names that Bill Ferny called Aragorn at Bree (Strider doesn't count), and try not to look it up .
Longshanks ? Im not sure and cant really be bothered looking it up to check
That's what I was thinking of also (I didn't look it up either), so you are correct.
Yes, it was Bill Ferny who led Aragorn Longshanks, so Golden_red gets to pose the next question. I looked it up to make sure. Happy Elf Smilie
i except Grondy's answer......it's Golden_red's turn... Big Smile Smilie
I sent Golden_red a reminder PM today; if she doesn't post the next puzzle in a couple days, someone else may take her turn.
OK will wait and see.... Shocked Elf Smilie
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