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Thread: Snapshots

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My Trip (or the ones without my thumb)

1) Goldberry's House on washing day.

2) Bill Ferny's face in contact with apple core.

3) Sam standing beside Bill all packed and rareing to go.

4) The Balrog in all its glory.

5) A Mallorn in all its autumn splender

Okay, so I misread the instructions. Got The Blues Smilie Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie

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Ha Ha Ha Smilie This could be fun!

1. Arwen
2. Cirin Amroth
3. Gandalf
4. The Argonath
5. Minas Tirith

1. Frodo
2. Frodo and the ring
3. The doors of Moria
4. The Balrog
5. The edless stair (to prove to Gimli that it did exist)

Gimli (a seriously snap happy character)
2.Galadriel in another outfit
3. Galadriel riding a horse
4. Galadriel trimming hair
5. Galadriel dressed for Arwen's wedding

none, elves have photographic memories, so wouldnt need any

1.The Ring
2. Frodo
3. Himself
4. Merry and Pippin
5. blurry picture of orcs approaching...

1. Bag End
2.The Shire
3. Sam
4. Merry and Pippin
5. Black Gates of Mordor

1. Frodo
2. Garden at Bag End
3. Shelob
4. Mordor
5. Cracks of Doom
6. Gollum (sorry, just had to put that one in)
The Ringwraiths (say cheese lads)
The Fellowship
The surviving members of the fellowship
The Balrog as it was falling of the bridge (capturing the look of shock on its face)
Before and after pictures of Gandalf (from grey to white, ahh, the wonders of Daz)
A picture of Gimli takeing a bath in Galadriel's mirror Tongue Smilie
Galadriel doing her "glow in the dark elf thing" (you saw it in the movie. scary)

Mine are all head shots

1) The expressions on the faces of the crowd when Bilbo delivers his famous "I don't know half of half as well as I should like..." line.

2) Lobelia Sackville-Baggins' face when she gets her spoons.

3) Gimli's face when he first sees Aglarond.

4) Sam's face when he sees the Oliphaunt.

5) Saruman's face during the Ent attack.
Very Big Grin Smilie

Now I'm sure the whole Fellowship would take the group photo on the battlefield before the Black Gate, wearing a T-shirt saying: "I survived the wrath of Sauron". Big Laugh Smilie
With a balloon over Frodo saying, "I don't care what 'The Mouth of Sauron' said; the rumors of my demise were exaggerated." And another over Sam saying, "Mr. Frodo can't flip the bird at the cameraman, 'cause he already gave the finger to Gollum." Tongue Smilie

If this gets deleted I'll understand. Very Big Grin Smilie
Now I'm sure the whole Fellowship would take the group photo on the battlefield before the Black Gate, wearing a T-shirt saying: "I survived the wrath of Sauron".

How about 'I survived the wraith of Sauron' Smoke Smilie
- Frodo lying deadstill because of shelobs poison
- Wormtongue stabbing Saruman to death
- Eowyn killing the Witch King of Angmar
- Galadriel in her sloggie Underwear or maybe I would rather have a picture of ghan buri ghan
- Stone of Erech with our Dunedan Hero's and the Ghostly Horde

Wow I maniged to shoot all five Smile Smilie wow... never thought I would want to make that much photo's

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Wraith of Sauron! Big Laugh Smilie

Ok what pictures would you shoot if you would have the chance to visit ME?

Mine are:

- Tom Bombadil and Goldberry in the Old Forest (Of course)
- Treebeard
- Gandalf riding Shadowfax
- The door of Khazad-Dum (you know, the ithildin thingie)
- Ghan-Buri-Ghan

I think that would be it, yeah.
What pictures would I want from my tour of ME?

- Rivendel, with Elladan and Elrohir in foreground
- Elrond ( to show PJ what he really looks like!)
- Aragorn and Arwen's wedding (I love weddings Very Sad Smilie )
- The Grey Havens
- The Balrog (to prove once, and for all, that it does not have wings)
You'll need one hell of a camera to get the Balrog in one picture, Allyssa! Tongue Smilie Nice pics! Smoke Smilie
I think you would, rather, need one hell of a flash attachment to overcome its darkness, in order to tell if it had wings or not. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
yes Allyssa, that is exactly what I would have photographed... Big Laugh Smilie
1) The Fellowship in Rivendell
2) The Gates of Moria
3) Galadriel in front of L˘thorien
4) The Pillars of the King
5) aragon peeing in the woods, swearing at the one who took the picture! Big Laugh Smilie
In case someone didn't notice, PJ will NOT come to my birthday-party...

Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

1) Aragorn ready for battle
2) Elves in Rivendell
3) Elves in Lothlorien
4) Elves at the Grey Havens
5) Frodo and Gollum fighting over the ring with Tom Bombadil in the background telling them to play-nice and share their toys.