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Thread: Fav Toons

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And had Gary Larson not retired to rest upon his laurels, we would be having even more of his wonderful cartoons to read and he wouldn't need to be so tight-fisted. Oh well, I guess every great artist is want to suffer burnout at some point in their career. Very Sad Smilie

[Edited on 17/7/2002 by Grondmaster]
Very Sad Smilie They still put them in our morning paper here, but no new ones is not good Sad Smilie
The Muppet Show? Big Smile Smilie
Hey, "The Thunderbirds" are being rebroadcast on TechTV now. Jumping Flame Smilie
Thunderbirds! Is that the puppet sci-fi show with Zelda pipmpleface or something? It sure sounds familiar.
Okay, Thunderbirds and Muppets are not Cartoons are they. You can't have that. And I know the show you mean Golly, it's not Thunderbirds but it's going to drive me nuts all day trying to remember what it was...
Anyone remember The Wacky Races? I'd love to see some of those repeated again. It always bugged me though, how Dick Dastardly (was he a cartoon Terry Thomas?) always managed to get far enough ahead of everyone else to set a fiendish ambush, but could never use that hidden turn of speed to actually win the race.
What was great about the cartoon in my opinion was the number of different characters in the race (I cannot remember the names of many of them, but I can still picture most of them).
Go on BBC, show us them again. Smile Smilie
Val, you can get them dirt cheap on the Hanna-Barbera video collection. I don't have the Wacky Races one myself, but I do have the Hair Bear Bunch, Scooby and Hong Kong Phooey ones.
Oh, and Golly, I remembered it, you're thinking of Terrahawks.
I love Scooby Doo, however, Bugs Bunny and gang is my fav.
Terrahawks! That's it! I kinda liked that one, though it was rubbish!

I loved Scooby too Red! Hated Scrappy. Tongue Smilie
Jinkies! I kinda liked Scrappy... Sad Smilie

Tom & Jerry were always my favorite. Still cracks me up to this day.
Oh Yeah! And Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner! Hilarious... I hated that freakin Roadrunner, always wished the coyote would catch him and fricasee his feathery a$$. Sill made me laugh though...

[Edited on 8/30/2002 by ProgHead777]
Have you seen the Scooby movie yet? Very funny twist. And I thought it was only me in the whole world that liked Scrappy, it must be an age thing Prog. (my PC starts with the sound "Da da da da da daaaaa Puppy Power!")
I liked the ending! He got what he deserved!

Must be an age thing - my two brothers (27 & 25) liked Scrappy too. Tongue Smilie
I don't if "Fraggle Rock" classes as a 'Toon' however that is my certified choice Big Smile Smilie
I love Fraggle Rock.Big Smile Smilie
(What red blooded Canadian doesn't?)
Nope I'll stick with the Muppet Show and Winnie the Pooh. Don't know Fraggle Rock, so that would explain. Big Smile Smilie

You don't know Fraggle Rock????!!!! You poor Belgian kids missed out then... I weep for you. Very Sad Smilie

Big Laugh Smilie
Fraggle Rock was also done by the Muppet Puppet creator, ole wozzname who up and died of an aneurysm a few years back, his gilfling movie was one of the best fantasy movies yet, even better than Willow. Of course, none of these are considered toons. I'm sort of partial to Aeon Flux, which is a toon.
Ah poor me indeed. I missed all the fun so to see. Big Laugh Smilie
You refer of course to the late great Jim Henson of course Grondy, whose son Brian continues to run the Jim Henson Creature shop which does all the animatronics for just about every good movie ever, and still churns out Muppet movies and Sesame street for those of us who still can't get enough of them. I really wish they'd put Fraggle Rock back on again.
Altogether now...

Cast your cares away,
Ready for another day,
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle rock....

of course none of these are cartoons, so there you go.
I just noticed this topic was created by Boring, where the hell is boring? One Eye Smilie
I haven't seen him in ages, maybe he got bored? (oh dear god, I know, I'll get my coat...)
dude, Simpsons is a way of life. anyway, DBZ, Robotech/Macross series, the Xmen and Spiderman from the early-mid 1990's, and anything classic like Tom and Jerry
Transformers, He-Man, Scooby Doo, G.I. Joe... I'm sure there are more.. but my mind is a blank at the moment...
Your all missing out Futurerama much better than the simpsons Bender rules 'Bite my shinny mettal @$$'

There also was one episode of Road runner where Will-e-coyote caught him. He built a big robot in his likness and grabed him but it eat him by mistake.

Kermit the frog sits on my desk at work! but the best puppet TV show of all was Pob, He lived in your Tv and Wrote his name backwards so you could read it. He got banned from doing this as people thought he was spitting instead of exhaling onto the inside of your TV.
Pob also used to have the mystery guest follow his unravelled jumper round the maze in Pobbeltown to meet him.

They did a spin off series called pob's playtime were he played in a sand pit.

Pob ruled, bring back Pob!
I have both the Dark Crystal and Labarinth on video I love Jim Henson. Anybody remember Dinosaurs?
I'm the baby gotta love me (hit Robbie on the head)
Oh so y'all noticed then eh? Big Laugh Smilie I started wondering what had happened to good old boring months ago. Boring Smilie Animated Wink Smilie
COW and CHICKEN,REN and STIMPY,ROCKO's MODERN LIFE and,although not series-ICE AGE!!!!!!!Anyone seen it!It's unbelivable funny!!!!

[Edited on 27/11/2002 by Rednell]
I luv Scooby Doo! i hate Scrappy! hes the most annoyin thing ever! (cept mayb 4 Dexter's voice in Dexter's Lab)
How cum no1 is talkin bout Spongebob!? I luv Spongebob! he's hilarious! Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
Ohh.. A comic tread!
I loved the turtles!! They were called "hero turtles" here too. My fave was Raphael, the red and short-temperd one. Leonardo was blue, Donatello purple and Michelangelo orange. I had some action-figures too, but i didn't think fighting was any fun so I decided they were all friends. *lol* And something stupid called Lady Lovely Locks!!!! Whatta h*l was I watching?! Didn't have cable or a disc so I haven't seen most of the comics mentioned except a few episodes of Cow and chicken. Big Laugh Smilie

Other than childhood memories: Far side is brilliant! Dilbert rules. Only me who likes Donald Duck? Some norwegian ones: Nemi by Lise and Pondus by Frode Øvrelid. So great!!

And Fraggle Rock has a place in my heart too. Some "evil" sweedish groupe calling themselves Sprtiney Bears has made a techno version of the fraggle rock song. Noooooo!!!
thats just wrong Sad Smilie
thats just wrong Sad Smilie
What's just wrong Meia Question Smilie
that sum1 would make a techno version if the Fraggle song
Oh okay, I agree with you. Happy Elf Smilie

In Love Smilie I was always enamored with the Fraggles' lady garbage pile, can no longer remember her name "Loves sweet memories too soon lost" or some such thing. The exploring Uncle whoever and the local hound dog were also my favorites.
Uncle Travelling Mac do you mean?
I have all the X-men cartoons on video I really should go out more!
okay in random order - *deep breath*

South Park, The Simpsons, Futurama, Pinky and the Brain, Anamaniacs, X-men, Pokemon, Digimon, Transformers, Thundercats, Cow and Chicken, Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, Beavis and Butthead, and back in the day... Rainbow Bright, My Little Pony, the Smurfs, etc, etc.
Pinky and the Brain, Anamaniacs

Oh yeh!

Beavis and Butthead

Huh huh, huh huh, I have eight episodes on my computer at work, plus one that is the transformers movie with Beavis as Octimus prime
Question Smilie Does anyone here remember Star Blazers? It was one of my favorite shows growing up. I had a serious crush on Derek Wildstar. I also used to watch Scooby Doo, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Mighty Orbots,C.O.P.S( I know it was a stupid show),Danger Mouse and Voltron.
Sorry prog! Mad Smilie

I vaugely remember Silverhawks.

I always thought that C.O.P.S. was cool, but Mask was better.

Does anyone remember Camberwick green, Chigley and Trumpton they were the coolest along with the Flumps, Bagpuss, the Clangers and Chorlton and the weelies?
Star Blazers rings a bell but I can't place it.

Voltron was the bomb! (the one with lions, not that other stupid one). And I remember C.O.P.S.... barely. Does anyone remember a show called The Bionic Six? How about Silverhawks? Tranzor-Z?

And yes, Ross, I remember Dinosaurs... NOT THE MAMMA! And BTW, it's OPTIMUS Prime! How dare you mispell the name of the Autobots most fearless leader! *mock exasperation* Shocked Smilie
Grandpa Flump, Father Flump, Mother Flump, Perkin, Posie and Pootle!
What about the Herbs?
Does anyone remember Camberwick green, Chigley and Trumpton
I remember them, though it was over thirty years ago. Tales from the riverbank was great as well. They used real mice and guinea pigs etc.
Silverhawks were cool, though I really don't remember too much about it. But I'm fairly sure I still have my Copper Kid action figure in my mother's attic! Big Laugh Smilie Probably buried under a mountain of Transformers, GI Joe's and Thundercats!
Yeah! Hammy the Hamster rocked! And all them that Ross mentioned were an integral part of growing up in the UK in the 70s.
Question, name a Flump that wasn't Pootle...
And Hector's House, Magic Roundabout, and Mr Benn.
Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss!
Well my favourite ones would have to be X-Men, Spidey and his Amazing Friends, Batman, Legend of the 5 Cities of Gold, Pole Postion, Spawn, Ulyusse 31, Justice League and of course The Transformers who rocked and still do though I'm not too sure about the newest version set in Japan and Primes a fire engine. Thats not right. Also Jayce and the Wheeled Warroirs and Simspons. Well I think I need to get a life soon. Tongue Smilie
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